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Buckle UP because Your Ambassador of JOY brings an international superstar to supercharge YOU. Mark Layder joins us from the UK and You’ll hear that in his accent. Mark is the Founder of the QOL Movement. And if You don’t yet know what QOL is then all the more reason to tune in because it will help You be the Best YOU. He is also the author of Super You a unique 12 volume self coaching work book program as well as the author of BC Business Connectors. Mark is a force of good and was recognized and featured along with Tim Ferris in Entrepreneurs On Fire book. Barry and Mark will delve deeply into those special items that enable YOU to SOAR. He did this for Tony Robbins in TR’s first UK tour as well as the first E-Myth Consultant in the UK. Quite simply Mark is focused on bringing benefit and value to people everywhere. He did this in the USA as Dean of Life Plus University and has shared the stage with Jim Rohm, Edward DeBono, and Ted Nicholas, Howard Berg and Alexander Everett ENJOY

Featured Guest

Mark Layder

The Joy of Living Radio Show Guest Mark LayderMark Layder is the Founder of the International QOL Movement. He is also the author of SuperYou a unique 12 volume self coaching work book program. In addition he built BC BusinessConnectors launching in 2020. Mark was featured in Entrepreneurs On Fire book with Tim Ferris and in Ted Nicholas’ book Magic Words. He was the No.1 promoter for Tony Robbins 1st UK tour and the1st E-myth consultant in UK. Mark is the Creator of Winvironment Optimal Performance Research…working successfully with professional ‘soccer’ teams since 1995. In the US Mark wasDean of Life Plus University. He has shared speaking stages with Jim Rohm in Las Vegas and also Edward De Bono as well as Howard Berg, Ted Nicholas and Alexander Everett one of the true founders of the Human Potential Movement. Mark remains a highly sought after business partner and leader.