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Economic Challenges

Embracing Resilience for Joyful Living: Insights from Richie Kendall

Join host Barry Shore on an insightful and uplifting episode of “The Joy of Living,” as he converses profoundly with guest Richie Kendall. In this inspiring episode, Richie takes us on a journey through the depths of resilience and the path to a life filled with boundless joy.

As they delve into the heart of the matter, Richie Kendall shares his unique perspective on overcoming challenges and finding true happiness. From his own experiences and insights, Richie explores the art of embracing resilience and turning life’s obstacles into stepping stones toward a more fulfilling existence.

Touched by personal adversities and triumphs, Richie Kendall delves into the profound connection between cultivating resilience and discovering the true essence of joyful living. With Barry Shore as a guiding presence, the conversation unearths the transformative power of embracing life’s ups and downs, leading to a renewed perspective on what it truly means to live joyfully.

Tune in to this episode of “The Joy of Living” and discover how Richie Kendall’s journey through resilience ignites a spark of inspiration within us all. Through candid insights, heartfelt stories, and valuable wisdom, this episode serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that even in the face of challenges, the pursuit of joy is a journey well worth embarking upon.


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Create a better world from the inside out

Show Notes:

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[10.33] Philanthropy

In this segment, we delved into the topic of philanthropy, exploring its historical roots and redefining its scope

  • Philanthropy is rooted in history, tracing back to its origins.
  • The definition of philanthropy as the “Love of Humanity” was examined.
  • The conversation emphasized the aspiration for a more inclusive philanthropic landscape.
  • The idea of philanthropy being seamlessly integrated into user experiences was discussed.
  • Enabling frictionless and seamless giving was highlighted as a means to encourage broader engagement with philanthropy.

[14.03] GoodWorld

During our conversation about GoodWorld, the spotlight was on their innovative tools and ambitious vision for philanthropy.

  • GoodWorld’s beginnings were marked by the introduction of innovative tools.
  • The organization holds a grand vision for the realm of philanthropy, emphasizing its vast potential.
  • GoodWorld has developed an encompassing social impact operating system, catering to the needs of nonprofits.
  • Within this system, nonprofits gain access to a comprehensive set of tools essential for fundraising.
  • The episode highlighted that companies and influencers who are committed to a better world possess resources and the ability to rally communities for diverse causes.
  • The concept of convergence was explored, referring to the bringing together of different ecosystems.
  • Further insights into the interplay between two ecosystems and their impact story can be found in the portion spanning [16.00] to [18.51].

[25.16] Businesses & Philanthropy

This segment delved into the unique juncture of human history where wisdom takes on heightened significance

  • The current era places an unprecedented emphasis on the importance of wisdom in our actions.
  • The concept of empowering individuals to pay it forward by providing them with a dollar was introduced.
  • The intrinsic momentum created by giving someone something was highlighted as a crucial aspect.
  • Corporate giving was explored, moving beyond the conventional view of corporate matching programs.
  • A new perspective emerged, suggesting that if individuals contribute to a charity, they can submit their receipt, and the corporation will match those dollars after a six-month period.
  • The discussion underscored the responsibility of individuals to bring forth the wisdom and prudence often associated with higher powers.

[30.14] Artificial Intelligence & Human Intelligence

During this segment, the focus shifted toward the intrinsic aspects that define our existence

  • The core emphasis lay on the essence of our inner selves.
  • The conversation transcended the mere tactical considerations of how AI can cater to human needs.
  • The heart of the matter revolved around the motivations and desires that drive individuals and humanity as a collective.
  • The imperative to collectively envision the world we aspire to create was underscored.
  • The dialogue cautioned against becoming preoccupied with tactical considerations, stressing the significance of our fundamental essence.
  • The fundamental query emerged: Who are we at our core?
  • The episode highlighted the importance of asking profound questions to comprehend how various technologies can play a supportive and promotive role.
  • The sentiment that what we appreciate has the potential to appreciate was expressed, encapsulating a powerful notion of growth and positivity.

[35.27] Business, Spirituality & AI

The conversation shifted towards the intricate interplay between business, spirituality, and artificial intelligence, uncovering profound truths

  • The episode began by highlighting that everything we perceive in the tangible world stems from an unseen foundation—an invisible blueprint.
  • This unseen blueprint is essentially the realm of the spirit, giving rise to all that unfolds in our lives.
  • The profound connection between thoughts and life experiences was illuminated. The notion that our thoughts and ideas function as the architects of our reality was emphasized.
  • The influence of the culture we are immersed in was noted, often shaping the thoughts we construct for ourselves.
  • In today’s world, where we have access to countless reference points, the dialogue underscored the power of imagination and our internal capabilities.
  • The crux of the matter lies in utilizing our inner imagination and strength.
  • The episode highlighted that the key to crafting the desired reality begins in the realm of the invisible—the spirit.
  • An essential revelation emerged: the spirit serves as the driving force behind every facet of our life’s experiences.

[45.14] Imagination

During this segment, the discussion ventured into the realm of imagination and its far-reaching significance

  • Imagination was described as the life force—the powerful undercurrent that propels creation.
  • Drawing parallels with the growth of an oak tree, it was noted that nature itself is infused with a deep imagination that drives transformation.
  • The idea that every individual can access this wellspring of beauty within themselves was highlighted. As individuals, we are an intrinsic part of this imaginative force.
  • The episode emphasized harnessing the power of imagination to envision the life we desire for ourselves.
  • By focusing our concentration on an imagined reality that resonates with us, gradual manifestations can take shape.
  • Imagination was aptly characterized as the blueprint that sets the course for our life’s journey.
  • It was pointed out that imagination holds significant binding force, uniting our aspirations and actions.
  • The dialogue extended to the collective level, urging us to collectively imagine a better future.
  • The episode underscored that this imaginative endeavor is the cornerstone to bringing forth a brighter tomorrow.

What’s your most fervent desire?

My most fervent desire is to exude and create a life full of love and legacy that, when people come into it that I care about, they feel it.

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About Richie Kendall

Richie Kendall is a visionary business leader and storyteller. He is currently the Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Goodworld. As a former CEO with a successful exit he’s personally generated over $1M in B2B sales revenue and helped nonprofits raise over $10MM.

With over 12 years experience in tech, sales, UX design, film/media, identity and storytelling, Richie has directed, produced and edited widely distributed, award-winning documentaries and branded content and has worked with industry-leading brands including Mastercard, Forever21, Canon, New Belgium, Pentax, Marmot, Rawlings, Fruit of the Loom, Frontier Airlines + more. He’s collaborated with some of the nation’s leading advertising agencies including CP+B and Space150.