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Mastering Triggers: The SNAP Method for Personal Growth

Mastering Triggers: The SNAP Method for Personal Growth with Coleen Greco

Join host Barry Shore on the “Joy of Living” podcast as he welcomes special guest Coleen Greco for an empowering episode focused on unleashing personal power. In this captivating conversation, they delve into the reasons why people struggle to see their own potential and often mistake excuses for valid reasons. Barry and Coleen emphasize the importance of abandoning excuses, which only serve to keep individuals sedated and hinder personal growth. The discussion delves deeper into personal empowerment, with a focus on acknowledging one’s own role in creating situations. Coleen highlights the empowering realization that individuals have the power to undo what they have done to themselves. By adopting the SNAP method, which stands for Stop, Notice, Accept, and Practice Gratitude, individuals can navigate triggers and gain a fresh perspective on their journey.

Coaching clients to reclaim lost joy…in a SNAP

I provide mindset coaching, nutrition coaching and personal training to people who are seeking to reclaim joy in their life.  My clients tend to feel stuck; as though they have tried everything and fallen short of their goals and helpless or uninspired in their own skin.  I understand!  That used to be me.  Read more about my story here.

Show Notes:

[11.07] POWER

  • People struggle is that they don’t see their own potential
  • People don’t see excuses as excuses, but they see those as valid reasons
  • I had to honor the thoughts went into my name
  • Barry Shore: Excuses don’t work – they keep you sedated.
  • We all get a turn with an issue
  • We all have problems
  • There’s difference between being somebody’s therapists and providing them strategies
  • I’ve developed SNAP method
  • This helps them redirect their response to triggers
  • You’ve to be willing to do the work
  • Majority of people don’t want to face issues

[21.44] What we need to do?

  • The first step is you must be willing to acknowledge
  • That’s the most empowering moment for me when I realized: “OMG, I did it to myself!”
  • Nobody took the cupcake and shoved in my mouth
  • If I do it to myself. That means I can undo it.
  • I ask my clients to get one thing under wraps
  • Working out is more for your mental health than your physical health
  • I constantly educate my clients about food and how it affects them personally

[26.00] SNAP Method

  • S stands for STOP
  • Stop and own it for what it is at the moment
  • N stands for NOTICE
  • What’s going on physically with you as this trigger is coming
  • A stand for ACCEPT
  • Accept the trigger as it comes. Don’t try to change it.
  • You need to be thankful for the trigger.
  • It’s your body’s way saying you have more work to do

[33.53] What’s that about food that affects mental well-being?

  • Food’s job is kept you alive
  • You’re putting unrealistic expectations on something that was never meant for that reason
  • Sugar gives you a soothing feeling for 5-10 minutes, and it’s addictive.
  • Sit still for 10 minutes & force yourself not to go for sugar rush
  • STOP: Successful Transformation Opens Power.

[39.07] Triggers

  • Once they’re able to redirect their response to triggers
  • IMPORTANT: Triggers are still going to show up
  • But you’ll be able to see them coming now
  • And sometimes the triggers creep up
  • Years ago, I’d have sat in that misery for months
  • The success is in how quickly you rebound from the fall
  • You move from a victim mindset to a powerful mindset

[43.38] Redefining your relationship with food

  • What’s the number 1 non-negotiable food for you?
  • For many it’s coffee, you can still use coffee but let’s coffee work for you
  • Instead of using creamer, put a protein shake in there
  • Protein burns fat
  • I do a lot of swapping things to make the food do for you
  • The food you put in, affects your digestions, hormones, and all of the things.
  • You can very quickly change the way you feel – just by giving yourself right fuel
  • You put mud in the car and expect it to perform at high level

[47.01] Loneliness

  • We’re living in this world of instant gratification
  • The Surgeon General just announced: “Loneliness is the latest epidemic!”
  • Barry Shore: Loneliness is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
  • FLY: First love yourself
  • Self-love is the foundation of the transformation

What’s your most fervent desire?

  • I want every human being I can possibly touch to feel the level of JOY I feel every day.

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About Coleen Greco

Joy isn’t just her calling, it’s her middle name (well, it’s Joyce, but just roll with it!)

Coleen is a compassionate, empathetic and boldly authentic human being but she wasn’t always this way. Like many, she’s been plagued by her own self defeating thoughts – some of them she’s carried for over four decades! Through her own journey of self discovery, spiritual exploration and personal crisis she managed to transform her life into the most unimaginable source of joy.