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From Confidence to Courage

From Confidence to Courage: How Small Steps Can Transform Your Life

In this episode of the “Joy of Living” podcast, host Barry Shore interviews guest Bennett Schwartz on the topic of personal development. Bennett shares that personal development is something that everyone can work on, and that by improving ourselves, we can improve all aspects of our lives. He discusses his own experiences with feeling inspired but ultimately not seeing any lasting change and emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and being honest with oneself to truly grow. Bennett also touches on the concept of “pattern interruptus,” or interrupting our ingrained patterns of behavior in order to make positive changes. He suggests journaling as a powerful tool for self-discovery and learning, and shares his own struggles with confidence and how he reframed his thinking to focus on being courageous instead. Finally, Bennett and Barry discuss the difference between living a meaningful life versus a fulfilling life. They suggest that by finding what is meaningful to us individually and being present in our actions, we can lead incredible lives. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for personal growth and development.

Helping people unlock their greatness

Maximizing our resources in order to live the lives we truly desire. Being in education for over 11 years, Bennett has been helping people live their best possible lives for years. Currently as a high performance executive coach, Bennett guides his clients to reach real results.

Show Notes:

[9.59] Why is personal development so important?

  • Personal development is something that whatever you’re in the world, is something you can work on.
  • If we’re able to work on ourselves then we’ll be able to take that & really implant it in everything we do.
  • I’ve always interested in being motivated & being inspired
  • When you slow down & you see life being the same as it always has
  • There was time in my life when I went to YouTube & watched inspirational videos
  • I’d feel great & amazing things but then…
  • It wore off like nothing really changed

[15.24] Self Reflection

  • The work you need to put on yourself is really lots of reflection & being honest with yourself
  • Most people just fall to exterior of what’s happening
  • Let’s not try to win this experience
  • What are the one or two things we can take from this experience so the next time it happens we could be a little better?
  • If you’re never going back & looking at the information
  • You’re never going to be able to get better
  • Most people are not being honest with themselves
  • Our emotions are something we can have more control
  • We only react the way that we were taught, or think is appropriate to act

[21.33] Pattern Interruptus

  • Jim Rohn teaches that more important than what you in life is who you become in life
  • What you get can come & go
  • Who we become never really changes, if we are authentic?
  • Tony Robbins proves to people that you can have more control over your emotions
  • We are trained by ourselves to give people that we love a hug and feel certain way
  • If I hug a stranger wouldn’t be the same as I hug my spouse
  • We should do journaling & reviewing your journal could be even more powerful
  • You start to learn who you really are in a slow pace

[33.14] Building Confidence

  • Confidence is something I struggled with a lot in my younger age
  • Outside people would look at me & they would say, “Oh Ben, you’re extremely confident
  • I really got obsessed with the idea of confidence
  • Most people want to be confident when they step into a certain situation
  • However, they must reframe what that really means
  • Because what they’re really looking for is to be courageous in that moment
  • Client Story about how to be courageous [39.02] to [41.34]
  • SISTER: Small incremental steps transform everything remarkably

[44.49] Living a meaningful life in distinguish of living a fulfilling life

  • There are parents/teachers that are doing extremely meaningful work
  • But they are not feeling that fulfillment
  • There are two ideas:
  • 1. Find out what’s meaningful to each one of us
  • 2.  Being present with the things that you’re doing
  • If you take those two ideas and combine them together then life is going to be incredible

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About Bennett Schwartz

Being in the educational world for over a decade, Bennett has been helping people live their best possible lives for years. Currently as a High Performance Business Coach, Bennett guides his clients to reach real results. While working on getting clarity on their vision and strategy, Bennett works on their mindset and holds them accountable as well. Bennett‘s practice has coaches in an array of fields, and has recently came out with a book, “Lost, Then Found” where he discusses many of the tools he uses with his clients.