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Barry Shore, The Ambassador of JOY, is honored to bring YOU the dynamic death defying Dan Nitro Clark. Imagine being with people who foster, promote, spread and Live the message of : we CAN change the world one positive human interaction at a time. That’s today’s episode with Barry and Dan. This is THE episode that will help YOU continue Your path of growth in the JOY of LIVING. Dan is a former NFL football player, star on the hit TV show American Gladiator, and then had a near death experience. This powerful event enabled him to leverage this into becoming a Conduit for Life. Dan will share his AHA Moment along with his Passion for helping everyone who wants to face and overcome their fears. You are encouraged to listen, share and promote this episode with everyone You love, like, or even don’t like. Why? Because You will learn insights and practices that will make You Happier and more Loving. And then sharing these with as many as possible. Tune in and send me a note of THANK YOU.

Featured Guest

Dan “Nitro” Clark

Guest Dave "Nitro" Clark

Dan is a world-class fitness expert, TEDx speaker, #1 bestselling author, and motivational and life coach. He coaches others to conquer their inner demons of fear and anxiety to reach their full potential with his program, CALM THE BEAST. You may have seen Dan on Good Morning America, ESPN, or Entertainment Tonight—or in the pages of Time Magazine, Men’s Health, or Sports Illustrated. After playing in the NFL and starring on the cult TV show, American Gladiator, Dan had a harrowing near-death experience. Since then, he’s spent the last 6 years learning to redefine success and fulfillment—and coaching others to do the same.

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