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Jenny Dalio Shares Insights on the Loneliness Epidemic

Jenny Dalio Shares Insights on the Loneliness Epidemic and the Importance of Meaningful Connections

Welcome to the Barry Shore Podcast, where we dive deep into the topics that matter most in life. In this episode, Barry welcomes guest Jenny Dalio, a renowned expert in the field of human connection and the author of the upcoming book, Closer. In this insightful conversation, Jenny shares her thoughts on the loneliness epidemic that is sweeping the world, and the profound impact it has on our mental and physical health. She speaks to the alarming percentage of Americans who report not having close friends they can trust, and offers her playbook for cultivating meaningful connections with others.

Jenny also shares her personal story, including her family’s Armenian heritage and her grandmother’s recipe book, which inspired her passion for bringing people together over food. She believes that our important moments are shared over food, and that technology can be used as a tool to enhance, rather than detract from, our relationships.

Join us as we explore these important topics and learn how to live more deeply and meaningfully in a world that often feels disconnected. Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation with Jenny Dalio on our Podcast Show.

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Show Notes:

[9.40] Loneliness Epidemic

  • We live in a world where for a whole host of reasons we are surrounded by others in different ways.
  • And they feel profoundly alone
  • At suicide hotline, they had legitimately nobody else talk with.
  • Loneliness has a lot of effects on our mental and physical health.
  • It has been compared to being worse than smoking in the long-term.
  • A high percentage of Americans say they don’t have good friends that they can trust.

[13.43] Live deeply

  • After covid, people are having breakfast/lunch with the same person day in and day out
  • We were all running out of things to talk about
  • I developed a playbook for how to have more meaningful connections
  • Jenny’s family story from [19.22] to [20.44]
  • All my ancestors are originally of Armenian descent
  • My grandmother wrote a recipe book
  • You can relive the genius of your childhood when you taste certain foods
  • I’m in the process of publishing a book called Closer which weaves together both the recipes and all my advice on gathering.
  • Our important moments are shared over food

[28.01] Technology

  • Our important moments are shared over food
  • Technology is a tool like a knife which can be used to cut food or harm someone
  • It’s not about the tool but it’s about how you use it
  • Lean into the relationship you want even if it must happen through technology

[37.04] Maintaining Meaningful Relationships

  • I highly encourage you to share the updates and struggles that are going on in your life
  • We have WhatsApp group where everybody shares their struggles
  • As awkward as it may seem the results at the end of it are extremely beneficial
  • Lean into sharing our lives vulnerably
  • Being mindful of this dynamic of how to create a space that enables somebody to open up truly
  • My quote: “When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.”
  • When people say I feel socially awkward… That’s because you’re focusing on yourself.
  • Spend all of your energy directing love at everybody there

[42.47] Caring About Others

  • In US we’re being so obsessed with being polite that we often don’t take a risk
  • Sometimes you’re scared of imposing and other times you may impose
  • It’s so hard to ask for help for everyone else
  • Risks with kindness
  • Barry Shore: Risk Being Happy
  • TALK: Teaching Always Love and Kindness
  • Some cards are when you want to connect with laughter
  • I ask the group and family what are you in the mood for right now? Laugh or something else?
  • We don’t realize the preciousness of life
  • There’s a deck called Origins that the purpose is to get to know the stories of their life
  • Barry Shore: Time is the most precious asset we have
  • TIME: Thinking It’s Miraculous Everyday

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About Jenny Dalio

Jenny Dalio launched Live Deeply, an ecosystem of experiential products, services and communities designed to help you discover the intrinsic joy that comes from authentic relationships. Prior to Live Deeply, Jenny was the first female curator of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers and led discussions on Hope & Faith for TED Global Vancouver. Yet, the purpose-driven entrepreneur is most proud of her work in founding SoulFire, a series of concerts and workshops in Argentina that brought together 30,000 community members of every major class, race and religion across four continents.