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The Ambassador of  JOY, Barry Shore, welcomes the world traveling bon vivant Jack McColl. Jack is a YouTube star and  Extreme sports athlete turned financial coach.  He has traveled to 23 countries while creating four successful businesses, one of them with a 6-figure acquisition exit. Listen how Barry and Jack discuss his coaching clients in the strategic tools he used to get approved for $250,000 in credit lines while maintaining an 805+ FICO score. These strategies work well.  You’ll enjoy and learn much. Must SHARE Episode.

Go From Trapped To Free and From Stuck To Successful With your credit.  


Featured Guest

Jack McColl guest on the joy of living radio show

Jack McColl

Jack is an entrepreneur, investor, and world traveler who has co-founded four 6-figure businesses, selling one of them (a travel company) for 6-figures.
In 2020 alone, Jack has got approved for $250k in credit limits (much at 0% interest), and now coaches hundreds of students on these same strategies to fast-track themselves to get approved for top cards with massive limits so they can start or scale their businesses of their own.