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Becoming a Majestic Authentic Creator with Lee Tunney Ware

Join Barry Shore in this enlightening episode as he welcomes transformational coach and speaker Lee Tunney Ware. Dive deep into the realms of self-awareness, effective communication, and personal growth as Lee shares his profound insights on living a harmonious and joyful life. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to align their heart, mind, spirit, and body, and to become a Majestic Authentic Creator (MAC) in their own right.

Why You Should Listen

  • Transform Your Mindset: Learn how to maintain a positive, purposeful, powerful, and pleasant mindset regardless of external influences.
  • Effective Communication: Discover the secrets to managing triggers and diffusing conflicts through harmonious communication.
  • Personal Growth: Explore the importance of aligning your heart, mind, spirit, and body to achieve true love and trust within yourself.
  • Unique Concepts: Understand the revolutionary idea of de-manifestation and why it’s crucial before engaging in traditional manifestation practices.
  • Authenticity and Influence: Grasp the value of being authentic and respecting others’ freedom, while maintaining your own self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Practical Insights: Gain practical advice on how to navigate life’s challenges, avoid unwanted stress, and ensure genuine meditation and personal development.

Show Notes:

[7.55] The Concept of De-Manifestation

  • Discussion on shifting people out of their comfort zones.
  • Introduction to the concept of POD: The Power of De-Manifestation.
  • Explanation of how de-manifestation differs from traditional manifestation.
  • Critique of manifesting from a place of lack to a place of abundance.
  • Importance of de-manifesting before engaging in affirmations, visualizations, or meditations.
  • Lee’s metaphor of navigating life like a ship avoiding unwanted islands.
  • Emphasis on the need to de-manifest to prevent stress and ensure genuine meditation.

[12.01] Authenticity, Influence, and Personal Development

  • The impact of not being authentic and creating false perceptions in others.
  • Importance of being authentic, genuine, and sincere in personal development.
  • Respecting others’ sovereignty and freedom in relationships.
  • Critique of trying to control or influence others, which takes away their freedom.
  • The value of self-awareness and being present in personal growth.
  • Introduction of acronyms like M.A.Y (Marvelous Entity) and F.E.A.R (Focused Energy Architecting Reality).
  • Emphasis on being the architect of one’s own reality and the significance of learning and enthusiasm.
  • Discussion on how self-awareness can be seen as a constant self-monitoring versus genuine presence.

[25.31] Processing External Data and Maintaining Self-Freedom

  • Continuation of self-awareness discussion with the garage security light analogy to illustrate external data awareness.
  • Explanation that words are not real objects but extensions of thoughts, emphasizing the power of combining thought, imagination, emotion, biology, and spirit.
  • Assertion that self-awareness includes recognizing both external and internal data without letting it dictate one’s emotional state.
  • The metaphor of the security light detecting a fox, showing how to acknowledge data without overreacting.
  • The need to differentiate between data from external sources and personal reactions, using the example of interactions with others.
  • Questioning why one should give up personal freedom to accommodate others’ expectations and comfort zones.
  • Lee’s advice to maintain self-awareness and personal freedom without being swayed by others’ opinions or reactions.
  • Host’s interjection to highlight the importance of maintaining one’s anchor amidst external influences and to set up the next part of the discussion.

[36:00]  Self-Awareness and Effective Communication

  • Be self-aware to maintain a positive, purposeful, powerful, and pleasant mindset.
  • Mindset should not be affected by others’ comments or actions.
  • Understanding and managing triggers in yourself and others can prevent conflicts.
  • Effective communication can diffuse potential triggers and maintain harmony.
  • Different types of speakers connect with different parts of the human experience: left-brain (educator), right-brain (visionary), heart (empathetic), biology (motivational), and spirit (inspirational).
  • Harmonizing different aspects of human communication (thoughts, imagination, emotions, biology, spirit) is key to being a transformational speaker.
  • The word “thank” stands for harmonizing and nurturing kindness.
  • Kindness is a powerful force for creating harmony and nurturing positive interactions.

[48.33] Truth, Belief, and Personal Growth

  • The word “JOY” is an acronym for “journey of you,” emphasizing personal growth and happiness.
  • Sharing happiness and rejuvenating energy through communication.
  • Beliefs are future-based and external, often limiting personal growth.
  • True love and trust come from unity and alignment within oneself.
  • Aligning heart, mind, spirit, and body leads to a harmonious existence.
  • Spiritual beings exude knowledge and align with others, rather than needing to learn.
  • Addressing trauma empathetically without letting it overpower the human experience.
  • Emphasizing decision-making based on joy and harmonious experiences, rather than past traumas or beliefs.
  • Majestic Authentic Creators (MAC) versus Pessimistic Criticizers (PC): adopting a positive, creator mindset.
  • Updating and aligning oneself to stay true to one’s harmonious, joyful state.

About Lee Tunney Ware

I run a Coaching & Consultancy Business “Transform Coaching & Consultancy Services”, I focus on enriching the lives of leaders.
My approach is deep, bespoke coaching with exponential results. Successful people, the kind of people you would assume wouldn’t need a coach, are the ones who call me!!
I’m a lifelong student of the mind & human behaviour. I offer a unique, remote solution to suit individuals who are committed to their own success.

I’m a high-performer myself, I know there is always a better way. I find it, I perfect it, I act on it. I am a continuous student, constantly upskilling and looking for new routes! I lead from the front. I read, I listen, I research, I question and I explore, more than any of my clients, even my most advanced ones.