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Activate Your Superpowers: The Power of Energy and Mind

Activate Your Superpowers: The Power of Energy and Mind with Kate Yurenda

In this episode of the Joy of Living podcast hosted by Barry Shore, the guest Kate Yurenda talks about how she stumbled upon Qigong and its power to activate the superpowers of the mind and energy. Yurenda believes that we all have innate superpowers that need to be explored, and when we harmonize and rebalance our mind, body, and soul, we can quickly transform and come alive. She discusses the importance of small shifts in converting emotions and energy and how energy mastery can help in converting stress into vitality. Yurenda advocates for a shift in awareness from what’s missing to infinite potential, as it makes life more exciting. She believes in teaching children about emotional intelligence and empowering the mind. Yurenda emphasizes the importance of re-harmonizing and rebalancing our mind, body, and soul, and how the power of energy and mind can activate our innate superpowers. The episode is a fascinating discussion on how to activate our superpowers and live in ease with the flow of energy.

Conscious Media

Dream Bold Network is a team of people that are dedicated to uniting our world through film production, mindset coaching, creative media, dynamic healing practices, artistic expression and bold leadership!

Show Notes:

[10.10] How to activate your superpower

  • I was always into the power of mind then I stumbled on Qigong
  • It’s not only power of mind but it’s power of energy
  • When you put energy & mind together you activate the superpowers
  • We all have these innate superpowers & they just need to be explored
  • Human potential is so limitless.
  • The result of all this is how quickly someone transform & come alive
  • I was feeling lost & hadn’t tapped into my true purpose
  • We’re all superhuman and that’s our natural state
  • I’m doing all of this to restyle this ancient wisdom & practices
  • It’s all about re-harmonizing and rebalancing the mind, body & soul

[18.04] Small Shift

  • You learn how to convert the emotions and energy
  • When you understand energy mastery, you can take stress & convert it into vitality
  • When we shift our awareness from what’s missing to infinite potential
  • That’s when life gets very exciting
  • So many people are looking backwards & they are stuck
  • When you shift your energy to positive, you’ll know it’s much easier
  • We need to teach our children about emotional intelligence & empowering mind
  • Things are movement
  • People who are stressed will stay in bed and they could listen to music and dance
  • Meditation is one of the greatest ways to convert these energies
  • Smile meditation for 30 seconds changes everything
  • FLY: First Love Yourself

[34.07] Movie

  • Searching for Superhumans
  • We did one global energy experiment that’s called Keep it Real
  • Story of Movie [34.55] to [36.01]
  • It’s what humanity can achieve, if enough of us following these practices
  • ME: Manipulating Energy
  • SMILE: Seeing Miracles in Life
  • Movie will be released in 2023
  • There’s a lot of quantum physics in the movie that I am trying to translate

[43.01] Energy 

  • Qigong is Art & Science of preventing disease and illness
  • After 2020, people are taking more care of themselves
  • It’s time for some change in our world
  • In movie we’re showing people step-by-step practical approaches
  • People will learn how to heal each other
  • And that’s all believable that people can heal each other.
  • Everybody wants to live in the ease and have the energy flow

[47.54] Vision

  • It came in 2016, beginning with just a website
  • It’s all channeled through which is coming from a higher source
  • If we start to believe we’re all connected, it’s one of the biggest things in the world right now.
  • We’re feeling so separate and isolated from everybody else.
  • We’re all one & we’re all connected
  • This is the quantum field of love
  • Energy can travel across the world
  • It’s how you can do a reiki session by zoom call with anybody in the world.

Guidance: GOD, You & Dance.

What’s your most fervent desire?

My fervent desire is to create more peace

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About Kate Yurenda

Kate is the founder of Dream Bold Network, a conscious media platform that is on a mission to mainstream ancient healing practices and quantum creation. She is a filmmaker, energy mastery and mindset coach, graphic artist, author and Reiki healer. She exclusively creates content that reunites humanity with unity consciousness and raises our collective vibration. Kate‘s mission is to amalgamate our polarities and conduct a global energy experiment that leads to a quantum leap.