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The Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, welcomes TWO of the most Dynamic, Determined, Dedicated people on the planet. Welcome Rocky and Cheryl Detwiler the premier promoters of the positive power of words. The JOY of LIVING is focused on one thing: YOU! Enabling You to become the best You is the GOAL of the show. Rocky and Cheryl advocate doing this by wearing Positive Words on their clothing. They advocate businesses and their employees to wear them. They urge schools or students or teachers to wear them. For one major reason: positive words promote positive thoughts and speech and ultimately positive actions. Rocky and Cheryl posit that your thoughts become your words, your words become actions, your actions become your Destiny. The positive power of words in life and business shape your life with the words you use. Being positive or negative is a decision. Choice not chance determines Your destiny. Access the 11 Strategies for Living in JOY, daily.

Featured Guest
Cheryl & Rocky Detwiler

Rocky & Cheryl DetwilerAs seen on ESPN, ABC, NBC, FOX and A&E Reality TV “Rooster and Butch”, Rocky Detwiler is one of the world’s foremost experts on the positive power of words. He is an author, speaker, executive coach, bodybuilder, trainer, and mindset mentor with 30 years experience in transformational living. Rocky’s personal story of complete loss and then triumph, after becoming homeless and living in a tree house for a year, has inspired millions around the globe. He used the positive power of words to transform his life and his process will change the way you think about what you think, say, and do. He is a mindset mentor that teaches people around the world to align their words with their dreams and brings actionable steps to achieve them.