Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY, brings to YOU one of the most dynamic, dedicated, devoted Divas in today’s world of Social Media. Welcome Holly Glasser, the editor in chief and owner of MITH Magazine, an online and printed glossy publication that features the movers and shakers int he world of fashion and influence. Holly is bi-coastal between NYC and LA and is a model, actress, singer, and influencer. YOU will want to hear this highly competent under 32 woman as she speaks about overcoming strongholds. She is active as a giver helping several causes with her never ending energy and charm. Go to before tuning in and have Your eyes opened as to the beauty and purity of this woman. With our shifting culture and traditional values, Holly stands out as a champion with a heart and head for influencing future generations to the GOOD and BEAUTIFUL. You’ll be sharing this with everyone You know. And You’ll receive BRAVOS for doing so. Lean in and ENJOY!

Featured Guest

Holly Glasser

Holly GlasserHolly Glasser originates form North Carolina and is now bi-coastal, between NYC and LA. She is the owner and editor-in-chief of MITH Magazine , both online ( and print editions. Holly is also an accomplished model, actress, singer,and influencer. She has recently released a new pop single about overcoming strongholds ( Holly is involved with charity/causes because she is devoted to Giving.