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Embrace Positivity and Manifest Your Destiny: Insights from Jafree Ozwald

In this episode of The Joy of Living Podcast, Barry Shore interviews Jafree Ozwald, delving into his journey towards meditation and spiritual enlightenment. Jafree shares his experiences from a young age, feeling a lack of depth in conversations, and turning to God for deeper meaning. He discusses the transformative power of meditation, his profound ego dissolution, and the significance of synchronicities in his life. Jafree also explores the power of manifestation, the importance of saying “yes” to life, and embracing positivity to manifest desires. The episode concludes with Jafree’s commitment to return for another interview and a heartfelt hug with Barry, symbolizing “heartfelt, unlimited giving.”

Tune in for an inspiring conversation that encourages you to lead a purpose-driven life, express gratitude, and spread joy, happiness, peace, and love.

Show Notes:

[10.01] The Journey to Meditation and Spiritual Awareness

  • September is a beautiful time, with amazing trees.
  • I was an outdoorsy guy, played various sports in high school.
  • Felt something was missing in people’s words and ways of being.
  • Became frustrated and bored with superficial conversations around age 16.
  • Turned to God or the universe for deeper meaning.
  • Began listening as if God was speaking through people.
  • Experienced deep, meaningful conversations and synchronicities.
  • Went through a deep search after my father’s suicide.
  • Meditation became a key focus, leading to inner peace and understanding.

[21.22] Experiencing the Annihilation of the Ego

  • Initially, the focus is on feeling the profound experiences akin to Jafree’s enlightenment post-Papaji’s lectures.
  • A shift from psychedelic trips to experiencing life’s intense moments without external aids.
  • The inner transformation involves the complete absence of self-commentary and judgments.
  • An atomic bomb-like internal experience leads to the total annihilation of the ego, resulting in a profound sense of absence of self.
  • Post-ego dissolution, there’s a perception of pure love and a divine force permeating everything.
  • A state where questions are immediately answered, reflecting a deep connection with the universe.
  • The experience requires months of meditation and surrender to integrate back into everyday life.
  • Following a personal tragedy, the speaker encounters numerous synchronicities pointing to a deeper spiritual journey.
  • The speaker’s spiritual path leads him to India, experiencing a significant spiritual awakening at Papaji’s satsang.

[35.41] Spiritual Experiences and the Power of Manifestation

  • Testing the Samadhi experience: calling a cow from a quarter mile away
  • Cow appearing within 15 minutes, suggesting a connection to divine power
  • Experimenting with controlling clouds: asking God to form a donut-shaped cloud
  • Cloud transforming as requested, reinforcing the belief in thought power
  • Having out-of-body experiences and astral projections
  • Reflecting on the physical necessities while pursuing spiritual practices
  • Transition from spiritual practices to Tantra yoga after 20 years
  • Writing a manifesting manual to teach others how to manifest
  • Emphasizing the power of saying “yes” to life and embracing challenges

[44.01] Jumping for Joy and Embracing Positivity

  • Express extreme happiness by jumping up and down or internally leaping.
  • Fake it till you make it to trigger endorphins and serotonin, making the joy feel real.
  • The universe responds to your feelings and imagination as if they were reality.
  • By imagining and feeling that your desires are real, they start to manifest.
  • Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want; what you focus on grows.
  • Physically moving and jumping signals your being that you are alive and capable of manifesting your desires.
  • Believe that what you focus on must come to pass without resistance or negativity.
  • Embrace surrender and trust the universe to guide you, opening up a positive flow in life.

[51.33] Key Moments from the Interview with Jafree Ozwald

  • Barry Shore asks Jafree if he will return for another interview, and Jafree agrees enthusiastically.
  • Jafree shares his desire to be at peace with his past and to integrate his Samadhi experience deeply.
  • Barry Shore asks Jafree for a hug, explaining that “hugs” stands for “heartfelt, unlimited giving.”
  • Barry discusses the importance of living a purpose-driven life and making a difference (MAD).
  • Encouragement to use positive four-letter words like love, hope, and pray.
  • The power of gratitude and saying “thank you” thrice daily.
  • Final blessing encouraging listeners to spread joy, happiness, peace, and love.

About Jafree Ozwald

Jafree Ozwald is a gentle yet powerful soul who has discovered what people have been searching for their entire lives, the enlightenment experience.

Jafree had his first spiritual awakening in India in 1995, and since then he has touched the minds and hearts of hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.  Jafree consciously activates peoples Kundalini power and teaches them how to harness their supernatural manifesting abilities as they start creating a miraculous life that they love.  Jafree is a powerful intuitive, akashic record reader, a personal manifesting coach, and tantric workshop leader. Jafree has been interviewed on dozens of internet radio shows and one TV show sharing his heart-opening process, sharing a deep manifesting wisdom. He is dedicated to helping the planet spiritually wake up and ignite their connection with Divinity from within.