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Dream Big and Embrace Endless

Dream Big and Embrace Endless Possibilities with David Abehsera

In this captivating episode of the “Joy of Living Podcast,” host Barry Shore engages in a thought-provoking conversation with the dynamic entrepreneur and marketing genius, David Abehsera. Tune in as David shares his profound insights on why thinking big is essential and how it can lead to extraordinary outcomes, even when starting from scratch.

David emphasizes that self-imposed limitations hinder personal growth and success. He challenges listeners to dream big, highlighting that even if one falls slightly short, they still surpass their previous achievements. Breaking free from societal rules and educational constraints, David encourages individuals to explore diverse paths and discover their true passions.

Drawing from his own journey, David recounts dropping out of college and engaging in a process of elimination to find his calling. He humorously recalls questioning the prospect of selling socks every day, ultimately recognizing his love for continuous learning. This affinity allowed him to collaborate with global tech giants like LG and Samsung, demonstrating the importance of understanding their vision and crafting creative narratives.


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Show Notes:

[10.27] Why You Should Think Big

  • It doesn’t cost you anymore especially when you don’t have anything
  • Some people start limiting themselves in life
  • If you’re dreaming – why not just dream big?
  • If you dream really big and fail slightly, you’re still way ahead of where you have ever been
  • We’re taught there are rules in life that inhibit us from doing great things
  • The school system sometimes puts those thoughts in our mind

[14.49] Big ideas to help big guys

  • My parents taught me, follow your path and be passionate about things
  • Best education I had was in my house
  • I dropped out of college and tried what I call the process of elimination
  • If you try a lot of different things, you’ll find where you really should be
  • I thought I cannot do the same business for the rest of my life
  • I joked to my friends that how do you sell socks every day…
  • My thing was I loved to learn new things
  • I was able to work with tech companies that were global like LG & Samsung
  • You have to quickly understand what they are doing and who they are talking to?
  • And then you come up with really creative ways for us to tell the story

Barry Shore: The ability to listen is the greatest skill

[23.20] Marketing

  • Many years ago, I started with Lenovo
  • Nobody was buying it and it’s not really exciting
  • (This is a long time ago, now they are incredible company)
  • We realized we had an opportunity to educate them slowly
  • We helped them start with the small budget
  • At first, we would do simple things like creating content and target college kids etc.
  • The idea was to change their perspective
  • Think of an audience and how do you talk to them emotionally
  • Sales is befriending people, getting them to open up and then changing their perspective
  • We got a crazy idea, we get a comedian
  • Who’s crazy enough to try to win the world record for visiting the most airports in one month
  • And he’s going to only take his tablet with him and his carry-on bag
  • He’s going to win this world record but show that he has this powerful tablet
  • While he’s doing the comedy, he’s creating content the entire time on the tablet

[35.21] Never being comfortable with the status quo

  • Anytime you’re sitting stagnant and not moving, it’s like a shark
  • If you put a shark and you stop him – he’s going to die
  • When we started our agency, we were focused on TV ads as there was no internet
  • After internet I sat with my team and told them we’re going to stop to pitch tv spots
  • We’re going to pitch video content for the web
  • In advertising world, TV spots is everything
  • Video content for the web because that’s where the world is going
  • Constantly thinking about where the world is going and how do you adapt

[40.00] Getting Uncomfortable

  • I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to study Talmud
  • Talmud is a Jewish study which essentially is like a law
  • Where bunch of Rabbis are arguing over things, and you get to see every perspective
  • And it covers many topics
  • What I loved about topic was I watched how one subject could be argued 40-50 ways
  • If you’re in a situation, don’t be so pompous to think that you’ve the one answer
  • What you should do in every situation is first trying to get all those angles
  • Discuss them, debate them, and then decide which one you want to go in.
  • Most of the time the companies think what they say we’re the best.

[43.05] Think good and it will be good

  • When you talk about skiing downhill
  • If you’re focusing on the tree when you ski downhill, you’ll hit the tree
  • If you’re focusing on small end results, you’re going to hit small end results
  • But if you think good and big, you have a chance hit it right
  • The hardest part of my life was having negative people around me
  • There are miracles every single day

What’s your fervent desire?

I personally strive to help lift up people around me. I help people figure out how to make money when they’re really not good at it. My desire is to really try to uplift anybody around me to figure out how everybody themselves could do well. And everybody has a purpose.

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About David Abehsera

I’m an entrepreneur, a marketer and a problem solver. I’ve always questioned the conventional way things are done. At the age of 15, I worked as a waiter at a large event in my hometown of Brooklyn. On my first night, I observed the ins & outs of the job, and the next day I started my first business supplying waiters to local catering companies under a new model. We grew to 50 waiters, and it turned out to be a great way to make extra cash in high school. Through my process of elimination, I ended up in the advertising & marketing business where I’ve remained. Over 25 years ago, I co-founded The Woo, an ad agency that began by serving small local clients and grew into one that plays on a global field. We worked with some of the largest brands in the world, among them Lenovo, Samsung, Bosch, Motorola, LG Mobile, LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym, LA Lakers, Beach Body, Office Depot, Aston Martin, Intel, Microsoft, Niagara Water, Coffee Bean, Powermat, Duracell, Starbucks, Tracfone, Disney, Google, WB, Star Wars, Marvel, Israel Tourism, HomeAway, Grand Marnier, COTY & more.