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Larry Bradley & Kate Papkin

Meet the father & daughter award-winning authors of Stack Your Own Deck.

Featured Guest

Larry Bradley on the Joy of Living radio show

Larry Bradley

Larry Bradley is an Award Winning Author and audience winning speaker to thousands across the country. He is a Leadership and Business turnaround and Health and Wellness expert and coach.

A three-time CEO, Larry has turned around multi-million  and multi-billion dollar businesses both financially as well as culturally.

Larry has worked in the Healthcare field for over forty years, and for the last ten years he has  served as the CEO of one of our nation’s largest private healthcare plans serving all fifty states. As a true insider Larry knows that the real answer to the healthcare crisis in America will not be found in our stressed and often broken system, but rather in us. He says America need a healthcare revolution and that revolution begins with us.

With his very unique Stack Your Own Deck book and programs Larry is providing us amazing  Tips, Strategies and Secrets to get and stay healthy in a very sick world. Why not let Larry help lead your personal health and wellness revolution!

Larry leads his clients through easy, fun, mostly free, non-invasive, non-toxic and scientifically proven and very actionable ways to vastly improve our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, freeing us the live the healthy, happy and wealthy lives we were intended to.

Larry is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker and Coach, a Certified Speaker and trainer with the Les Brown Organization, A Certified NLP Practitioner and Trainer, A Certified Self-Talk Trainer, A Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Trainer and he has Coached with the Anthony Robbin and Chet Holmes Organization. He also trained at Harvard and Cornell Universities in the science of Influence.

Larry has a wife Nancy and four children and lives in New Jersey.