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Eating Enlightenment with Jared Levenson

Eating Enlightenment with Jared Levenson

The keys to a satisfying life are simple: eating nutritiously and getting sufficient sleep. Numerous studies have proven that these two components of wellbeing go hand-in-hand. Today we’re joined by Jared Levenson, founder of the renowned website Eating Enlightenment, which educates people about how to tackle compulsive eating habits. Jared’s path hasn’t been plain sailing, and our audience is familiar with Barry Shore’s difficult circumstances. Thus, this episode will be an unprecedented experience for all of the listeners. During the episode, we will explore in-depth topics such as internal family systems and how nutrition impacts us on a subconscious level. Come along to discover the intricate relationship between food and wellness while gaining insight into strategies that can enhance your relationship with nourishment. Listen on as Barry and Jared discuss the importance of eating healthy, how it affects mental health, and different strategies to deal with binge eating. Tune in now to get all your questions answered!

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Show Notes:

[12.10] Universal Nutrition Principles

1. Eat Regular

2. Eat Mindful

3. Eat Protein

  • Regardless of the diet, this remains true.
  • JOY: Journey of You

[15.04] Eat Regularly and Eat Mindfully

  • If you don’t eat your blood sugar levels get low
  • If you go five-six-seven hours without eating – you put yourself at a much higher risk of reaching to that candy bar
  • If you’re low blood sugar your brain just starts turning off
  • It’s called survival mode
  • There are stories of holocaust that people starved, and they eat so much bread that they died
  • Mindful eating is slowing down a little bit
  • I always say don’t need to eat super slow but just slow down at least by 1%
  • Mindful Eating = Easy to digest
  • Tasahara book on eating

Barry Shore: Becoming your own spiritual chiropractor

Barry Shore story about his father from [23.16] to [25.00] [25.16] Eating Protein

  • Protein is a type of nutrition: chicken, nuts, and yogurt etc.
  • It’s not sugar. It stays in your body longer
  • If you think about eating chicken vs rice, then the chicken is going to last a little bit longer
  • Three protein people should really focus on: chicken, nuts, and beans

[33.01] Zen Monk

  • Jared’s story of becoming a Zen monk from [34.22] to [36.01]
  • Barry Shore: Even in spiritual environment there is bureaucracy
  • My thing is self-reflection and looking inwards.
  • We need the person-to-person connection
  • Barry Shore: You’re a soul understanding life fully

[47.20] Internal Family Systems Therapy

  • Constantly falling into episodes of overindulging can often be a result of underlying traumatic experiences.
  • Deep down there is some pain etc. and that’s the conversation I like having with people
  • Internal family systems are just one of many modalities
  • You’re made of parts, and you can learn to lead those parts
  • There’s a side of me that binges and there’s a side of me that hates that
  • These parts are like little children in dark rooms
  • Our job is to shine the backwards like use the mindfulness and other tools
  • You go into this room of with a dark child and shine light in the room and bring them out
  • You introduce the child to the other children in the room
  • You need to build a relationship with these children on by one and then they can harmonize more

[51.38] How one learns how to lead

  • A book called “No Bad Parts”
  • This book describes that any part whether it is self-harmful or whatever – it’s trying to protect you
  • When we see these parts with compassion we can relate to these parts with curiosity

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About Jared Levenson

Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He’s helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.