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Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is honored to bring You one of the most dynamic, prolific, creative beings on the planet: Endre Balogh. If You have ever thrilled to the trill of the violin and been captivated by soul moving photography then You will want to listen to this remarkable Episode. When a Master speaks it is incumbent upon people who want to GROW to Listen. You will be captivated and motivated by the upward soaring discussion of Barry and Endre as they discuss how the intertwining aspects of ART in both the Visual and Aural Worlds can enhance Life. Endre collaborated with the effervescent Deidre Hade and the wizardly Will Arntz (both of whom have appeared on The JOY of LIVING) on the most intriguing The (not so) Little Book of Surprises which has become a cult classic for its enchanting words, ideas, and photographs. You will be glad You tuned in, turned on, and rose above Your daily routine to Experience a Trip through paradise. SHARE this with Everyone You LOVE.

Featured Guest

Endre alogh

Endre Balogh guest on the joy of living radio showViolinist and Photographer Endre Balogh. On the occasion of his New York debut, when he was only 16, the New York Times called Endre Balogh “a major new talent” and concluded that “his accomplishments are nothing less than prodigious”. His Hungarian mother had been a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for many years. Under the nurturing care of his mother and the guidance of Joseph Borisoff Piastro, his teacher, he played nine public concerts at age four and his first concerto as soloist at age 6. In 2004, after severely curtailing his touring concert schedule in order to spend more time near home with his wife and children, Endre rapidly began to hone his passion for photography and graphic arts. In 2015 Endre was named “Number Three” among the “Top Ten Photographers in California” as well as receiving the “2015 Nature Photographer Of the Year” award given by the Professional Photographers of California. Above all, he is devoted to his wife, Mona, and his four children.

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