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Crypto Skepticism: A Deep Dive into the Risks and Hidden Dangers

Crypto Skepticism: A Deep Dive into the Risks and Hidden Dangers

In this thought-provoking episode of “The Barry Shore Show”, host Barry Shore sits down with guest Peter Nolan to dive into the complex and controversial world of cryptocurrency. As someone who has always been skeptical of crypto, Peter shares his insights and concerns about the recent implosion of FTX, calling it a cautionary tale for all investors. They delve into Jamie Diamond’s comparison of crypto to pet rocks and the disturbing revelations in the book “Silk Road” about the use of crypto by criminals.

But it’s not just the dangers of crypto that they discuss. They also examine the history of currency and the evolution of paper money to gold, and the current backing by the government. Peter sheds light on the lack of transparency in the crypto world and the potential risks of government-issued debt. With the latest inflation rate at 6.5%, is it possible that we’ll see price increases in the near future?

Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion on the future of money and the reality of cryptocurrency. Tune in now to join the conversation and expand your understanding of the financial world!


Nolan Capital, based in Southern California, is the family office of Peter J. Nolan. We originate, execute and manage operating companies, real estate and other investments on behalf of the Nolan family.

Show Notes:

[9.53] Implosion of FTX and Crypto

  • I don’t understand crypto, and I’ve always been skeptical of it.
  • Jamie Diamond, CEO of J.P Morgan Chase calls it pet rocks.
  • In the early 60s there was a fad where people were buying the rocks in a box.
  • FTX thinks of them as a bank and that was supposed to be a place where you can keep your digital currency safe.
  • A material amount of crypto currency is used by bad guys.
  • A book by a guy who invented Silk Road Website: Silk Road Book
  • It talks extensively about how all that illegal commerce was conducted in Bitcoin
  • Sam Bankman Freed who was the architect of the whole thing – there’s a decent man who ends up incarcerated.
  • There has been value destruction because of crypto currencies.

[16.15] History of Currency

  • The fundamental value of paper money was it was convertible into gold
  • And now our currency is backed by the government
  • At the end of the day, the government has taxing power, they have transparency.
  • You know how much currencies and circulation etc.
  • With crypto you really have no idea.

[22.06] $94,000 DEBT

  • The government could basically print deficits and finance it by issuing more debt at relatively low cost
  • You’ve to do one of three things
  1. Raise Taxes
  2. Cut Spending
  3. Figure out how to inflate your way out of
  • The third option in many respects is most dangerous
  • The latest inflation number was six and half percent
  • I don’t think we’re going to see price increases

[36.03] Unemployment

  • Most of what government actors do is discourage growth in terms of regulations
  • There is no big reward for taking the pain upfront
  • Economy generally muddles through and corrects
  • Two plus there’s been an acute shortage of workers
  • The part of the reason there’s acute shortage of workers is during Covid – people were paid not to work
  • My advice is to be cautious
  • For most people I wouldn’t be taking on a lot of debt
  • Pay down your highest rate debt first
  • A lot of economy lives paycheck to paycheck

[42.22] Tax on Businesses

  • There’s an industry litigating against companies for a whole variety of reasons
  • A popular perception:  All businesses are evil
  • Santa Claus Mentality:  Because business exists it makes too much money
  • The government discourage businesses in general

[50.01] Enlightening Thoughts

  • USA is moving more toward a European Model
  • The European model comes with higher government spending etc.
  • Risk money was available for a wide variety of purposes
  • I’m not optimistic about the market
  • Wall Street Journal: Hopes for a market’s recovery hinge on big drop inflation
  • Barry Shore: Hope is not a strategy for business
  • You’ve to plan to be conservative

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