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From Personal Struggles to Entrepreneurial Triumphs: AJ Asgari’s Journey to Embracing Life and Business

In this episode of “The Joy of Living” podcast, our guest AJ Asgari takes us on a profound journey through his experiences and insights about life, business, and the pursuit of happiness. AJ shares his perspective on business, highlighting its challenges and the excitement that wakes him up every day. He emphasizes the importance of putting others before oneself as a key factor for success. According to AJ, true business success lies in solving real problems and enhancing existing features.

AJ’s personal journey has shaped his outlook on life. He discusses how realizing the fleeting nature of existence and experiencing the loss of loved ones to illnesses such as cancer have profoundly impacted him. These experiences have made him appreciate the preciousness of life and understand the need to seize every moment. He encourages listeners not to drop the “F” from the word “SHIFT” and to embrace the transformative power of perspective in overcoming challenges.

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Show Notes:

[10.22] Business

  • Business is a loaded word
  • When I think about business, I think about what wakes me up
  • Your excitement for the challenges
  • Business is a roller coaster ride
  • You before I is the only way business is successful
  • Business is solving a real problem and enhancing a feature
  • If I start serving the You then ‘I’ will take care of itself

[13.56] Journey of AJ Asgari

  • The whole life is a journey
  • When you realize there’s no end, perspective changes
  • Sometimes hard times lead to better times
  • My cousin died of cancer at very young age
  • My aunt died of breast cancer that could’ve been treated
  • As young kid I realized how fragile is life
  • How fast life goes and how quick it can be over
  • Life is too short to drop that “F” from the word “SHIFT”
  • AJ’s friend story [16.44] to [17.34]
  • My father had ALS
  • ALS is a disease which affects neurons in your body
  • In ALS the firing signals in body falls apart
  • It’s a demoralizing disease because your brain is still your brain

Barry Shore: When things happen to people that you’re very close to, it causes a shift in your perspective.

Barry Shore: OK, Life happens, but how you choose to respond is the key.

[33.12] Entrepreneurship

  • My father was Persian, and he wanted me to become a doctor
  • I was training people as a bodybuilder
  • I learned a great lesson in leverage
  • When I was training people, it required me being in the facility with person giving him my knowledge
  • Pharmacy owner asked me to go to pharmacy school
  • He said he’ll write a recommendation letter for me
  • “When you come out, I’ll pay you a six figure salary,” said the dentist.
  • I switched from dental to pharmacy
  • The dentist required to take his skill set into work every day to accomplish what he wanted
  • I loved business more than health care
  • Third year in the pharmacy school, this guy gets busted for Medicare fraud
  • That explains all the cash he was hiding

[40.1] Leverage Buyout

  • When I got out of school, I got hustled my way into ownership
  • I was in hundred and fifty thousand dollars in school debt
  • I’m out ready to play a game of Monopoly
  • LBO: Leverage Buyout
  • No instant gratification in business
  • I worked with CVS
  • I told store owner, I’ll come in and work for you for free on my day off
  • If I prove I am dedicated to what I’m going to do, then you’ll work a deal out
  • After a month, I asked him to make deal
  • I can grow your business, if you can share the percent of equity that I grow in this business
  • In three years, I doubled the business
  • I used my equity to get bank loan and that’s how I bought my first pharmacy

[49.22] Scaling

  • I continue to grow, and I scaled all the way to 12 locations
  • I sold a few strategically to other independents
  • Owning store, you start to recognize the holes in your own industry
  • If you’re in active need of help as a patient and you need something
  • Me telling you a little bit about staff and hours will do nothing
  • How can I take all the things we’re able to do in our retail location and get those online?
  • How can I get the rest of the population the same type of access like my family?

[51.58] Drugs Store2door

  • There are two people I want to serve with this model
  • Drugstore was created for the end consumer: the patient.
  • I made a conscious decision that my goal is going to be independent pharmacy
  • There are 19,600 independent pharmacies in the US
  • We’re not just in a major metropolitan
  • How do we handle Idabel Oklahoma or the town of 2600 people?
  • We’re going to build a product that takes the end patient and connects them
  • Let’s support the small business owners who are 100% dedicated
  • Who will pick the phone at midnight and help your family out?

What’s your most fervent desire?

Freedom of Choice. Building business in a way I get to choose how, when and where I impact and how Impact.

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About AJ Asgari

Husband & father | entrepreneur | doctor of pharmacy | multi-pharmacy owner | CEO & founder Drugstore2door | Real Estate investor | Bank Board/investor |

AJ is a true leader and hyper focused on elevating everyone he meets. “We only win when we win together!”