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E Myth: Michael Gerber

Meet the Father of E MYTH: Michael Gerber

Father of E-Myth. The Ambassador of JOY is honored to welcome Michael Gerber, the World’s #1 Small Business Guru. Michael is the entrepreneurial and small business thought leader who has positively impacted the lives of millions of small business owners and hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide for over 40 years. You will thrill to the transformative insights Barry and Michael share. After all, Michael is the author of the NY Times mega-bestseller, for two consecutive decades, “The E-Myth Revisited” and nine other worldwide best-selling E-Myth books concerning small business entrepreneurship, leadership, and management. Listen repeatedly and SHARE with Family and Friends.

Show Notes:

  • 00:45 – Barry’s rousing introduction
  • 14:17 – Michael Gerber on E Myth
  • 52:21-My most fervent desire is to transform the state of small business worldwide.
  • 56:21- Barry’s Interesting Wrap-up

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I cannot think of anybody, anybody that inspires noble deeds that I would like to share with you more than the amazing the wonderful the indubitably wonderous Michael Gerber. Michael, please say hello to 349,000 people around the world. 

Michael Gerber  10:11

Barry, Barry, Barry… 340 some-odd thousand people around the world. I can’t bear it.

Barry Shore  10:19

By the way and they are, this is odd. This is odd Berry, but it’s wondrous Michael. Now, if you are living on this planet, and most of the people Michael, by the way under the age of 38. So sometimes, sometimes they may not say Michael Gerber, I know that heard that name. Yeah, the Michael Gerber, not the travel agent. No, the One who is the founder and the author of E Myth, capital E Myth, not miss. But myth. He has a list, and E Myth and E Myth revisited. And Michael, I’m gonna ask you two questions. First of all, when was the last time somebody said F you to you and you laughed? Yeah, I already knew about the F U part, I already heard about the F U part. I read about your F U part. F U capital N capital N. And again, just if you’ve been if you are in any way at all involved in business anywhere in the world. And by the way, Michael, our audience is under the age most of them under the age of 38 and worldwide. We have 1000s of people listening from China, Communist China, but China, Hong Kong, of course, India, throughout Africa, Europe, United States, of course, Latin America all over the world.

Michael Gerber  11:35

You know that, so you know, the E Myth revisited is published in 30 languages. 

Barry Shore  11:40

What was that? 

Michael Gerber  11:41

The E Myth revisited is published in 30 languages.  Okay. I just want to tell everybody about the book E Myth. So we can speak to all. 

Barry Shore  11:50

And E Myth revisited, he just said to us, is translated into 30 language, there is not a language that you can’t read or write and not hear or learn about the E Myth. And we’re just going to dive right in. I want to say four things about Michael, right away though, because it’s so important to understand some of the, the genius behind the man. Now again, I’m embarrassing him. By the way, he wears that hat all the time, because when I start complimenting him, the head swells. So he puts the hat on to keep the head from swelling too much otherwise, you see, that’s right. But listen to the idea of what he did when he began writing the E Myth decades ago, he was not just breaking new ground, he was delivering to the world. He his passion, his philosophy, his positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant outlook on life, business, and the integration of both of them and the idea of relationships. Michael’s books have been on the New York Times bestseller list, not for a year, not for two years now for five years, not even 10 decades, two decades, most of the people listening some of them weren’t even born then. His books have been in the New York Times bestseller for two decades. He is the literally the world’s number one small business guru. He’s not only written the E Myth or the E Myth revisited, 28 business books on coaching. But really what his passion in life is, is the ability to literally help nurture people who start business and we call them small business because everything starts smaller then it will be larger, God willing later, and helping people understand not only the pitfalls, but the genius of what business is all about and what you can do to help assure yourself of success. And when talking success, not just by meant by measuring your checking account, or your business network, we’re talking about success in every aspect of life, because that’s what Michael Gerber is, he is successful in every aspect of life. So I just want to jump right in and ask you, wonderful Michael Gerber. First of all, thank you for being here. But just start us off on the path of why E Myth revisited. And what is unique about it in the world and why today?

Michael Gerber  14:22

Well, it’s a great question, Barry. And I’m delighted to answer the question I used to go back a long, long, long time to truly appreciate what the E Myth is and what the payments are intended to be. What the E Myth actually is achieved in all these years, since I founded my very first business development firm in 1977. So the very beginning of this work truly was created in the on the street, you might say in the field, and in the field were small Business owners discovered how limited their imaginations were, how limited their capabilities were, how restrictive their mind set was, that inhibited them from truly achieving anything beyond the very real limitations that they’re going off on their own out on their own, to start a small business created for them. So the E Myth started, as I say, in 1977, with a dream, a vision of purpose and a mission. My partner and I, then his name was Thomas Travisano. Thomas has long going. But Tom and I created the Michael Thomas Corporation. And we created the Michael Thomas Corporation for four reasons. The first was our dream. And our dream was explicitly stated. And I need you to hear explicitly stated, because the explicit statement of these things is critical to the truly elaborate creation of these things. The dream we had at the very outset in 1977, before we even opened our doors, was to transform the state of small business worldwide. That’s what we set out to do. But having a dream, a great result in mind was insufficient. We also had to have a vision. And our vision back then, in 1977, before we ever opened our doors, was to invent the McDonald’s of small business development services, McDonald’s, yes, the hamburger store, to invent the McDonald’s of small business development services. And we can go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper to every one of these conversations, I can go deeper and deeper and deeper into our dream I can go deeper and deeper and deeper into our vision. But understand, explicitly stated to invent the McDonald’s of small business development services, our purpose back then, way then back then in 1977, before we opened our doors, our purpose was that every small business owner, who believed in our mission could become as successful as a McDonald’s franchisee, and some of them with a little bit more effort a little bit more attention, a little more, kazam, you might say, could be as successful as Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s himself. And finally, way back then in 1977, before we opened our doors, Barry, we had a mission. And our mission was to invent the business development system that would enable us to realize our dream, realize our vision, realize our purpose, and realize our mission. So I had a dream, a vision, a purpose and a mission. Now understand, those were not four accidental words. A dream, a vision of purpose and a mission comprise what it makes up to become a true entrepreneur. So an entrepreneur, according to our outcome, way back then in 1977, an entrepreneur is four different personalities. An entrepreneur is a dreamer, a thinker, a storyteller, and a leader. A dreamer, a thinker, a storyteller and a leader. Guess what a dreamer has a dream. A thinker has a vision, a storyteller has a purpose and a leader has a mission. And those four components of an entrepreneur, establish the foundation for the creation of every great growing company on the planet, and I don’t care what country it’s in. I don’t care what language it speaks. I don’t care what marketplace it’s pursuing. I don’t care what its product. I don’t care what its service. What I can tell you, when every single one of our guests right now is this is a turnkey principle upon which every great growing company has been designed, built, launched and grown, get that to design it, to build it to launch it to grow it. There’s an eightfold path every single new entrepreneur must pursue because to the degree you fail to pursue that path, you fail to grow a company worth growing. You end up doing it, doing it, doing it doing it busy, busy, busy, busy beating your brains out, trying to figure out how to solve all the little problems that keep on happening as you do it, do it, do it, do it do it do it do it working in your business instead of, as we’ve said, for all these decades working on your business to transform the lives of every single person who comes into contact with your business. That’s the secret. You got it. 

Barry Shore  20:28

First of all, thank you wonderful. Harmonize and network kindness, this is a kindness that you cannot buy. What happened were you tuned into the joy of living is that you just had an explosive mind expanding, heart expanding vision given to you. I want to unpack a couple of things, Michael, first of all, everybody, I know you’re feverishly writing, you don’t have to remember all this, just go to my website. WWW, whata wonderful world, dot And all of the information, the myriad different places that Michael can be found, are going to be there, because you’re going to want to just lean in and let the transformation tsunami come over you. I want to unpack a few things, I want to have fun with you. Remember F you capital N capital N. So you mentioned number of things, of course, these different aspects of, of dreaming and thinking and storytelling and leading. And you mentioned McDonald’s, I think, for today to bring it a little more au courant. We’ll call it also Apple. Because Apple I think is probably the the other end of the spectrum of that kind, not not kind of that business situation that involved all those aspects because nothing an apple ever happened just because it happened because as you mentioned, it was a dreamer, and a storyteller and a leader and a thinker, and every piece was in place. There was nothing out of sync in anything doing with Apple. So again, it’s the McDonald’s and Apple as your anchor tenants in the mall called you want to make I think it’s funny that you mentioned the Eightfold Path. Michael is and he is and he is not a Buddhist. So he’s a Buddhist in the sense that he understands that everything in life is can be illusion. And yet if you make it real, it won’t be. So, as most people and I’m shocked to hear I’m quoting something from the E Myth, Michael, when I say this, most people in business don’t live fully enough. They’re existing because as you said they are, what’s that great line you had one time, I think I remember that. If your business depends on you, then you don’t have a business you have a job. And the worst part of that is you’re working for a lunatic. Am I Right? I mean, yeah.  Right, absolutely.  Yeah. Because now, the genius of what Michaels talking to us about and he’s he’s not talking to us, he sharing not just ideas he’s not an academic even though he is. He is in the real world. This a man who does millions of dollars in terms of money transaction, but that’s not his purpose. His purpose is to help transform you by the way Michael the, I use acronyms and such. The acronym for the word joy is journey of you. Business, the journey of you become something that touches other people? It’s not about you, unless you understand that the U and the I have to be united because the word business which is the essence of Michael Gerber, Michael Gerber is the essence of business. How do you feel business and English? B u s i n e s s, right? Well, if you look at the word, what do you see? The U comes before the I. When the U is in place first and you recognize your of service, then the I, everything will take care of itself. So I want to go to something really deep for you, Michael, that I’m saying nobody has ever asked you before in terms of interviewing you. You ready? Yep. What instrument do you play? And what do you like most in music? I know you’re a musical oriented person. 

Michael Gerber  24:29

Well, I played saxophone? And when I say I play the saxophone, I’m going to say instead, I plead the saxophone. And I stopped, I stopped playing the saxophone several years back. Only several years back, you got to understand I played the sax from the age of 10 to several years back, and I would bring up my saxophone constantly and play it. And I brought up my saxophone constantly and played it because the spirit of the horn lived inside of me so vibrantly, so effectively, so joyfully, so screamingly so mystifying with that I, when I played it, it played me. 

Barry Shore  25:18


Michael Gerber  25:19

So it’s true that rather than playing the horn, the horn played me in a most eloquent most magical ways the horn played me, I would pick it up and it would play, it would play, it would play when that stopped. And it stopped because I wasn’t picking it up enough. It stopped making love to me. And it stopped making love to me in a way that just was despairing. I’ve got it right over here in the closet, I can pick up my horn, but I couldn’t play it. Because I would then try to play it. And it wouldn’t play me it wouldn’t respond to me, having a horn that responds to you is as magical an experience as making love to your most absolutely thrilling wife, your most thrilling husband, your most thrilling partner. Playing that horn, that music has been to me the most joyful experience of my life.

Barry Shore  26:26

I am honored that you shared that with us. And the reason I asked that, because I was hoping that you would it would be elicited and the notes would be coming forth. And your animation would do that Michael has done with his business books, I think is the analogy to what the horn did for you. In other words, your these business books are literally musical notes. They’re annotations of symphonies and operas, and jazz wraps and, and the syncopation of love that had been given over in these pages that resonates throughout the world. So what you’ve done with music really is in these books called E Myth. And I think it’s elicited from you something that I was is magical what you just said, so thank you so much for that, like something else that, for me has been a, I was mentored by some wonderful people, again, by Michael. Michael doesn’t realize how much I know him. And because I’ve been a user, not just a reader, a user for decades, and it’s helped. I’ve made thank God, millions and millions of dollars, okay, I lost some millions of dollars also sometimes, but I’ve made millions and millions dollars. But even more important than money. I built some businesses, some of which, by the way, are still extant today, decades after I built them. Because we were able to sell them and they went on with they didn’t need me, that’s the genius. They didn’t need me. They, we built them and we able to sell them and they maintained as a business entity because they did two things, what I call T2, or T squared. And I’d like you to speak to this. I think business is both transactional and transformational. So I’ll give a little bit of understanding what I’m saying. And then I believe you can speak to it. Transactional incentive there needs to be relationship between will be called customers, suppliers. Those are transactional things because it’s money changing hand and goods and services and such, but also transformational in the sense that customers want your service or your product, and they become elevated by it. In other words, they know what they want to do with it, whether it’s a pair of socks that expresses who you are, or it’s a you know, a fancy Apple phone or whatever, it is a great straw hat. It’s transformational. Michael didn’t buy a straw hat. He bought the Michael Gerber look. So this transaction and then the transformation. So if you be kind of just because for me, that’s how I understand part of emails. Now there was the four touches as you talk about in the book or the books. So would you speak to that, please? 

Michael Gerber  29:23

Well, let me speak to each of those words transactional and transformational. Transactional in one respect, is very systemic. It’s very mechanical. Transactional occurs delightfully when the mechanics work delightfully. So when you spoke about earlier that my music comes through my book, my music comes through my books, much like he Cummings music comes through his poetry. Paul Desmond’s music comes through his alto saxophone. Stan Getz, music comes through his imagination, as expressed in most eloquent terms. Everybody who is familiar with those names I just shared with you can appreciate them how those come alive, in transactions within a company that are alive, that are vibrant, that are systemic, that are intended to please to fulfill, to serve to determine an outcome in a very elaborately consistent and effective fashion. So one invents that transactional process, one invents that systemic process, one invents that procedural process, which is methodological, as you can hear the sound of my voice, the music of the rhythm of my voice, as the rhythm of the transaction occurs, as we move through it, as we move through it as we move through it. And it creates joy, when it’s manufactured when it’s designed, when it’s purposely affected, to the degree that those individuals within the spectrum of our reach are moved by it, just like you’re moved, by the sound of Paul Desmond’s horn. 

Barry Shore  31:25

Oh, that’s a sound.

Michael Gerber  31:29

Like that,

Barry Shore  31:30

Again, just go to my website, Because you’re going to want to listen to this again, you’re going to want to share with at least five people. Share with five people, there is a million and a half people around the world are going to have it. And yet as good as Barry Shore is, and I’m good, Michael Gerber… This is maestro, kids. This is maestro, you don’t get this regularly. This is not just a podcast, this is an expansive of love. 

Michael Gerber  31:56

Understand and appreciate, when that mechanical process becomes a machine, it dies. When that mechanical process becomes a machine, it dies. If I were to pick up my saxophone right now, I would show you the machine of my saxophone, the orchestration of those notes, the orchestration of those keys, the orchestration of the upper register, to the lower register, the orchestration of all that is mechanical. But understand the playing of it can never become mechanical. But my saxophone teacher told me, Michael, you practice the horn, the horn practices you. You don’t make music. It makes you. You wait for it. And you wait for it as you go through the rigor, rigor of the scale, the rigor of the scale, the rigor of the scale, and he would move his hands just like I’m moving you right now, the rigor of the scale, this old, old old man, and here I was 11 years old, in Hollywood, California, having gotten there by two buses for my music lesson, to this great sex phone Maestro. And he would teach me as though I was an adult, he would teach me by playing Benny Carter for me and saying, now you’re going to, you’re going to play just like him. And one day after I’d memorized Benny Carter’s, I can’t get started. He called Benny Carter on the phone, and he said, Benny, listen to this. And I played, I can’t get started. Benny Carter’s solo. And then he said, And who was that? And he said, he’s only 14 years old, Benny, and he hung up the phone. 

Barry Shore  34:04

That’s not just a story… 

Michael Gerber  34:09

Telling you, how can you not reflect upon that today at the age of 85? Thinking back to how it was when I was a little boy, learning the genius of the saxophone and what music meant to an old man who was teaching me his mastery, teaching me his mastery, bringing his mastery into my life. How amazing when you ask me so who mentored you Michael? Merle, mentored me, my saxophone teacher. And then the guy who taught me how to pick up a hammer and frame a house, to pick up a hammer and frame a house. On the plot to pick up a hammer and frame the house after I’d been living and making the living with my mouth, I decided I was going to make a living with my hands and decided that at the age of 38. At the age of 38, I went down the street knocking on doors to get a job as a carpenter. I wasn’t a carpenter. I didn’t even know what tools I was going to use. And I got to the door of a contractor, and I pitched my wares, and one would hire me. And two minutes later, he would fire me, and another would hire me. And seven minutes later, he would fire me, and another would hire me. And 17 minutes later, he would fire me, as I’ve learned each and every time as I walked into that place, what I needed to learn what I needed to know what I needed to do. Why, because I was determined again, I was going to learn how to work with my hands, and I became a pickup guy on a track by being taught, just like I had been taught how to play my horn. I’ve been taught by this guy, how to play the hammer, how to play the hammer, how to play the hammer, how to do the job, like music is done. As this man lifted. This old Carpenter, this old pickup man who taught me the tricks of the trade, it’s extraordinary when you think about it, Barry, how many different ways were served in this life? We live

Barry Shore  36:24

About it. We’re going to go to a quick break. We’ll be right back after this. Because you don’t want to miss a minute, a moment of Michael Gerber. It’s just so wonderful. Be right after these messages.  Okay, good day beautiful, bouontiful, beloved immortal beings and good looking people. Remember, you’re good looking because you’re always looking for and finding the good. Have we found good overflowing, our cup runneth over. With good in a two legged being named Michael Gerber and he’s talking to us about business because business is music, it’s carpentry, it’s flowing, it’s in you, it’s around you. It’s all about you. If, if you were a real winner, you know what a real winner is? Somebody who is insatiable for knowledge, somebody who wants to strive forward every single day. One of the things I like a lot about Michael is he writes about an amazing being a, an author, Carlos Castañeda, and his mythical figure maybe Don Juan. And the essence of that whole process, those books is about this amazing word called action. A lot of people think a lot of people have ideas, you want to write things down, by the way, we’ve started this whole thing. Remember Michael talked to us about explicitly putting forth your vision. He was clear about explicitly, you need to write things down, you need to formulate work it and refine it. But unless you take action, what is it? Michael, please talk to us about action, like you’ve just been doing, about having the music come through, you’re picking up a hammer, and other tools and such. What is it, what is the action to a real business person?  Oh, action moves us into the world. And understand until that action moves us into the world, there is no reaction. And until we have a reaction into our movement into the world, until I play that scale, until that response to that playing of that scale occurs, I can’t truly relate to the scale that I just played. I can’t relate to the action I just took, I can’t relate to the idea that I had created concocted in my mind, but hadn’t an experience of. The experience of living is the most extraordinary, exhilarated truly mesmerizing  part of what it means to come alive. As it’s been said, we’re born in the image of God. Which means to me we’re born to create, which means we’re born to create a world fit for God. And I live this belief that every single human being is brought to Earth to create something that they’re unaware of. And we’re here to discover what that is. Ergo, the dreaming room, the dream, the vision, the purpose, and the mission is my process for discovering what that is. I’m saying, hear me Barry. Every human being, put them within my reach. And every human being can discover why he or she is here. And why you are here is the ball game. We like to say, every life a legacy, every small business a school. If you go to my website, you’ll see every life legacy, every small business a school, though note when I say that. I don’t say that some people live lives with a legacy, I say every life a legacy. You get to see what that legacy is before the day you pass. Imagine seeing it before you even begin. Imagine envisioning the legacy you’re here to create before you even see it. Before you even smell it. Before you even tast it. Before you ever understand it. Imagine at the very beginning of one’s life. A legacy is calling you forward. Your life’s purpose your life’s meaning is to discover what that legacy is. And then live it with breath you’ve got.  The genius of what he’s saying is you remember this show is only about you. Yeah, Barry Shore is nice guy ,Michael Gerber is a maestro. But it’s not about Michael it’s not about Barry. This show is only about you. Y O U, that’s why you tuned in. The three fundamentals of life being happier, healthy, wealthier, and what Michael’s also mentioning here is when you discover your legacy, guess what? Only you can do it. We need you. The world needs you. The notes that Michael is playing on when the saxophone was playing him if there was a particular note that was not in there, or it was a B flat and he couldn’t get figure, well why was not there,? Then it’s not going to flow. Here, we need you, the world needs you. We need you to understand that, as Michael has mentioned, and I think it’s in E Myth revisited. Maybe in E Myth. This whole idea of becoming a warrior. And a warrior is different than just a regular person, regular person sees events, either a blessing or a curse. That’s how people are, if you’re not attuned to your legacy, but when you become involved with your legacy, you become a warrior. And a warrior sees everything is a challenge. Am I correct on that, Michael?

Michael Gerber  45:39

Absolutely. Everything’s a challenge. Everything’s a challenge every day is a challenge, every minute is a challenge every second is a challenge. To the degree you take that into the degree you absorb that reality. You begin to see that here at 85. I’m no older than I was at 17. I’m here having accumulated  these massive experiences, which most people would say you could never have, you could never do. You could never be you could never acquire. And all of that is occurred simply because every single moment of every single day, I’m dealing with what appears to be impossible. But what in reality is not only possible, but it’s electrically alive. Every single one of us to the degree you live your life this way on this path, something absolutely stunning will arise within you. Absolutely guaranteed. You can put it in the bank. 

Barry Shore  45:39

Wait a minute, at the beginning of the show I told you, you listen to what we’re going to talk about today, you’ll be happier, healthier, wealthier, which is the shorthand of what he just said, guaranteed. I guaranteed it, Michael Gerber just guaranteed. You got to guarantee from the most famous and correctly so not just author of books on business, a businessman. He builds businesses, what he really does, by the way, he builds people. You see the genius of a business is that is a reflection of you. How you are in your let’s say, at your desk, is your desk messy or neat? Or you messy or neat? Are you doing things in a methodical way? Are you doing things happen? Isn’t that great? Michael, I mean, that’s part of what game is all about is that business is a mirror of who you are. 

Michael Gerber  47:36

A business is a mirror of who you are, and it’s a mirror of who you wish to become. But most in most inspiring way. A business is what you’ve come to be a business is what you’ve come to be. I am at the heart of your business. I am and I am here is the most eloquent most extraordinarily brilliant thing. Any one of us can be. I am here. I am not there. I’m not there. I am here, and I am here is a statement of life. It’s a statement of being, it’s a statement of exasperation, if you will. With our inability to be here right now. Try it to be here, right now. Not there, not there, right here right now. And instantly, you will experience the genius of I am. I am. I am.

Barry Shore  48:43

Michael Gerber, and this is, please accept this as a huge compliment. He owns the Philosopher’s Stone. When he just said to you in those few words, he put together Alan Watts, Zen philosophy… Baba Ram Dass and Wayne Dyer. And God…. because God wrote in the Bible and what people call the Old Testament, the first five books of Moses said, God’s name is I Am that I Am. And Wayne Dyer has a remarkable meditation called I Am than I am. But you just put all of them together. And you did it by the way in the most wondrous place because you do it with business. See business sometimes people have truly a warped understanding what business is. Business is built on service. Business is built only for givers not for takers. When you’re a warrior, you’re a giver. The word challenge is a very interesting word. Michael, you may, I think you might like this. So challenge of course. we spell in english, c h a l l e n g e, right? Challenge. If you underline the first three letters of challenge C h a, and the last three letters a challenge, n g e. You have the word change. Now change is a wonderful thing in business, we say, hey, changes, great, you go first, right? You’ve heard that. But the letter, the middle letters of the word challenge are l l e. And l l e stands for let love, embrace, change. See, Michael has given us formulas, to be able to not just not worry about change, but to embrace change, and embrace it in such a way that it allows us to be that transformative agent, that literally we become the music that is now brought forth into the world. And it doesn’t matter if your as your small business is a lemonade stand on a corner, or it sells the most important widgets in the world and everybody wants them. It’s what you’re doing in the sense of bringing forth your manifestation of your dream. And by the way, sorry, I’m going to make your head swell again, because the good thing you’re wearing your hat. There’s nobody in the world, in the world, more capable, more dedicated, more loving in this aspect than Michael Gerber. There isn’t anybody. He’s dedicated decades of his life, to ensuring the success of others. May I say it again? He’s dedicated his life to ensuring success of others. Is there any way better to live? I don’t think so. Come on, Michael, that’s kind of amazing. Your parents are really applauding you up in heaven, you know. This is what life is all about. We live joyously because we pursue this great vision of transforming the world. That’s what he wants to do. Transforming the world. He’s not playing around. You make it happen.

Michael Gerber  52:11

Let me read this. It’s called the new E Myth. The E Myth is so legendary Entrepreneurial Development brand a half century in process, invented and authored by Michael Gerber, the man Ink Magazine calls the world’s number one small business guru. Today upon its 44th year anniversary, the E Myth propounded in 29 E Myth world renowned books read by millions worldwide in 30 different languages, taught in 118 major universities, delivered to hundreds of 1000s of small business owners through its elite coaching deliverables, since its founding in 1977. Taught online through the radical you five year tutorials and mentored through its uniquely inspirational dreaming room mentoring initiative. Thus, is the E Myth to the present time. What then is the new E Myth? And why is it so important to the troubled and troubling world of small business? The preponderance of whom are called by Michael Gerber, the smallest of the small, while economic development has been a continuing struggle for those we refer to as the smallest of this fall. The challenge, and this why decided to read this, the challenge for newly inclined small business owners face is beyond struggle. It is monumental, and categorically the most pernicious economic development problem faced worldwide. Think about it from the failure rate perspective. According to the Small Business Administration, 77% of new businesses fail in their very first year. 77%. What happens to those who survive that debacle? It’s hardly illuminating in that fully 93% of all of the remaining new businesses failed or survive their sixth anniversary. In short, it is not overly dramatic when we say that all small businesses fail. Yes, all of them but a mere handful. What then, what then? This is what the new E Myth has been created to serve. In the new E Myth you don’t try to fix broken businesses like our competitors attempt to do. In the new E Myth, we’ve designed, built, launched and grow and the chaos which exists throughout the world of small business. In the new E Myth we start our relationship with our students client’s, the smallest of the small, in my words on a blank piece of paper with the beginner’s mind. In short, in the new E myth, our focus isn’t on old code. In the new E Myth, our focus is on new code. We don’t focus on fixing what’s broken, we focus instead upon a completely new state of mind. Which speaks Barry to everything you speak about, in every one of your podcasts in everyone you speak to every single day of your life, ever since you were struck dumb all those years ago and woke up and said, Who the hell am I?

Barry Shore  55:43

Well said sir. Michael, I love you. I have two quick questions. And then the time has gone by fast but, and then we’ll give a blessing to everybody. So first question is ready. Yes, we’ll come back again?

Michael Gerber  56:02

Of course. 

Barry Shore  56:04

Number two, I know the answer is yes, read it. But, in 80 seconds, what is your most fervent desire? 

Michael Gerber  56:13

My most fervent desire is to transform the state of small business worldwide. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely, without fail. To transform the state of small business worldwide. I started out in 1977 to do that. And I’m doing that to this very moment at this very time that you and I stand here and say I am, I will. I will become that who is capable of transforming the state of the world. 

Barry Shore  56:46

Thank you, mister transformer. 

Michael Gerber  56:47

Thank you.

Barry Shore  56:49

Now I’m going to give you a hug in front of, now up to 362,000 people you ready? Let me tell you what hug stands for you ready? 

Michael Gerber  56:56


Barry Shore  56:57

Hugs stands for heartfelt, unlimited giving. Heartfelt unlimited giving. On the count of 3. You’re listening to because you’re consciously and conscientiously tuned into the joy of living with your humble host Barry Shore. Our amazing persona, not guest, persona Michael Gerber. And we are here because of you. You want to be the best you possible that’s why you tuned in. When you’re the best you, you build bridges create more harmony, create more joy, happiness, peace and love in the world. You know the three fundamentals of life… your life has purpose, you just heard from Michael. You find your purpose, you go mad. That’s number two, mad stands for make a difference. You can be like Michael Gerber making a difference in the world. Number three, unlock the power and the secrets of everyday words in terms of use these terms like www. Whata wonderful world. Smile, seeing miracles in life everyday. As my eight year old niece says, see miracles in everyday life. Create the kind of world you want to live in, as Michael said, create, causing rethinking, enabling all to excel. Use four letter words. But in the positive purposeful, powerful, pleasant way. Love, life, hope grow, free, give, swim, prey, play, and tell the world f u… capital N capital N, remember that and use the two most powerful words in the English language every day, three times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you wonderful Michael Gerber. 

Michael Gerber  58:31

Thank you.

Barry Shore  58:31

And we’re gonna make a blessing. Our blessing from Michael and myself is go forth. Live exuberantly, spread the seeds of joy, happiness, peace and love. Go MAD, go make a difference.

Voice Over  59:04

Thank you for listening to this episode of the joy of living podcast. Now that’s another step towards your healthier, happier and wealthier life. Never hesitate to do good in the world, no matter what the situation. Join us for another upbeat discussion next time at Barry And be sure to leave a rating and subscribe to the show to get more conversations like this. And remember to share it with your family and friends to see you on the next episode.

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