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Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, brings You a Unique Being. Meet Henry Kaminski, Jr. If You know what the 2 Comma Club is then You’ll lean in to learn how to leverage Henry’s talents in Your own Business. If You don’t know the 2 Comma Club then Buckle UP! You want to make a difference in other people’s lives and that’s why you felt the push to own your own business, instead of taking the easy route (aka a JOB) like most people do. Henry began Unique Designz because he has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. he is the BRAND DOCTOR. Barry and Henry will discuss success stories that will make You SMILE. When You hear the inconceivable heights thanks to the branding that Henry and his team provide You’ll CHEER. We’re all here to make a difference. Henry makes a difference with branding that is as unique as your business… and at Unique Designz that’s exactly what he DOES! You’ll want to Listen to this Episode repeatedly and SHARE with everyone You care about.

Your ideal clients need you. And when your brand has precision-crafted messaging, coupled with beautifully thoughtful design, that sounds, looks + feels like you, they’ll know you’re the perfect match for them.

Featured Guest

Henry Kaminski guest on the joy of living radio show

Henry Kaminski

Henry’s clients call him the “Brand Doctor” because he has a specific, proven process for getting the high-impact branding that lets them emerge as the “go to” authority in their niche and spark a movement that magnifies their impact on the world. He’s like a medical doctor: Diagnose the current branding to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Prescribe tailored solutions to get in front of the perfect clients and fans… and to create meaningful connections that turn into sales, loyalty, and referrals. Then administer customized branding solutions to tap into the ideal prospects’ emotions and turn them into Raving Fans. It’s about more than just “know, like, trust.” When you have expertly crafted branding, you have an audience that will sustain help grow the business. And then, it’s time to toss away the stress and start having fun creating serious business.