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The Ambassador of JOY™, Barry Shore, is the Founder of whose Mission is to Give $1 Billion dollars to Charity without Costing any Giver a penny. He is a Mental Wellness Activist due to his recovery from being a quadriplegic. Barry is an unabashed change maker and life transformer whose profound message of JOY is being embraced globally. His Goal is to relieve STRESS and transform the world through JOY..

Barry was afflicted suddenly with a crippling disease that left him a quadriplegic overnight. Barry’s decision to use this experience to better his life and the lives of others has opened a unique opportunity to find JOY in living regardless of circumstance. Through years of therapy he has become a capable swimmer, now logging 2 miles per day. 6 days per week!

Barry’s podcast, The Joy of Living, has over 5 Million downloads and attracts 300,000+ listeners weekly placing him in the Top 2% of Podcasts.

Best selling author and motivational speaker. Barry’s latest book, OH SHI(F)T made the Los Angeles Tribune’s Best Seller list. His other Best Sellers are The JOY Of LIVING: You Deserve It and A Pocketful of Acronyms likewise garner great reviews from Celebrities.

Barry is a highly paid motivational speaker who speaks to thousands around the World on how to be Happier, Healthier and Wealthier. No matter the Circumstances.

A successful entrepreneur with two multi-million dollar exits and 3 issued patents, Barry’s business background and personal recovery led to the development of This is the Only Platform on the entire Internet that enables People to Shop and Earn and Give Money to their favorite Charity @ No Cost. The Mission of is to Give $1 Billion dollars to Charity without Costing any Giver a penny. Barry has coined the term PhilanthroTainment to mark this remarkable venture.