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Ever eat a Kiwi? Your Ambassador Of JOY, Barry Shore, brings You one of the two daughters of the recently deceased Queen of Kiwi, the amazing indomitable Frieda Caplan. Since 1962 Frieda has been changing the way America eats through her Frieda’s Specialty Produce. More than 200 New Fruits and Vegetables have been introduced to our diets by this diminutive but powerful woman entrepreneur. When Frieda began in the produce there were NO WOMEN owners. Today her daughters, Karen and Jackie Caplan, expertly manage an empire of goodness. The title of this Episode is a Life Well Lived because as Karen relates, her mother Refused to be Ordinary. Frieda Rapaport Caplan left this earth in January 2020. Her mark upon it is with us in her Vision for JOY. She is ably represented in this engaging conversation with Barry and Karen. Must SHARE Episode.


Thoughts and writings from Frieda’s Inc. CEO Karen Caplan

Featured Guest

Karen Caplan guest on the Joy of living radio show

Karen Caplan

Co-owner, president & CEO of Frieda’s, Karen Caplan is the eldest daughter of Dr. Frieda Rapoport Caplan. Her passion for produce was cultivated at a young age, which she explored at UC Davis, earning a B.S. in Agricultural Economics & Business Management. She has served on numerous boards in leadership positions, including the USDA Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee, the Federal Reserve Bank board, Los Angeles branch, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County and the Dean’s Advisory Council at Cal Poly Pomona. A leader with a heart, Karen keeps a strong connection with fellow industry members. Karen is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist on leadership, innovation and produce trends. She also writes a weekly blog.