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Economic Challenges

Inspirational Journey with Julie Hartman

Join Julie Hartman and host Barry Shore in a captivating discussion that delves into life’s purpose, embracing challenges, and the pursuit of a meaningful existence. Julie shares her insights on living in the arena of life, steering away from a ‘diminished life’ mindset, and the value of principled living. Explore Julie’s perspectives on literature, her fondness for ‘Jane Eyre,’ and her earnest desire for a rich family life. This engaging conversation highlights the importance of choice, principles, and the joyous pursuit of a purpose-driven life.

Show Notes:

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[8:00 – 14:40] Introduction & Early Harvard Years

  • Julie’s Achievements & Mentorship: Introduction to Julie Hartman’s impressive career and her mentorship with Dennis Prager, a pivotal figure.
  • Harvard Admission & Ambivalence: Julie’s early admission to Harvard and her unexpected lack of excitement due to the immense effort and sacrifice required.
  • Shift in Priorities: Transition from a results-oriented life to seeking deeper significance and joy in life beyond accomplishments.
  • Harvard’s Intellectual Atmosphere: Initial experiences at Harvard and grappling with the highly intellectual and liberal environment.
  • Impact of Mentorship: How Julie’s relationship with Dennis Prager shaped her ideological views and worldview.

[14:41 – 21:50] Faith Awakening & Challenges at Harvard

  • Struggle with Ideological Differences: Julie’s challenging experiences navigating a predominantly liberal atmosphere at Harvard.
  • Discovery of Faith: Julie’s profound spiritual awakening and discovery of faith through her association with Dennis Prager and exposure to Judeo-Christian values.
  • Maintaining Principles: Challenges faced by Julie in upholding her conservative values amidst a politically charged environment.
  • Personal Growth through Adversity: How facing opposition helped Julie evolve personally and solidify her beliefs.
  • Impact of Public Stand: The effect of Julie’s public stance on her relationships and friendships, and the unexpected repercussions.

[21:51 – 26:35] Lessons from Family & Values

  • Gina’s Influence: Deep insights into Julie’s relationship with her severely autistic sister, Gina, and the profound life lessons learned from her.
  • Family Dynamics: Understanding Julie’s familial connections and the unique dynamics with her older sister, providing support and recognition.
  • Impact of Personal Values: How Julie’s family environment shaped her values and helped her chart her path in life.
  • Lessons in Unconditional Love: Gina’s impact on teaching unconditional love, patience, and understanding, despite limitations in communication.
  • Gratitude & Transformation: Julie’s gratitude for familial support and acknowledgment of her transformative journey.

[26:36 – 32:02] Quotes & Resilience

  • Victor Frankl’s Wisdom: Connecting with Victor Frankl’s teachings on life’s meaning and the pursuit of purpose.
  • Roosevelt’s Message of Resilience: Exploring Theodore Roosevelt’s quote about overcoming adversity with determination and resilience.
  • Applying Wisdom: How Julie applies the wisdom gained from influential quotes to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Inspiration from Philosophy: Understanding the profound impact philosophical teachings have had on Julie’s personal growth.
  • Resilience & Personal Philosophy: Reflections on resilience and the philosophy guiding Julie through hardships and triumphs.

[32:02 – 54:07] Embracing the Arena of Life & Literary Insights

  • “The Man in the Arena” Quote: Julie’s admiration for Theodore Roosevelt’s quote emphasizing the importance of living life in the arena, taking risks, and embracing failures as part of the journey.
  • Ivy League Pressures: Reflecting on the intense pressure within Ivy League institutions to excel, leading to a diminished and robotic life rather than embracing risks and failures.
  • Julie’s Radio Show Launch: The story behind Julie launching her show, “Timeless,” from her Harvard dorm room, facing the challenges of going on national radio and expressing controversial views.
  • Resonance of the Quote: How the “Man in the Arena” quote served as a guiding principle during Julie’s struggles and fears of public scrutiny.
  • Gratitude for Harvard Experiences: Acknowledging the positive aspects of Harvard, such as lifelong friendships, invaluable opportunities, and experiences like the transformative trip to Israel.

[54:08 – End] Literary Reflections & Values

  • Jane Eyre Rediscovery: Julie’s revisitation of classic literature, particularly Jane Eyre, highlighting its timeless themes and frustration with over-analyzing books in educational settings.
  • Appreciation for Jane Eyre: How Jane Eyre resonates with Julie due to its portrayal of a principled, faithful protagonist amidst a flawed world.
  • Education Beyond Classroom: The importance of re-reading books for enjoyment, allowing the messages and values to seep into one’s soul, beyond academic dissection.
  • Principles & Values: Emphasizing the significance of principled characters and the values reflected in timeless literature.
  • Life’s Fervent Desire: Julie’s ultimate desire for a loving, rich family life above professional success, highlighting the value of personal relationships and family bonds.

[Closing Moments]

  • Barry Shore’s Closing Questions: Barry’s three questions regarding Julie’s return to the show, her fervent desire, and a virtual hug, signifying heartfelt, unlimited giving.
  • Fundamentals of Life: Barry’s discussion about the three fundamentals of life: purpose, principled living, and perspective shift towards miracles in everyday life.
  • Encouragement & Blessing: Julie and Barry’s mutual blessing to go forth, live exuberantly, and spread joy, happiness, peace, and love in the world.

Insider Tips:

Dr. Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA, attended NYU School of Medicine and completed his residency training at Duke University. He has his own private practice in Huntersville, North Carolina and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry for the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Chepke has special interests in treatment-resistant depression, severe mental illness, movement disorders, and sleep medicine. He is active in clinical trials and serves on the Board of Directors of nonprofit organizations benefitting schizophrenia and Huntington’s disease. Finally, Dr. Chepke has been named a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Topics Covered:

  • Can you tell us about the signs and symptoms of clinical depression and how common it is?
  • What is treatment-resistant depression and what are available treatment options?
  • If someone thinks they have TRD, who should they turn to for help?
  • If someone out there or someone they know is struggling with treatment-resistant depression and experiencing depressive symptoms, what should they do?
  • What are some things your patients with treatment-resistant depression have found helpful in managing their depressive symptoms, in addition to medication?
  • What are some available resources if someone is seeking help?

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About Julie Hartman

Julie Hartman is 24 years old and a recent graduate of Harvard College. She is a talk show host for the Salem Media Group in Los Angeles, CA. She co-hosts a show with Dennis Prager, Dennis and Julie, as well as her own three times weekly show, Timeless with Julie Hartman. She also serves as the guest host for all of Salem’s nationally syndicated talk radio shows and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Epoch Times, The DailyWire, The American Spectator, and The American Mind.