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Help feed hungry kids


When you imagine childhood hunger, do you picture the skeletal frames and swollen bellies of children from third world countries? If so, you should know that isn’t the full story.

According to, roughly 1 in 7 people in the U.S. face hunger every year. The rates of hunger in children are even higher, with about 1 in 5 lacking proper access to food at some point during the year.

In America, today, about 15.9 million children under the age of 18 live in homes where they are unable to access enough nutritious food to live an overall healthy life. How? Why?

Research has found that 20% or more of the child population in roughly 37 states live in households without adequate food.

Now, it’s obvious that food insecurity is harmful to anyone; however, the effects of hunger on children are devastating.

According to, “Kids who don’t get enough to eat — especially during their first three years — begin life at a serious disadvantage. When they’re hungry, children are more likely to be hospitalized and they face higher risks of conditions like anemia and asthma. And as they grow up, kids struggling to get enough to eat are more likely to have problems in school and other social situations.”

The children who are facing hunger are often a part of a family where their parent(s) also face hunger.

Please consider these facts:

  • A family of four may be in need of at least 36 additional meals per month
  • 84% of households buy the cheapest foods possible (instead of healthy and nutrient dense foods) just so they can provide enough to eat
  • 20% of children in homes rely on charitable organizations to make ends meet.

And this: to provide a healthy meal is only 10 cents. One dime. Yes. it’s true.

The importance of good nutrition in children (particularly in the first three years of life) is crucial in establishing  a good foundation to have physical and mental health, academic achievement and economic productivity. That foundation is threatened because they kids are hungry.

I believe NO child should go to bed hungry.  Wake up hungry. Or go to school hungry.

We’re honored to let you know that YOU can help without costing you a penny more. Through the innovative platform you and everyone you know can easily and affordably give  to the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief foundation You can now help feed a child in need just by doing your everyday shopping. And it won’t cost you a penny more. helps address child food insecurity through their targeted programs like:

  • Kids Cafe
  • BackPack Program
  • Child Hunger Corps

Currently, provides food to roughly 14 million children and their familie every single year.

I had the privilege to attend an event honoring The Children’s Hunger Project in Florida where I was able to discuss how truly makes a difference for children, when anyone uses our platform. At No Cost to any Giver. (go to for more information)

Does your organization help feed children in America? I’d love to know how you’re making a difference. Please feel free to get in touch, as I’d LOVE to partner with you.

Let me know by commenting or reaching out via DM. Thank You in advance,

Barry Shore

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