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Your Ambassador Of JOY, Barry Shore, brings You some amazing and disturbing information. The Light emanating from the ubiquitous Screens that we all watch is DAMAGING not only our Eyes but our Very Beings. And the most At Risk Population are Children (over 50 Million in the USA alone) ages 5-15. Listen as Dr. Jack Kruse, world renowned neurosurgeon, and Dan Huber, famous oil company executive, discuss this little known but thankfully “curable” Danger. Learn about EBLE(Excessive Blue Light Exposure) and the blocking eye wear called You will be fascinated by the Problem and how this idea of mitochondrial dysfunction (that’s a mouthful) is adversely affecting us. And You’ll hear about the new science of leptin receptor biology. How amazing. This is a MUST SHARE Episode.


Blue Light or EBLE may be costing you the sleep you need, new eyewear from a Texas family is helping to keep you healthy and fashionable.

Featured Guest

Barry Shore guest on the joy of living radio show

Dr. Jack Kruse

Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Kruse Longevity Center at Destin, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group.