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Economic Challenges

Exploring Israel’s History: A Journey of Joy and Inspiration

On today’s episode of ‘Joy of Living,’ your host Barry Shore embarks on an inspiring solo journey through the heart and soul of Israel. In this captivating exploration, Barry delves into the rich tapestry of Israel’s history and culture and its profound impact on the world. From ancient origins to modern-day triumphs and challenges, Barry shares stories of resilience, faith, and the enduring spirit of this remarkable nation. Join him as he uncovers Israel’s unique ‘Joy of Living’, delivering powerful insights and a fresh perspective on this extraordinary land.

Show Notes:

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[6.01] Fundamentals of Life

  • Your life has a purpose
  • When you lead a purpose driven life number two happens
  • You Go Mad
  • MAD: Make a Difference
  • Third: Uncover the power and the secrets of everyday words and terms
  • WWW: What a wonderful world

[9.10] Miracles

  • Can you imagine going from perfect health to complete paralysis in a single day?
  • I wasn’t paralyzed due to an automobile accident or a spinal injury.
  • I spent a staggering 144 days in the hospital.
  • For two years, I couldn’t even turn over by myself.
  • Even now, I can’t climb a flight of stairs without assistance.
  • But listen to my voice – it’s filled with positivity, purpose, and power.
  • All of this transformation happened because of SMILE: Seeing Miracles in Everyday Life.
  • JOY is an essential component for living a successful life.
  • In fact, JOY stands for the Journey of YOU.
  • Keep in mind that millions of people didn’t wake up today.
  • That’s why you have an obligation to live life to the fullest.

[15.10] Jews

  • It’s important to note that there are approximately 15-16 million Jews in the world.
  • This number represents less than 1% of the global population.
  • If you were to search for information on how frequently Israel, as a nation, has appeared in the news over the past 30-60 days, you would discover that it has received significantly more media attention than almost any other country.

[22.33] October 7th, 2023

  • The past 10 days have been marked by an almost indescribable, horrific, and sinister attack on the lives of women, children, and babies in Israel.
  • These innocent civilians pose no threat to anyone.
  • They were subjected to invasion, brutal violence, murder, and rape, all with the clear intent of instilling terror.
  • The group responsible for these actions calls themselves “Kamas,” which, in the Hebrew language, means “violence.”
  • It’s worth noting that their organization’s charter explicitly states its goal to kill Jews.
  • Surprisingly, this organization was elected to represent the people of Gaza in 2007, despite the fact that not a single Israeli or Jew lived in Gaza at the time.

[26.01] Abraham

  • Abraham is a figure recognized as a fatherly figure by both the Arab world and the Christian world.
  • Anyone who believes in a single, divine entity known as God understands that Abraham played a unique role in establishing a way of life that acknowledges the existence of a Creator in the world.
  • Abraham embarked on his journey with his wife, Sarah.
  • It’s important to note that all Jews around the world trace their ancestry back to Abraham and Sarah.
  • Abraham had a son named Ishmael, who is considered the ancestor of the Arab nations.
  • Isaac, the first and only son born to Abraham and Sarah, played a pivotal role in the Jewish lineage.
  • All Jews are descended from Abraham through Isaac and Isaac through Jacob.
  • Isaac and Rebecca had two sons: Esav and Jacob.
  • Esav’s descendants went on to become the Roman and Christian worlds.
  • Jacob, on the other hand, had twelve sons, each of whom played a significant role in the formation of the Jewish nation.

[35.01] Israel

  • The Israelites, who were the descendants of Jacob, migrated to Egypt.
  • Joseph held a position of authority in Egypt at the time.
  • Originally, the region was known as the land of the Canaanites, which had been promised to Abraham around 4000 years ago.
  • The Jewish people resided in Egypt for several centuries until God delivered them from bondage.
  • During their soul-searching journey in the desert, a divine revelation occurred in front of three million people, which involved the giving of the Bible.
  • Jews have maintained a presence in the land of Israel up to the present day.
  • Christianity, as a faith, emerged roughly 2000 years ago.
  • Prior to the rise of Christianity, the Romans had already conquered the land of Israel.
  • In the last major rebellion, the Romans seized the capital, Jerusalem.
  • To ensure the area remained barren, they even plowed it with salt, rendering it unable to support life.
  • Subsequently, the Romans renamed the region as Palestine.

[40.01] Muslim

  • A prophet emerged in what is now known as Saudi Arabia.
  • This prophet was named Muhammad, and he experienced divine visions.
  • God communicated directly with Muhammad and revealed sacred teachings to him.
  • Muhammad preached the belief in a singular God and extended his message to Jews as well.
  • The Jewish faith had existed for over 1600 years, dating back to the time of Abraham.
  • However, Muhammad took issue with this and engaged in conflict, resulting in the slaughter of many Jews. He also took several Jewish women as captives and married one of them.
  • Within two generations, Islam itself underwent a split, dividing between the direct descendants of Muhammad and a nephew of Muhammad.
  • These two branches of Islam are known as Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims.

[43.01] Muslim Wars

  • Muslims enjoyed remarkable success in their military campaigns.
  • The Muslim world held dominion over vast territories, spanning from North Africa to the Middle East, and extending as far as Turkey.
  • Those living under Muslim rule were often referred to as “Dimude.”
  • In this context, if a Muslim and a Dimi were walking on a sidewalk, the Dimi was expected to yield the path.
  • Life was not easy, especially for Jews in these circumstances.
  • Muslims frequently regarded Jews as being in a lowly position, often in a role akin to servitude or slavery.
  • However, when Jews in Europe eventually gained full citizenship rights, many of them began to participate in the armed services of their respective countries.

[46.02] Blood History

  • In 1870, a war broke out between Germany and France, and the Prussians emerged victorious.
  • It’s worth noting that among the French officers, there was only one who happened to be Jewish, and his name was Alfred Dreyfus.
  • Alfred Dreyfus faced accusations of espionage on behalf of the enemy, although this accusation was untrue. In reality, some of the French officers were the ones spying for the enemy.
  • Dreyfus was put on trial, found guilty, and publicly dishonored within the French military. He was subsequently sent to Devil’s Island.
  • Dreyfus spent 12 years in exile on Devil’s Island. Eventually, he managed to secure a new trial, and during this trial, he was declared innocent.
  • An Austrian Jewish journalist, who was in Paris to cover the trial, observed the vehement and hateful attitudes of the Christian populace toward Jews.
  • This experience led him to a profound realization: Jewish people would always be at the mercy of others until they had a country of their own.
  • This Austrian journalist was Theodore Herzl, who went on to become the founder of the Zionist movement.

[48.01] Jewish Community

  • The need for the Jewish people to have their own homeland was absolutely crucial.
  • Theodore Herzl recognized that there was a place known as Israel or Zion, and these names were mentioned in the Bible.
  • Theodore Herzl devoted his full efforts to realizing the dream of “The Return to Zion.”
  • During the First World War, the Ottoman Empire aligned itself with Germany, Austria, and Hungary, but they ultimately picked the losing side in the conflict.
  • These were the primary opposing forces during the war.

[52.22] Ottoman Turks

  • The Jewish desire to return to their ancestral homeland was met with the rising influence of the Arab world, particularly the House of Saud.
  • According to Islamic ideals and laws, once a country or an area is under Muslim rule, it is considered to be permanently under Muslim control.
  • When the Muslims controlled the region known as The Land of Israel, which was under Ottoman Turkish control, their primary concern was extracting as much tax revenue as possible.
  • However, Jews had been living in this region because it is their ancestral home.
  • So, what unfolded after the dream of Zion was initiated?

[55.10] Antisemitism

  • Russians themselves faced various challenges with the Jewish population.
  • The reason behind this hostility was that the Jews were not Christians, and they had no intention of converting.
  • As a result, there was a significant amount of animosity from Russians towards Jews.
  • Pogroms, which were organized attacks on Jews involving sanctioned mobs that engaged in acts such as rape, pillaging, and murder, were not uncommon.
  • Due to these difficult circumstances, hundreds and thousands of Jews sought to emigrate from Russia to Poland.
  • A substantial percentage of them chose to make their way to the land known as Zion.
  • Driven by idealism, they were determined to settle in this land, even if it meant draining swamps, and unfortunately, many lost their lives in the process.
  • Through the grace of God, Jews came to see the land as fertile and promising, attracting both Jewish and Arab immigrants who sought employment opportunities.
  • This led to Jews and Arabs working side by side.
  • In the 1880s and 1990s, Jews began purchasing land in the region.
  • Eventually, the British decided to grant Jews the rights to this land due to their adherence to biblical Zionism.
  • However, over the last 20-30 years, there have been numerous clashes between Muslims and Jews in the area, as Muslim Arabs often expressed their opposition to Jews residing there.

[58.01] Today

  • In 1948, the United Nations cast a pivotal vote, granting the state of Israel its legitimate right to exist. This was accompanied by the allocation of substantial land for Arab populations.
  • Following this decision, Arab armies from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan launched an invasion, which seemed insurmountable for Israel at the time.
  • Yet, through what can only be described as divine intervention, Israel somehow emerged victorious, causing the invading forces to retreat.
  • In 1956, another war ensued, this time with Egypt, and Israel secured a win.
  • In 1967, Israel was faced with yet another major threat as multiple Arab states prepared to invade the nation. They were equipped with a range of modern weaponry. However, Israel not only repelled the invasion but also effectively counterattacked, rendering these armies incapable of further assaults.
  • Six years later, in 1973, Israel faced a dire situation when four Arab nations launched a coordinated invasion. The country was on the verge of being overwhelmed, but through resilience and strategic regrouping, Israel managed to fight back against the enemy.
  • It’s important to note that Jews have a deep desire to live in peaceful coexistence with their Arab neighbors.

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