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Economic Challenges

Empowering Communities: Amy Phan’s Unwavering Advocacy

In this compelling episode of “The Joy of Living Podcast” your host Barry Shore, welcomes a remarkable guest, Amy Phan, to the show. Amy’s extraordinary journey, from the turmoil of the fall of Saigon to becoming a passionate advocate for her beliefs, is both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Amy’s story is a testament to the strength of the human will and the unwavering belief that a greater purpose is guiding our lives. She discusses her steadfast commitment to defending her home state of California and the challenges parents face in today’s ever-changing educational landscape.

Throughout the episode, you’ll discover Amy’s unyielding determination and how she is actively making a difference in her community. Her perspective on politics, education, and the power of unity will leave you with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

Enough is Enough, We must put America First.

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[13.42] Land of the Free because of the Brave 

  • They’re not the Democratic Party, but they’re the Democrat Party.
  • My story began with my father, who served alongside the Americans during the fall of Saigon.
  • Later, my father was captured, tortured, and eventually released.
  • We spent a year in Thailand refugee camps.
  • Eventually, we arrived here in the Land of the Free, thanks to the bravery of others.
  • I’ve always believed that God has a purpose and a plan for my life.
  • God has watched over my family, protecting us from death’s grasp.
  • Sadly, most refugees who escaped from the communist regime did not survive.
  • I’ve learned not to fear death, so I can confront my enemies without hesitation.
  • My father was just 16, changing his age to 18, so he could join the fight against the oppressors and save his country.

[18.30] Homeschooling 

  • At the outset of the lockdown, we decided to homeschool our children.
  • Parents, often unfairly, are portrayed as the culprits in various scenarios.
  • It’s worth noting that we contribute significantly to carbon emissions through daily transportation.
  • Instead of driving kids to school, we should consider walking or other eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Why should parents be cast as the villains for emitting carbon while fulfilling their responsibilities?
  • I discussed it with my husband and firmly decided we are homeschooling.
  • We promptly informed the school, and our homeschooling journey began.
  • I’ve always believed that a strong partnership between parents and teachers is crucial and valuable.
  • Regrettably, this partnership is fading, replaced by an agenda that targets parents unfairly.
  • Parents are increasingly labeled as the bad guys, while teachers are portrayed as the heroes.
  • I’ve lost trust in the public school system.

[30.09] Special Report 

  • What transpires in California often sets the tone for the other 49 states.
  • Each person’s journey is unique, and their battles are distinct.
  • If you choose to relocate from California, I strongly encourage you to engage with your new state’s community.
  • California is my homeland, and I feel deeply committed to defending it.
  • Fearless and unwavering, I have actively participated in various school board initiatives.
  • As a conservative Republican and elected official, it is my duty to collaborate with fellow conservatives.

[33.01] Politics 

  • Unity is where our strength lies, as they say.
  • Orange County is one of the few remaining conservative strongholds, although it’s turning somewhat purple.
  • This shift is partly due to the 2018 legalization of Democrat ballot harvesting.
  • We’ve elected State Senator Janet Nguyen, a seasoned politician, but concerns have arisen about her decisions in Sacramento.
  • Politics revolves around power and money, and voting records don’t lie.
  • Janet Nguyen is entering the 2024 supervisor race, and I’m supporting Van Tran, who is advocating for our families.
  • If you reside in District One, your vote should go to Van Tran.
  • County supervisor positions hold significant influence at the local level.
  • While State Senators oversee the entire state of California, Janet Nguyen is stepping down from her Senate seat to focus on Orange County.
  • This move makes sense because Orange County, with its five supervisors, offers a more manageable political landscape.
  • In contrast, the state has a supermajority of Democrats, making it challenging to accomplish goals.
  • Additionally, serving in Orange County comes with better compensation.
  • There’s also the convenience of less travel; Janet lives in Huntington Beach, so her work as a supervisor is centered in Santa Ana.

[40.01] SB 94 

  • Essentially, we’re talking about individuals who are on parole.
  • In California, the state is releasing all parolees, including those on death row.
  • In Westminster, we have individuals on parole who have committed murder.
  • We cannot condone such actions, as it puts our police force in jeopardy.
  • We have taken measures to apprehend these individuals, but it has also caused harm to their families.
  • We ask you to contact your state assembly representative to voice your concerns this week and next week.
  • For more information, please check my social media channels.

Insider Tips:

Studies have shown that academic performance and health insurance go hand in hand. Children who have health coverage miss fewer classes and perform better in school than those who are uninsured. Additionally, they are more likely to complete high school and graduate college. Routine medical visits are a vital part of keeping kids safe and protected as they start the new school year and participate in extracurricular activities.

Nationwide, millions of school-aged children and teens qualify for free or low-cost health coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), but do not have coverage. For eligible children, Medicaid and CHIP can provide access to routine and emergency care, vision care, dental visits, mental and behavioral health services, immunizations, prescriptions, and more. Medicaid and CHIP enrollment is open year-round, and coverage must be renewed annually. Each state has a Medicaid and CHIP program that provides health insurance for children up to age 19 in families with low and moderate incomes. Eligibility varies by state and generally depends on how many people are in a household and family income; in most states, a family with income up to $60,000 per year (for a family of four) may qualify.

Topics Covered:

  • What are Medicaid and CHIP?
  • What types of services are covered by Medicaid and CHIP?
  • Who is eligible for these programs?
  • Why is it so important for students to have health coverage?
  • How can families with eligible children enroll in coverage? Where can they find help?
  • Is there an enrollment period for these programs?
  • We’ve heard a lot in the past months about people with Medicaid losing coverage. How can families who have Medicaid or CHIP prevent losing coverage for themselves or their children? Where can they find help?
  • Once a child is covered by Medicaid or CHIP is there anything parents need to do to maintain coverage? Is there a renewal process?
  • Where can I find additional information?

To get more information, call 1-877-KIDS-NOW (1-877-543-7669) or visit the “Find Coverage for Your Family” section on

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About Amy Phan

Council Member Amy Phan West is passionate about keeping the American Dream alive for future generations and for every citizen in the City of Westminster. As the daughter of immigrants, her family fled the Communist regime of Vietnam in 1985, stowed away on a fishing boat. Her family spent two years in refugee camps while seeking asylum in the United States.