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Economic Challenges

Empowering College Kids with Insights from Curtis Symonds

Join Barry Shore as he sits down with Curtis Symonds, co-founder of HBCU Go TV, in a thought-provoking episode. Curtis shares insights from his HBCU upbringing, highlighting how historically Black colleges and universities offer personalized education and resilience-building experiences. Explore the journey of HBCUs from their 1800s origins to their present-day embrace of diversity. Curtis emphasizes the wisdom gained from older generations and the importance of recognizing life’s struggles within African-American culture.

Discover the mission behind HBCU Go TV—to amplify visibility and showcase the value of these institutions. Curtis discusses plans for an educational portal on their website, aiming to empower individuals and dispel skill underestimation. Tune in for an engaging conversation delving into the historical significance and promising future of HBCUs, and I would like to encourage you to embrace educational opportunities.

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[10.33] HBCUs 

  • HBCUs have been a recognized brand since the 1800s.
  •  Initially established to provide education to African Americans, these colleges have evolved to embrace students from diverse backgrounds.
  • These institutions prioritize personalized education, valuing students as individuals rather than numbers.
  • They serve as an excellent platform for real-world exposure and practical learning.
  • HBCUs are renowned for their faculty’s dedication to nurturing students’ personal growth.
  • African-American parents are increasingly focused on fostering better opportunities for their children.
  • The goal of HBCU Go TV is to further educate people on the invaluable history, legacy, and significance of these institutions.
  • Each HBCU holds an untold story waiting to be shared.

[22.03] Opportunities 

  •  Colleges and universities offer opportunities, but your determination determines how much you seize them.
  • My upbringing revolved around an HBCU campus, specifically the Central University of Ohio.
  •  Attending an HBCU was pivotal in shaping my present situation.
  • My professors emphasized the importance of being a keen listener and reserved individual.
  • Active listening correlates with improved responsiveness.
  • Barry deeply values the essence of life.
  • Living encompasses continual growth.
  • Embrace and savor every single moment.

[27.48] Wisdom 

  • Engaging with individuals older than me has taught me the invaluable permanence of their wisdom.
  • Often, we underestimate life’s value—within African-American culture, the struggle is emphasized.
  • It educates us about scarcity, compassion, and the importance of self-preservation.
  • The uncertainty of basic necessities like shelter, food, or even the next seat shapes our perspective.
  •  I gleaned profound insights from Native American teachings.
  • Initially perceived as merely cinematic, I was welcomed into their cultural practices, like the sweat lodge.
  • Aim to uplift rather than bring others down.
  • Instead of criticizing, offer solutions that genuinely aid someone in need.

[32.15] Go TV 

  • HBCU Go TV was co-founded by me and my business partner, Clint Evans.
  • Growing up on campus, I was captivated by the rich culture surrounding me.
  • My mother was deeply committed to the school, going beyond teaching to assist students struggling with literacy.
  • Increasing visibility is crucial.
  • We aimed to develop a product highlighting the invaluable benefits of attending an HBCU.
  • It’s not just about obtaining an education but understanding its true value.
  • Many competent individuals need more opportunities.
  • Our skill levels often need to be more accurate when given the chance to prove ourselves.
  • Proper evaluation comes only when someone is allowed to demonstrate their abilities.

[44.25] Future of Go TV 

  •  We aspire to become a powerful tool for HBCUs, advocating for their importance and impact.
  • The network closely aligns with my personal values and aspirations.
  • My passion lies in persuading more students to consider this path.
  • Witnessing people who resemble you or others can significantly alter your perspectives.
  •  ‘Seeing is believing’—it’s essential to witness something to believe in it truly.
  • HBCU Go TV holds the potential to initiate increased visibility and understanding.
  • Our objective involves constructing an educational portal integrated with our website.

What’s your most fervent desire?

My desire is to be the best I can be at all times.

Insider Tips:

Dr. Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA, attended NYU School of Medicine and completed his residency training at Duke University. He has his own private practice in Huntersville, North Carolina and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry for the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Chepke has special interests in treatment-resistant depression, severe mental illness, movement disorders, and sleep medicine. He is active in clinical trials and serves on the Board of Directors of nonprofit organizations benefitting schizophrenia and Huntington’s disease. Finally, Dr. Chepke has been named a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Topics Covered:

  • Can you tell us about the signs and symptoms of clinical depression and how common it is?
  • What is treatment-resistant depression and what are available treatment options?
  • If someone thinks they have TRD, who should they turn to for help?
  • If someone out there or someone they know is struggling with treatment-resistant depression and experiencing depressive symptoms, what should they do?
  • What are some things your patients with treatment-resistant depression have found helpful in managing their depressive symptoms, in addition to medication?
  • What are some available resources if someone is seeking help?

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About Curtis Symonds

Curtis Symonds was born in Bermuda and grew up in Wilberforce,Ohio.His wife is Patricia Symonds and have been together for over 41 years.I have three boy’s by the names of Demetrius,Karrington and Curtis Jr.He graduated from Central State University in 1978 majoring in Physical Education.Has worked in the media business for over forty years with companies like Contential Cablevision,ESPN and BET.He now is the President of HBCU GO TV under the company of Byron Allen.