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Metaphysical Mysteries - Joy of Living Podcast

Metaphysical Mysteries

Science has evolved into a religion in the era we live in. The proverbial saying, “Believe and you’ll see,” has lost some of its meaning because people only believe what they initially see. However, some people are still interested in learning more about the world’s great mysteries. Tom Greenhalgh and Terry Trueblood, two eminent figures in the study of metaphysical puzzles, are our guests today. You’ll learn about several fascinating mysteries in today’s episode, from what a ghost is to how to conduct a ghost hunt to who we truly are. Additionally, our host Barry Shore discusses ways to lessen stress and shed some light on us using the timeless principles of the Bible. We hope that after you listen this episode, nothing in YOUR life will ever be the same.

Show Notes:

[9.50] Metaphysical Mysteries

  • The ability to use deep science and how does it relate to.
  • We study some of ancient studies
  • What mystics says and we bring it all the way in the modern way
  • What now we know vs what they said
  • Changing energies is about your intention
  • It’s all about utilizing your mind
  • We explore it with researchers, authors, mystics etc.
  • New understanding merges
  • What it really means without woo-woo

[13.00] Theta Waves

  • We look at different brain waves states
  • So, we want to get at the level where we can access the energetic fields
  • Theta waves allows it to some of this occurs
  • You want Joy and if you shift your brain state then you can access it

[14.20] Stress Technique

  • Stress is a good thing and bad thing
  • If you see danger so fight and flight
  • Sometimes it is not healthy
  • Stress inoculation
  • Where you build up a level of comfort of immunity to high stress situation
  • Once you jump out of a plan, you’re stressed out but if you do it many times you enjoy it
  • Look at our presumptions of the things coming our way
  • Who’s deciding this stress on me? Outside or I?

[23.00] What’s is your mindset?

  • If I am calm and I am in control, then things are different
  • Don’t react, stop thinking and act
  • Practice it in your mind with the help of visualization
  • Choice not chance determines your destiny
  • How your response determines how much stress you’re going to go through
  • When you stop and visualize things are changed

[32.00] Ads

Train yourself to live with choice and not with chance

[33.20] Ghost haunting (Terry)

  • People asked me to checkout some issues they had
  • Estimated 85% can go through the lie
  • Demons are more sophisticated energy
  • Ghosts are energy as we all are energy
  • Whatever physical body you’ve; you’ve chosen it as your vehicles
  • Sounds and lights are Vibrations
  • High vibrations dispel low vibrations
  • If we address these individuals (ghosts) as individuals without a body – that gives us sense of what they want and what they want to accomplish
  • Then we can either assist or instruct them

[42.00] God is REAL

  • People today want to define themselves as spiritual and not religious

[43.00] How medium ship works?

  • If the folk on the other side has high vibration
  • We’re here in the physical worlds
  • You’ve to be able to turn your vibrations on
  • This is the mind game so you’ve to be in control of your mind

[46.20] Why would my mother send me message?

  • Imagine there is desert and only one phone dials
  • You pick up the phone and call your family

Important Links:

About Terry Trueblood:

A 30 + year state law enforcement investigator, EMT, corporate level field trainer for Dive Rescue International. Winner of the lifetime achievement award from IADRS. Winner of the President’s award from the IL Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge. Bravery award for water rescue. Currently a master hypo therapist, regressionist, reiki master, tuning fork practitioner, EFT, TFT and creator of the Tactical imaging wellness program.

About Tom Greenhalgh:

Tom Greenhalgh, LICSW, is credentialed as a practitioner and instructor in many energy-based modalities, including those that use advanced technology.