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Lightbridge Academy offers 5 tips for children’s development

Our children’s social skill sets are just as important as their academic ones, if not more so. Today we have Gigi Schweikert, CEO of Lightbridge Academy with us to discuss this very topic. Since being founded in 1997, Lightbridge Academy has been offering an exceptional curriculum that seeks to bring out the best in every child. They focus on developing children’s skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork and more. She also shares her insights about leadership, how it can be a powerful tool to help children succeed. Tune in to hear what Gigi has to say about why social skills are so important, and how we can support our children in developing them. If you’re a parent, teacher or just interested in children’s development, this is the episode for you!

Early Childhood Education & Daycare

Lightbridge Academy creates genuine, caring relationships with every family member, ensuring the educational success and well-being of each child.

Show Notes:

[10.01] Story

  • I have four children but with the pregnancy of my second daughter, I went to a regular doctor appointment.
  • Going by ambulance to a very good hospital for children who are born prematurely.
  • I was dilated and I didn’t know it
  • I sat in the bed (this is nothing compared to what you experienced) on my neck without moving for months.
  • I was finally released and when I was released, I ended up back in the hospital again.
  • Every single day in the womb matters.
  • And I said to myself; when not if, when I get out of here with my healthy baby – I will not stop moving.
  • Now I never stop moving unless I am sleeping.
  • Because the world is full of so many miraculous things.
  • I’ve a little teeny ceramic tile that’s on the doorknob handle.
  • It says: “Expect Miracles”
  • I think a lot of that has to do with what you put out into the world.
  • Small steps to big goals.

[15.32] Leadership

  • We see everybody at Lightbridge academy as a leader.
  • Our core value is “Lead by example”.
  • Our curriculum for young children embodies the entire child.
  • Many parents are more concerned about their children’s academic skills.
  • But what’s even more important is their social skills.
  • The ability to interact with one another.
  • We know from research in Harvard University that the majority of people that get promoted don’t get promoted for just their technical skills.
  • Technical skills are important but those who become leaders of others are people who have social skills as well.
  • Who has high EQ.
  • Don’t tolerate people but try to understand people.
  • Everybody has a journey, it’s not my responsibility to judge that journey.
  • But as an educator, I believe it’s about choice and every choice has consequences.
  • The success of a great man or woman starts with the kindness that you show to others.

Interesting Story starts from [18.02 to 18.42]

  • We can do everything we want.
  • I can do anything I want but I choose things that are good for me and good for others.

 Barry Shore: The ability to choose is the key.

Joy: Journey of YOU.

WOW: World of wonders!

[22.43] Are public schools capable?

  • I work on a board at a federal level working towards making that happen.
  • But for our company, we serve working parents.
  • We’re open early in the morning to in the evening year around.
  • It’s an opportunity for children to explore that wonder you talked about that love of learning.
  • So, parents can have peace of mind while they’re at work.
  • We have 17 of our own schools that are corporately run.
  • We also have franchise centers that are run.
  • And that gives people an opportunity to follow a business model.
  • We believe in: “Circle of care with the child in the middle.”

[34.30] Leadership tips

  • I think it starts with leading by example
  • It’s what I do – not necessarily what I say!
  • The actions that I take are extremely important.
  • Making time to develop good relationships with people – both professionally and personally at a point that they feel comfortable is also important.
  • True leaders inspire people beyond what they even see in themselves.
  • My wonderful mentor Jim Greenman gave me an opportunity to write an article with me.
  • I didn’t see a writer in me…
  • He saw that in me!
  • A teacher is one who provides appropriate expectations.
  • One who encourages, one who cares deeply.
  • John Maxwell said: “Be in your get zone and be out of your comfort zone.”

[41.02] Conscious Life

  • Routine is great and it’s especially important for children.
  • It makes us safe and comfortable.
  • And we need a safe and comfortable place to springboard into your miracles.
  • At the same time, you need enough to be able to push out.
  • We are always pushing ourselves to be uncomfortable.
  • I call it a sweaty hand feeling.
  • I am always nervous, the day that I’m nervous is the day that I need to stop.
  • You can’t buy time.
  • So how we use our time is so important.

TIME: Thinking it’s miraculous everyday

[44.01] Having it all

  • When most people think of “Having it all” – they think of the happy, healthy and the very financially secure.
  • To a point where you probably wouldn’t have to work.
  • If I were that financially secure (which I am not) I would not stop working.
  • I love to work…
  • It’s understanding what it is that you really want.
  • So, what’s important to me is my faith, my family, and my job.
  • It’s putting data around my family to make sure that I’m spending time.
  • I use a calendar for it.
  • All parents need to hear this: “You really need to put your cell phone down!”
  • I love technology and I believe technology brings us closer.
  • At the same time, I read an article this morning…
  • If you’re off your technology for just three days, your eyesight changes, your state of mind changes and the way that you look at the world changes.

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About Gigi Schweikert

Gigi Schweikert serves as CEO of Lightbridge Academy, a NJ founded, educational child care franchise company where she is responsible for all aspects of the company’s strategy, leadership, governance and operations. The franchise system has expanded to cover seven states and over the next five years, Gigi is preparing to triple the company size by accelerating growth throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Her advocacy work extends both nationally and internationally and includes serving as a board member for the Early Care & Education Consortium, an advisory board member for Marco Polo World School and Seton Hall University. Gigi is an international thought leader advancing the quality of early education and child care with 18 published books, in three languages, she has appeared on CBS, NBC, Fox, and the Wall Street Journal Lunch Hour News and quoted in The New Times, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. She is proud of her greatest accomplishment; being mother to her four beautiful children.