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Chase Your Dreams and Live Life to the Fullest: Dan Savern

Chase Your Dreams and Live Life to the Fullest: Dan Severn

Embark on an uplifting and inspiring journey with Barry Shore, the Ambassador of Joy, as he sits down with an accomplished athlete, Dan. Together, they delve into the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and how Dan discovered his passion in athletics and pursued it with determination. Through Dan’s 20-year career in MMA, he imparts valuable wisdom on how visualization and training the mind is just as crucial as physical training, which is the key to winning at life. With this episode, you’ll be motivated to chase your own dreams and live life to its fullest. The stories shared in the podcast will ignite a spark within you, to find and chase your own passions, just like Dan did. This is a must-listen for anyone seeking motivation, inspiration, and positivity in their life. So, put on your headphones and get ready to have your heart and mind uplifted by the Ambassador of Joy himself, Barry Shore.

The Beast has been released!

Dan Severn is a legend to MMA fighers around the world. He is a UFC Hall of Famer, the only Triple Crown Champion, and a 2 time NWA Champion. Today Dan travels the globe giving seminars, instructing law enforcement officials, and making appearances at various sporting events.

Show Notes:

[09.01] Well-Being

  • Every hour on the hour, I’ll try to work my mind and body
  • Most people don’t realize if you don’t do one or the other, you’re going to fall apart
  • Praise for Barry
  • My message to young people is to believe in yourself to educate yourself
  • Study hard then teaches others
  • [B] Barry Shore is very rarely speechless, and this is that moment
  • We’re surrounded by a lot of great deal of negativity, and it affects people
  • Barry’s new book OH SHIFT

[16.30] Mixed Martial Arts

  • It has 47-49 rules to it today
  • When it first began it was known as NHB (No Holds Barred) and it had two rules
  1. Do that bite your opponent
  2. Don’t stick a finger in your opponent’s eye and no eye gouging end
  • Even though those two rules were not ground for disqualification
  • Very few people understand their roots
  • Barry Shore: Mental first – physical follows
  • It’s the visualization of you beating your opponent
  • In 20-year career I only ever did two training camps
  • Life is competition
  • I’ve to train my mind and body
  • We’ll all die one day but how many people have really lived?

[35.24] Win at life

  • Interesting Story [35.55] to [38.22]
  • United States of America is land of opportunities
  • {Barry Shore} Dan found his niche in athletics
  • Yearning, learning, and earning

[39.00] Reality: You’re what you’re

  • Who are the people you surround yourself with?
  • There are a lot of people who have too much free time
  • You can’t fix the whole world
  • Reality: You really should worry about your world
  • Keep yourself preoccupied
  • Be that pillar that people look to and not the people that they complain about

Yaw-Yaw: You’re who you associate with

[42.11] UFC Championship

  • Once you’re gone from this world, what would you like people to remember about you
  • There used to be an eight-man tournament
  • Back then you had to defeat three men
  • You had to learn to conserve yourself
  • I delivered well over 300 headbutts in 30-minute
  • The person who gave me Rick name the BEAST was the legendary NFL Hall of Farmer Jim

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About Dan Severn

Severn began his career in the fight game as a Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestler. He quickly became a top high school and collegiate wrestler capturing many titles, honors, and several national and world titles. As a high school wrestler, Severn was a two-time national champion and set eight national records in his career. Dan was inducted into the Arizona State University’s Wrestling Hall of Fame at the end of his prestigious collegiate career. He was even the 1984 Olympic Alternate for the United States Wrestling Team.