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Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, brings YOU the OLDEST, most indefatigable children’s advocate in the entire World: Anne Lorimor. Get ready to engage with this 89 year YOUNG bundle of boundless energy and JOY as she relates her story of climbing the Tallest Mountain in all of Africa. The famous 19,000 Plus foot Mt Kilimanjaro. And here’s the juicy part: she first did it at age 85! Then wanted to do so AGAIN because she wanted to be the oldest human to do this. Still shaking Your head in amazement: this is ALL to raise awareness and funds for her Child Empowerment Foundation. Talk about GO MAD. Anne embodies the Make A Difference spirit with her CAN DO being. There ain’t no mountain tall enough to keep her from Being of Benefit to others, especially those under the age of 15 and disadvantaged. Barry brings You the people that enable YOU to be the Best YOU possible and Anne is a shining example. You will WANT to hear this, Share this, and Urge Everyone You know to do the same. LIFE!

Featured Guest

Anne Lorimor

Anne Lorimor guest on the Joy of LIVING radio showImagine climbing the tallest mountain to help others! That is exactly what 89-year-young Anne Lorimor, of Phoenix did.. She climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, for the second time, to build an awareness of underserved children and youth. She is expanding her education and mentoring program “to level the playing field, which benefits them throughout their lives. This bolsters their self-esteem no matter what career they enter”. Anne is the OLDEST person to complete the magnificent 19,341 foot climb. She is not a professional mountain climber. She founded Creating Exciting Future to show kids their options then they can give back. Her compassion was aroused by the helping hands of others in surviving the Great Depression.When she was 13 years old a school teacher provided her a path. Anne worked in programs Arizona and the Red Cross. She became a Registered Nurse, followed by earning two Bache- lor Degrees, two Master’s Degrees, and a Ph.D. She Lives to Serve