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American Beauty Brings Bountiful Vision

Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY, interviews one of Hollywood’s leading models, authors, entrepreneurs, and outspoken media marvel: Rachel McCord. Not even 30 and she distinguishes herself by discussing overcoming obstacles, bringing out the best in yourself, and breaking in without it breaking you. Rachel is featured in Vogue, Forbes, CNN, and the Daily Mail dubs her :American Beauty, Rising Star. Yet with all the fame and glamour Rachel remembers her roots growing up in trailer parks in Georgia, modest means, and poor self image. She’s a voracious reader of Positive Thinking Books and LIVES the Process. She speaks regularly with at risk teen girls and brings a message of success and hope. Rachel gives us her 3D Tips for Success: Dream, Design DO! Tune in to a whirlwind of FUNN with Barry and Rachel.You’ll be glad You did.

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Show Notes

  • 16:10 – Barry’s Rousing Introduction
  • 25:46 – The power of focusing with what you have instead of what you don’t have
  • 37:40 – What does it really mean to be on “FLEEK”
  • 46:30 – Rachel shares the 3D Tips For Success
  • 49:05 – Barry’s Interesting Wrap-Up

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About Rachel McCord

*Considering digital syndication partners for a fully produced, female-driven fashion TV show*

Named “Master of branding” (Daily Mail) and “Vogue trendsetter” (Daily Star), Rachel McCord is a model, entrepreneur, and TV personality, named “One of the most influential influencers of our generation.”

From trailer parks to red carpets, she inspires millions of women that “No matter where you grew up, you can create an epic life.”