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A Quest to Finding Your True Self

Life is so beautiful but do we all recognize it? The great philosopher Alan Watts once said that the more human being gets something the more vulnerable it becomes. And that is very true in life. We all want the best but do we truly appreciate it when we have it? The answer, most of the time, is no. We are always chasing after something, whether it is materialistic possessions or intangible things like love and happiness. We quickly get used to what we obtain and desire more once we obtain it. It’s a never-ending cycle that only leads to misery and dissatisfaction. Today, we have a very lovely guest who, despite her stunning looks, discovered that physical attractiveness was insufficient in order for her to establish meaningful relationships. So she started on a journey to build the most important relationship of all, the relationship with herself. Milana Vayntrub is an actress, comedian, and activist who radiates happiness and love. If you pay attention to what she’s saying, your life will be completely altered.

Show Notes:

Words that can transform your life

  • WOW: Words of Wisdom
  • CREATE: Causing Rethinking Enabling All to Excel
  • SMILE: Seeing Miracles in Life Everyday
  • KIND: Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds

Good Looking Person

  • I’m always looking for opportunity to help others
  • Being kind is innate in human nature but it needs growth.
  • I grew up in a family whose English was not like Americans.
  • Don’t all people have the luxury of life to wake up and think about traffic etc.

Looks are not enough

  • I think society teaches women that their worst exist in their physical attributes.
  • Your body meant to be shown or accessorized
  • Because the way you look, you’re appealing or not only if you’re attractive.
  • When people find me attractive because of my physical appearance I don’t trust it.
  • Since they don’t know – there’s a lot more to it than my body.
  • How can this very surface be enough to you?

Building Relationships

  • I love being well dressed up
  • But I don’t love to express myself physically
  • And I don’t think that it’s enough for the basis of relationship (any kind of relationship)
  • I found that if I put my intention more to my creativity and sense of humor and my connectivity with the people then I can build powerful relationships.
  • And such relationships last longer.
  • My personality can last longer than me.


  • If I use my humor to attract people, then it’s rewarding for me
  • In college I was a waitress and if I was funny, I got more tips
  • And that’s how I got into comedy
  • I found hard to put my foot into it
  • Then I started to make YouTube videos
  • And it helped me get more opportunities.

Milana: We all have the power to become influencers


  • My mom got me Hemberger cake even though I am vegetarian
  • My mom gave me a belief: I can do anything!
  • My mom helped me become what I’m today
  • Happy people make better decisions – science has revealed
  • You can’t just stand and do nothing.
  • My mom has a great sense of humor.

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About Milana Vayntrub

Milana Vayntrub, Adweek Creative 100 and #Can’tDoNothing co-founder, shares her message of hope, opportunity, and global responsibility. Many know her as Lily Adams in AT&T’s popular series of commercials or from This Is Us. It’s Milana’s compelling story as an ex-refugee and advocate for the global refugee crisis that is capturing the world’s attention. She fled religious persecution with her parents to make a home in America. 25 years later, she co-founded the grassroots #CantDoNothing organization, created to encourage others to assist refugees worldwide.An “Upright Citizens Brigade”-trained comedian, Milana has appeared on TV and the big screen. She will play the role of Squirrel Girl in Marvel’s 2018 series. In 2016, Milana was named among the top 100 thinkers, makers, and doers in marketing and media by Adweek, which described her as a “creative force for good.” She encourages audiences to become active citizens and realize the power that one person has to change the world.