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From Stuck to Transformed: Discovering the Power of Mindset with Erin Pheil

In this episode of Joy of Living Podcast, host Barry Shore welcomes guest Erin Phiel to discuss the possibilities in mental well-being and mindset transformation. Erin shares her personal journey, highlighting the remarkable advancements in psychology and technology that have enabled rapid transformations. The episode begins with Erin reflecting on the traditional approach to psychology, where individuals would sit in a chair and talk through their issues for years without significant progress. However, she emphasizes that nowadays, extraordinary breakthroughs are attainable within a short period.

Erin reveals two powerful practices that have facilitated profound shifts in people’s lives. The first is uncovering subconscious programming and dissolving limiting belief systems that keep individuals stuck in patterns. By releasing these improper beliefs, people experience instant transformations. The second method involves identifying past events that trigger negative responses and releasing the emotional charge associated with them.

Hear What Real-Life Clients Say About MindFix…

…and how they’ve gone from Stuck to Free in a very short time.

Show Notes:

[9.59] What’s possible in mental well-being and mindset?

  • If you wanted to be in the world of psychology, it consisted of sitting in a chair and talking to people.
  • We talk things out and you work things through
  • It’s extraordinary what’s possible now that wasn’t possible 20-30 years ago
  • It sat on chair across from therapists for 15-20 years
  • It just never got anywhere.
  • I’d conclude that 15-16 years later, I was worse off

[12.31] Rapid Transformation

  • There are two practices I have seen allow people to shift their problems
  • We’ve found when someone is stuck
  • One way is to discover what’s the subconscious programming
  • Many people call these things BELIEF SYSTEM
  • If you dissolve improper beliefs that are keeping your patterns locked into place
  • We’ve seen people shift just in instance
  • The second method is finding the past events that are getting re-triggered
  • And dissolving the charge so they get stored away

[18.11] Deleting line of codes

  • I was depressed until my mid 30s
  • I took medications every day of my life
  • And this is what helped me
  • I believe technology is the reason why much rapid transformation work is possible today
  • When I was depressed, I worked in the old fashioned way.
  • I worked with one person for six months or a year to try it out.
  • I take the pieces and combine them to make a little bit better
  • Our work is conglomeration of probably 20 different types of skill sets

[23.30] Change in 21st Century

  • It’s ability of people to share the results & share it quickly
  • This is the age of exponential growth
  • Barry Shore: Loneliness is one of the greatest problems facing the world
  • People feeling lonely is equal smoking 15 cigarettes a day
  • Read a fascinating book: Lost Connections by Johann Hari
  • Johann mentioned one of the primary sources of depression is lack of social support and loneliness
  • Another source is if you’re not doing the meaningful work

[34.31] Four-minute mile & too good to be true

  • Technology advances so quickly
  • There’s this resistance that it’s impossible to heal that quickly
  • More & more people are seeing what’s possible in mental wellness world
  • When people come to use there’s something they want to change about themselves
  • The part of our process is Discovery
  • There are many people who say we don’t want it.
  • But when we ask them questions, what do you want?
  • They know what they don’t want but they don’t know what they want.
  • And we get to determine what better looks like.
  • And that’s the second part of our process – what better looks like!
  • Third is, we go, what’s in the way blocking you?
  • So often when we’re stuck, and things are not changing – there’s blocks.
  • And we dissolve those internal blocks
  • Then you can move forward with grace & momentum

[45.04] Transformation through subtraction

  • When people are trying to add and it’s not working
  • Sometimes it can be powerful to first subtract
  • I had a handful of memories that were keeping me in a locked state
  • I have many beliefs such as I’m not good enough
  • When I subtracted them, it freed up who I was?
  • You’ve that amazing foundation then you can do the addition
  • I found it difficult to do addition part until I subtracted what was causing me to feel so sad

What’s your most fervent desire?

I’d like as many people around the world as possible to have hope and to know that things can be better. I struggled with it for so many years and I doubted it! I want people to hold on to that hope that things can be better.

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About Erin Pheil

Erin is the founder of The MindFix Group. Leaders work with her team when they want to get unstuck and out of their own way by rapidly and permanently eliminating their biggest mental blind spots and roadblocks. She work with the leaders of 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses, methodically removes lifelong frustrations, fears, and challenges for her clients, and helps high achievers eliminate everything from anxiety to imposter syndrome, from procrastination to self-doubt — with a success rate exceeding 90%.