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Militant Atheism and Modern Liberalism: A Deep Dive with Evan Sayet

Join Barry Shore on “The Joy of Living Podcast” as he welcomes the multifaceted Evan Sayet for an enlightening journey through comedy, politics, and provocative thought. Evan, a New York City native, brings his diverse career into focus—starting as a stand-up comedian with appearances on Letterman and writing for “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” to becoming a political commentator, speaker for the Heritage Foundation, and campaign advisor for Ted Cruz and President Trump.

In this episode, Evan delves into his latest book, “Magic Soup, Typing Monkeys, and Horny Aliens from Outer Space,” which critiques atheist origin myths and highlights the impact of militant atheism on science and society. He discusses his “unified theory of liberalism” and the “Kindergarten of Eden” theory, arguing the necessity of discrimination (in the positive sense) for a meaningful and purposeful life.

Listen in as Evan and Barry explore the ironies of history, the profound debates of science versus faith, and the societal shifts brought on by modern liberalism. This episode promises to challenge your thinking and inspire a deeper understanding of the world around you. Don’t miss out on this compelling conversation that aims to make you the best version of yourself!

Show Notes:

[10.22] A Journey Through Comedy, Politics, and Provocative Thought

  • Evan Sayet, born in New York City, is renowned for his diverse career and impactful contributions.

  • Stand-up comedian who has appeared on Letterman and wrote for “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.”

  • Transitioned into political commentary and became a speaker for the Heritage Foundation.

  • Served as a campaign advisor for Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential run and a speechwriter for President Trump.

  • Authored the intriguing book “Magic Soup, Typing Monkeys, and Horny Aliens from Outer Space,” critiquing atheist origin myths.

  • Credited by Andrew Breitbart for delivering one of the top five conservative speeches ever, which went viral and resonated deeply within the conservative community.

  • His speech highlighted the concept of the “unified theory of liberalism,” explaining why the left rejects facts and reason, siding with failure over success.

  • Developed the “Kindergarten of Eden” theory, asserting that modern liberals are raised to view indiscriminateness as moral imperative, leading to a societal rejection of critical thinking.

  • Emphasizes the importance of discrimination in the positive sense—using intellect to make distinctions—as a path to purpose, perspective, and happiness.

[24.01] The Impact of Militant Atheism on Science and Society

  • Evan Sayet’s new book argues that without God, true science cannot exist, highlighting the degradation of various fields.

  • Critiques the lack of scientific rigor in modern biology, pointing to confusion over gender identity.

  • Discusses the decline of scientific standards in medicine, where differences between healthy and unhealthy lifestyles are disregarded.

  • Highlights the absurdity of labeling mathematics as racist, undermining its objective nature.

  • Notes the deterioration of art standards, exemplified by the Guggenheim Museum’s purchase of instructions on how to tape a banana to a wall.

  • Points out the shift in beauty standards in media, such as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition featuring morbidly obese models.

  • Explains the rise of militant atheism since Marx, used as a tool by regimes like Leninism, Stalinism, Hitlerism, Maoism, and modern Wokism to clear moral paths for their agendas.

  • Asserts that militant atheism promises a utopia by creating a new type of human being, ultimately leading to a lack of discrimination between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, justice and injustice.

[33.41] The Supremacy of Nothingness: A Critical Analysis

  • Modern movements deny being supremacist because they claim not to discriminate, implying all things are equal.

  • The belief in “nothing” is central; they hold that nothing is supreme and will save the world.

  • Advocates believe that nothing created the world and that nothingness is inherently valuable.

  • This ideology dismisses moral distinctions, leading to amorality, which often results in immorality.

  • Moral behavior requires discriminating thought, which involves making rational, thoughtful distinctions.

  • Promoting the value of work and effort, contrasting it with the passive approach of non-discrimination.

  • Historical context: the 1960s radicals aimed to overthrow American ideals but shifted to infiltrating cultural institutions.

  • Today’s “woke” movement, rooted in these past efforts, now dominates academia, media, and culture, shaping a generation of social justice warriors.

[42.00] Historical Ironies: Democratic National Convention in Chicago

  • In 1968, the Democratic Party held its presidential convention in a racially discriminatory Chicago.

  • The convention sparked clashes and an uprising, marking the beginning of a revolution.

  • The 1968 revolution saw limited participation, as many Americans were enjoying the prosperity of the era.

  • Fast forward to 2024, the Democratic National Convention is again set to take place in Chicago.

  • There are concerns and threats of disruptions not just outside, but within the convention.

  • Some Democratic leaders are considering the possibility of holding a virtual convention.

  • This situation is so ironic that it could be dismissed as unrealistic if it were part of a screenplay.

  • The upcoming 2024 presidential election is viewed as one of the most consequential in U.S. history.

[51.01] Debating the Origins of Life: Science vs. Faith

  • The parting of the seas and the sun standing still are extraordinary events often cited in religious texts.

  • Some consider these miraculous events more plausible than the scientific theory of directed panspermia.

  • Directed panspermia posits that life on Earth originated from extraterrestrial sources, specifically through aliens seeding life.

  • This theory is proposed as the remaining option after other scientific theories have been deemed impossible.

  • Militant atheism often dismisses the idea of God, defining science strictly as materialistic.

  • Atheism struggles with the origin of the universe, whether it has always existed or was created by an external force.

  • Both theistic and atheistic perspectives venture into realms beyond conventional scientific explanation.

  • Despite differing beliefs, the quest for understanding the universe’s origins remains a profound and shared human pursuit.

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About Evan Sayet

New York City-born,, stand-up comedian (Letterman) and television writer (Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher) turned political speaker (Heritage Foundation), author, campaign advisor (Ted Cruz for President 2016) and speechwriter for first candidate and then president Trump.