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The Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, invites You to taste the sweet waters of Success encompassed in the boundless energy of Jayson Waller.

Jayson is the CEO and spokesperson of POWERHOME SOLAR. Founded in 2014, he has overseen growth that has led POWERHOME SOLAR to employ more than 1,700 people and reach almost 1 Billion in annual revenue. You’ll be glued to the screen as Barry and Jayson discuss how he achieved the status of 4 Time Entrepreneur of the Year.

Show Notes:

  • 11:49 – Barry’s Rousing Introduction
  • 13:28 – Jayson shares his backstory how it feels like to be a CEO of a Billion Dollar company
  • 24:20 – The feeling of winning four prestigious entrepreneurship awards
  • 34:32 – What it means to be involved with professional football teams, universities, and Detroit Lions
  • 49: 34 – Barry’s Interesting Wrap Up