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ICE Method: How Identifying Threats Can Help You Achieve Business Goals

ICE Method: How Identifying Threats Can Help You Achieve Business Goals

JR Spear joins Barry to discuss the importance of being prepared in business and life. JR starts by explaining the meaning of an ambush and how it can take you by surprise, using a military term of getting blown up by a suicide bomber. He shares a mind-blowing story of a blast and emphasizes that it’s essential to respond effectively to unexpected situations. JR highlights that being prepared in business is crucial, and you need to do the hard work and take the necessary steps to prepare beforehand. He introduces a method called ICE, which stands for Identifying the threats, creating a plan, and executing the mission. He explains that identifying the threats that keep you from achieving your goals, creating a plan to overcome them, and taking massive action can help you achieve success in business and life. Throughout the episode, JR emphasizes that muscle memory only happens through continuous training, and it always starts with your beliefs. Tune in to this episode to learn how being prepared can help you achieve greatness in business and life.

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Show Notes:

[10.26] What an ambush is and what it means to be prepared

  • Ambush is something that takes you by surprise
  • Military term is: Hey, I’ve got blown up by a suicide bomber
  • Story of JR Spear [11.00] to [12.00]
  • How many people were prepared and ready in businesses when covid happened?
  • There’s always something that takes us by surprise
  • But it’s how you respond that matters
  • If you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready
  • You’ve got to do the steps and the hard work
  • Muscle memory only happens through continuous training
  • Mind blown story of the blast [14.02] to [15.23]
  • The things that you do today is going to prepare you for tomorrow

[19.10] Business

  • You’ve to be prepared in business
  • You’ve to make sure that you’re doing the things and the steps to prepared beforehand
  • You’ve got to be mentally prepared
  • There’s a method I teach called ICE
  • ICE: Identifying the threats, creating a plan, and executing the mission
  • What are the threats that are keeping you from achieving the mission and goals?
  • When we identify the threat, we need to create a plan that help us overcome and achieve those goals.
  • Now you’ve got to take Massive Actions whatever that is.
  • It always starts with your own beliefs

[34.16] Sales & Marketing

  • Marketing is more of like the brain and awareness of what you do to draw people in
  • Sales is the closing of interaction and transaction that you’ve with the individual
  • You’ve to market ourselves so people are aware about what we have offer
  • Sales is transaction between two parties of a product or service

[40.15] Empire Building Book

  • The book focus on two things
  1. Building the foundations of your business (Which goes through five different components)
  2. I walk them through the battle plan of what they should be doing daily which goes into your daily pile
  • What did you actually do to build your business?
  • Four components of building your business
  1. Producing daily content
  2. Improve my product and services
  3. Leadership
  4. Expand your network

[47.23] BLN: Business Leaders Network

  • We like to bring together industry leaders to help teach them on leadership
  • It’s a mastermind networking community where we’re helping industry leaders help each other with the referral process.
  • It’s all about community

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