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Designing your life with Michael Gardon

Designing Your Life

The meaning of life is something that each person must discover for themselves. Life is an experience that we can’t put into words. It’s something that we have to feel for ourselves. Life is a gift, and even though it’s not always easy, we should cherish it and make the most of every moment. This episode is all about life and how to live it fully. Today we have a special guest in the form of Michael Gardon, who used to be a derivatives trader. He switched from being a type A personality to living a more joyous existence, and he’ll tell you all about it today. Our host Barry Shore ends the program with the statement that mental poverty is the most severe problem. We hope that this talk inspires you to take advantage of new opportunities in your life.

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Show Notes:

[10.38] Michael Intro

  • Former Derivatives Trader: Very pressured business
  • He’s also an entrepreneur: Which means pressure again
  • Also, a husband and father: Pressure once again!
  • He went from Type A personality (Pessimist) to living a more joyful life

[11.58] Pessimist to Joy

  • Being a derivative trader is like gambling.
  • You’re selling financial instruments
  • And making decisions minute by minute for making and losing a lot of money
  • Your mindset would be: “You’re going to make it!”
  • I felt like, I’m going to die in this chair

[16:00] I want to design my life

  • One of my favorite books is Art of Learning by Josh Watson
  • And I read a chapter called Investing in Lost which a complete mind shift for me
  • If you want to make progress, often time you’ve to step back
  • This is when I quit my job as trader
  • It was just this profound permission to say you’re in control

The Real Biggest Asset in Your Life is Yourself

[34:00] How do you make money now?

  • I’m CEO of a company called Rejoin Media
  • It’s a holding company for digital brands and businesses
  • I went on this strategy of buying and owning web-based businesses
  • That’s a website which help people with job hunting
  • I’m the host of Career Cloud Radio Podcast
  • It’s a podcast to help inspire people who’re thinking about a career change
  • You don’t need a job, but you need a revenue shift

[38:22] Opportunity Beyond United States of America

  • Things are shifting
  • Everything we say is available to you, no matter wherever you’re and that’s because it has to do with mindset
  • Designing your life is all about what your mindset is
  • Reading in my humble opinion is a key
  • I read myself out of poverty before I made my first million
  • Because the poverty of the mind is the greatest difficulty.

[41.12] Quotebook

  • My wife and I started it together
  • It fits in my overall portfolio of business
  • We needed something that commemorate small moments that we had together
  • My wife is funny
  • We started one day to write down the quotes of our lives that made each other laugh
  • And as we had kids we started it with kids as well
  • It is great to remember best moments of life and come back to them

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About Michael Gardon

Mike is a former derivatives trader turned investor and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Rejoin Media, a holding company for digital brands and businesses. Mike is also the Executive Editor and Host of the THE BREAK podcast on Mike is also the founder of Quotebook, a journal that brings families together by remembering to be silly. Mike is an advocate of remote work and intentional work-life integration, and runs his remote company from the beautiful midwest where he lives with his wife and three young boys.