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Make your goal big enough that it scares and excites you. This is what Liz Edlich invites you to do today. Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is delighted to introduce a Radical Sister who is transforming the world of skincare and women entrepreneurs. Liz Edlich and her sister Rachel created Radical Sisters, a consumer marketing company that developed and launched products for celebrities and influencers in the beauty and wellness industries. In 2009, Liz and Rachel were hit with a perfect storm when Rachel developed severe rosacea and Liz developed adult acne and signs of aging. Their search for a solution revolutionized their world.

Hold on as Barry and Liz discuss how the sisters realized that their skincare solution would transform people’s lives with products and income. They knew that the best path forward wasn’t in retail, but to bring Radical into people’s homes and hearts so they could share their passion and profits with other emerging entrepreneurial women like themselves. Their goal is to merge skincare and self-care, so people can create a life-changing formula using Radical Skincare, Radical Rituals, and their book, Get Radical: Secrets to Living a Life You Love, as a guide that delivers Radical Results. This is a Must SHARE with those You LOVE.

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Radical Sisters With Liz Edlich

Good day, beautiful, bountiful, beloved immortal beings and good-looking people. Remember, you’re good-looking because you’re always looking for and finding the good and abundance now overflowing. Wait until you hear and meet some of the most dynamic, loving, inspiring people that you’ll ever come in contact with and what they’re doing around the world to help you. You tuned in consciously and conscientiously for one reason and one reason only and that’s great.

That’s because you care the most in the entire world about you. That’s wonderful because when you care the most about you and you become the best you possible, you build bridges and create more harmony. You bring more joy, happiness, peace, and love in the world. At this very moment, you are joined by 349,613 people around the world but each one of you is here for yourself and to lift up another and another.

We can bring a joy surplus to the world. Right now, there’s a joy deficit because of the craziness of a pandemic. People who will be reading this a decade or century from now will scratch their heads and say, “Yeah, I remember that.” We are here to create a joy surplus in the world and only you can do it. That’s why you’re here to tune in. You know that on this show, we discuss the three fundamentals of life.

These three are life. Your life has a purpose. When you lead a purpose-driven life, you will go MAD. In this case, MAD is a wonderful acronym that stands for Make A Difference. If you lead a purpose-driven life and you Make A Difference in the world. The third fundamental is to unlock and uncover the secrets and the power of everyday words and terms. A simple example is right now, you’re reading this on the internet, which goes worldwide.

If you ask anybody, what does WWW stand for? Invariably, they’ll tell you it has to do with the internet and in factually speaking, they’re correct. In our world, the world of the positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant, WWW stands for Whata Wonderful World. Whata is a word. When you live with these three fundamentals, purpose, go MAD and uncover the secrets of everyday words and terms, you will be happier, healthier and wealthier. Who doesn’t want that? Happier, healthier, and wealthier by learning these three fundamentals and practicing that.

A huge tip of the hat and a big thank you to Louis Armstrong “Satchmo” for enabling that song to go viral and touch, not just tens of millions or hundreds of millions, but billions of people around the planet. Whenever you hear even the opening bars of “Whata Wonderful World” what do you do right away? You can’t help it. You smile. Smile is one of the greatest words and acronyms that you’ll ever be able to utilize, internalize and leverage in your life because SMILE stands for Seeing Miracles In Life Every day.

Invariably, when I’m talking to audiences, the last time we did a face-to-face before COVID, people raising their hands and say, “Barry Shore, I have been up for hours. I haven’t seen any miracles.” I asked them, “Are you here? Can you hear, walk, stand still, get water to drink, food, a place to sleep, family, friends? Every single one of those is a miracle.” What’s the simplest proof? One million people didn’t get up this morning. Do you know why? They died.

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By definition, if you are reading this, you have an obligation to live life exuberantly to the full. When I do speak with crowds and I tell people about the story of Barry Shore. Thank you so much. We’re now over 350,000 people reading, enjoying this, learning from it and sharing with other people because that’s the key of life is to SHARE. SHARE stands for Spreading Happiness And Rejuvenating Energy. Imagine the following. Standing up in the morning, hale and hearty, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and that evening be in the hospital totally and completely paralyzed from the neck down. It wasn’t from an automobile accident or a spinal injury. It was a rare disease that took over my body and overnight rendered me a quadriplegic. It means nothing to my body when I move from the neck down, zero.

I was in the hospital for 144 days. I was at a hospital bed in my own home for two years. I couldn’t turn it over by myself. Four years in a wheelchair. I have braces on both my legs, hips, ankles and that was progress. Thank God now, I’m able to be vertical and ambulatory with the help of a 7-foot walking wand. I’m a tripod, not a bipod but I still can’t walk upstairs by myself. I can’t walk up a curb by myself. I have help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but do you hear my voice? It’s positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant.

Why? Because I’ve learned to see miracles in life every day. I’ve got to tell you a quick story. My niece comes over to me and she says, “Uncle Barry, can we spell smile, S-M-I-E-L?” I thought about it. It sounds the same. I said, “Why not?” I asked her, “How come?” She says, “It’s because it stands for Seeing Miracles In Everyday Life.” It’s out of the mouth of babes. What was she doing? She was creating the kind of world she wants to live in.

CREATE is a wonderful acronym that stands for Causing Rethinking Enabling All To Excel. Thinking, the ability to use your brain for the neurolinguistic programs. Your brain has 100 billion-plus brain cells and more than 120 trillion synapses connecting them all. They are there for more than deciding what latte you want this morning. The ability to use your brain for neurolinguistic programming to be able to think, speak and act in good is incumbent upon you because you can do it.

Now, I have to interrupt myself and warm you and our guests in advance that I do use a lot of four-letter words throughout the show. I even use the four-letter FU word and I do it because of the shock value and fun. Now the four-letter words that we use because we live in a world of positive, purposeful, powerful, and pleasant are love, life, hope, grow, hope, free, gift, swim, pray, play. The four-letter FU word is “FUNN” but right away, people were saying, “Barry Shore, fun is spelled with three letters.” Not in our world, the world of positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant.

Fun is spelled FUNN. After the show, when you see your family and friends, you have a twinkle in your eyes, a smile on your face, remember what that stands for, you point your finger and say, “F-U everybody.” Remember to add right away N and N and they will say, “What are you talking about?” You say, “I tuned in to the Joy of Living with Barry Shore. He wants to teach the world to F-U-N-N.” That’s the first step to joy.

Our guest is going to fill you with such wonderful transformative information that you want to be writing things down, don’t. Lean in, let all that flow through, around and in you. After the show later, when you want to read this again and share it with at least five friends, I said five family and friends, let’s all share this. Over 1.5 million people will be reading and help transforming the world and create joy surplus, just go to the website, All the information and there’s lots of great stuff there. Transformative information will be about our guests.

Before we bring her on, I want to urge everybody to do the following. You’re going to begin to help the process of a joy surplus in the world by using the two most powerful words in the English language. If you use these three times a day, consciously and contentiously, from now to the rest of my life, you will create more harmony and love for you, your family, your friends and the whole world. These two words are, “Thank you.”

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THANK stands for To Harmonize And Network Kindness. The Dalai Lama has been quoted saying and I’ve read in his writings, “Be kind whenever possible.” It’s always possible, he says. Imagine you were able to go back to the coffee shops. You walk in and you ordered your fancy latte for $5. You sit down. Somebody brings it to you, you say, “Thank you.” You walk into the coffee shop. You order your fancy latte. You sit down. A few minutes go by and nobody brings it to you. You go to the counter and they say, “I’m sorry, we’re busy. We’ll bring it to you in a couple of minutes.” You sit down. A few more minutes go by, somebody will bring it to you, you still say, “Thank you.”

You’re walking out of the coffee shop and it’s raining out. Somebody holds the door open for you, you say, “Thank you.” You are walking out of the coffee shop. It’s raining out. Somebody slams the door on you and you say, “Thank you.” You’re late for an appointment. You’re in traffic. Somebody cuts you off, you say, “Thank you.” You get up in the middle of the night, you stub your toe and it hurts. You say, “Thank you,” to Harmonize And Network Kindness. Kind stands for Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds. I cannot think of anybody that I know that inspires noble deeds more than wonderful, amazing, wonderful, Liz Edlich. Liz, please say hello to the people around the world.

JOL Liz | Radical Sisters

Radical Sisters: Reinvent your life by reevaluating who you are, what you want to do, and how you want to do it.

A radical hello to everyone. I am so honored to be here with you. It’s an absolute joy because not only do you light me up, but you touch the lives of so many and you’re making that radical difference. That’s exactly the movement that matters.

I love that you begin with movement because if I start telling everybody the background stories and what’s going on with Liz and Rachel, her amazing sister, and what they’re doing would take up the rest of the show. I’m not going to go through all those bonafide certain things. This is a movement. We’re going to talk about that. I realized wonderful, Liz, that your last name is pronounced. Edlich. L-I-C-H in Germanic languages means light. You are a light bearer. Look at this woman, does she not light up your life? If you’re reading, take my word for it. She has beautiful, bright beaming eyes, that lovely hair and a beautiful smile.

Thank you.

By the way, Liz, when was the last time somebody said FU to you and you laughed?

You got me on it. Thank you.

Liz is a Radical Sister. That means that she carries the light. She doesn’t use it to burn down. She uses it to enlighten and cause burning passion in most women, Radical Sisters around the world. It’s also brothers too. In other words, it’s a movement of people that we call Radical Sisters because first of all, Liz and Rachel are sisters, real sisters. They created something that on the surface looks to be something to do with a beauty cosmetic cream, potions, lotions and things like that.

The genius of this, that the application, both of the potion and the lotion and the mindset that goes with it is causing radical transformation around the world. Let’s jump right in and discuss right away some of the background story about you and Rachel, and what brought you to literally CREATE, Causing, Rethinking, Enabling All To Excel. Create this remarkable product or line of products that truly do work and transform everybody it touches. Let’s go, Liz. Tell us.

It is a radical journey and story. Our life, we were steeped in science from a very young age. Our father was a very well-known reconstructive surgeon, burn specialist, wound healing and repair. Skincare, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation were not something that we had heard anything about or had access to science. When we had adversity in our life and Rachel, my sister developed chronic rosacea.

Let’s define that. What does that mean? Does that mean she carried around roses with her wherever she goes?

Yes, very rosy face, cheeks, forehead and chin, bumps, burning. The dermatologists couldn’t get rid of it. There was no solution and no cure. We knew we had to get radical in our approach. If we wanted to make a difference, get absolutely mad, as you say and not let anything stop us and not take no for an answer, we would have to get back to the lab and do something about it ourselves. We harnessed our dad’s brilliance and many very well-known scientists around the world. We created our own proprietary skincare that healed her sensitive skin and transformed mine for anti-aging and gravity. I wanted the best of the best that would work and I wanted it now.

Let me urge you to pause here for a moment because again, we have people who are reading from all over the world. We have a large contingent in China, India, throughout Africa, Europe, the United States and Latin America. Let’s unpack a little bit. Your sister, at a certain age and after birth develop this not just rosy cheeks, which everybody likes after skating in the winter, but this was a skin condition that made her feel terrible. That was the first thing. It didn’t look good because it had, in addition to discoloration, bumps and such.

Also, you had something that happened to you as an adult, the sagging skin, the knowledge that as we get to advanced ages of 90 and 100, 110, we want to have the same visage as you do now. You and your sister decided that you will not be going to take it anymore. You were going to do something about it. I want to go and mention your father. Your father, as you said in passing, is a world-famous surgeon, inventor and scientist, who went through university many times. He has many diplomas, but he also went through the most important of all schools and that is adversity. What happened to your father later in life?

Through most of his career, when he turned 25, earlier, he had gone blind temporarily. They didn’t know what it was, but it was multiple sclerosis. Day by day, it got worse and worse. Over at about 50 years old, maybe younger, he became immobile from the neck down. Many people would say, “I’m a surgeon. I need to use my hands to operate.” He said, “No, I’m not going to start making a radical difference in the world. I’m not going to let anything stop me. I am going to change the world and change the landscape of medicine.”

From a wheelchair and immobile, he published 3,000 peer-reviewed journal articles. He also created Steri-Strips, the little bandages that you put instead of sutures, he gave it to Minnesota Mining, to 3M. Why did he give it to them? He didn’t want them to put it on the shelf. He says, “I won’t take a royalty. I’m going to give this to you because it’s going to change the world,” which it has. We had this radical DNA, mentor growing up where we saw someone take extreme adversity and turn it into an opportunity. As Rachel developed rosacea, I was dealing with adult acne or aging. I was like, “He’s done this from a wheelchair.” Who are we to complain about anything? Get off our hind tail. Get our radical gear on.

Let’s talk about dad because I want everybody to understand, again, what happens is what Liz is helping me understand is that using your father is literally the primary example. He wasn’t defining himself, “I am a surgeon. I can’t use my hands now. I am this. I am a doctor. Now I’m immobile, but my mind still works. My brain still works and most importantly at all, my heart.” He was not allowing the situation to impinge upon his humanity.

I want to urge everybody to understand the word humanity, H-U-M-A-N-I-T-Y. The U comes before the I in humanity. That is the radical DNA that enabled the sisters to now bring forth to the world something that everybody, every single body wants and needs. Let’s go into what it is you developed? What is called? Let’s go through some of the processes of going from, “We’re going to sell this everywhere through the big stores and the big names to where you’re going to be now.” Let’s walk through the path.

JOL Liz | Radical Sisters

Radical Sisters: If we wanted to make a difference, we would have to get back to the lab and do something about the problem ourselves.

Upon developing our radical skincare of proprietary technology Trylacel, which kept all of the ingredients potent in the bottle, but that could be used on sensitive skin and helped to heal inflamed skin. That’s what we created. It transformed my skin and healed my sister’s. Frankly, we didn’t intend to sell it. We had been in the business. We had worked with celebrities. We had created skincare, etc. We said, “Who are we? What is our legacy? If we don’t take the gift that God has given us, we are here for a purpose, to explore and exploit our passion and create that radical difference. Who are we to keep it sitting on our bathroom shelves or giving it to our girlfriends? We need to share this with the world.” We did.

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Everybody is tuning in because they care most in the world about themselves, you. This is great. Remember I told you, you’re going to be happier, healthier and wealthier by listening to Liz. What she’s saying is opportunity. The opportunity to touch all of humanity where people care, which is their exterior and their interior at the same moment. Let’s continue on the path, so the people in this know what’s going on. She can drop names all day long. You’ll tell us about the stories. I want the people to know that. You can go to the next step and tell them about where you are now. Let’s talk about stories and such and glamour.

One thing that’s important before I even go there is to make sure I have the backstory that everyone can understand that we had a dream to take it to the world. Having a dream is so important and you don’t need to know how to do it before you start. You need to make a decision. It’s the decision to be in action and start before you’re ready. To harness onto the dream and what you want so deeply that takes you down that journey and allows the universe to bring to you all of the tools that you need that live in what you didn’t know.

The magic is in what you don’t know, not necessarily what’s there in front of you now, because the facts always change. The facts don’t matter. What matters is your intention. What matters is your vision of what is possible. Believing in the unbelievable to make the impossible possible and that’s what we did. We said, “We don’t know how, but we know that we will because we have the will to do it.” We met the ex-CEO of Estee Lauder, the ex-CEO of Clarence Worldwide and Clinique and the list goes on.

They all got so radically inspired by our creams, serums, the transformation that they and their friends saw, they said, “We are the A-Team of skincare. We want to help you get to all of those who need it and want it.” In three years, we were in 17 countries, 900 stores like Harrods, Barneys, Saks, Sephora, you name it, around the world. What we saw when we got to those countries, my sister and I, to touch these people radically is they loved Radical. They knew Radical worked and saw it on their skin.

What they wanted is reignite their passion, purpose, desire and lead them to health and wealth, like nothing they’ve ever experienced. We said, “We know how they were feeling on the inside. It’s what’s felt by the world.” We could have the best in skincare, but unless we transformed how they were feeling on the inside, then our journey wasn’t over. We hadn’t come and radical in our approach. It pushed us to go further and develop radical rituals that every morning and night, successful people in the world will say, “What do you think about and what you do in the first hour of your day? Think about your life before you go to bed. What do you do in the morning with a skincare regime?”

You use it. You’re in action. What if you use those moments to anchor your gratitude, to goal set, create and anchor the vision? When you’re using your eye cream anchor, the vision of what’s possible, play it like a movie in your mind. Feel your body responding to what is going to be when you have arrived in that dream. We use these radical rituals with the radical skincare and then the perfect storm hit, the pandemic.

Let’s pause there because the pandemic is a perfect storm. What Liz has been sharing with us is what we’d been teaching for the past few years. We call it VVE, Verbalize, Visualize, Emotionalize. When you verbalize your intent, you visualize your intent, you emotionalize it and you are going to do it with Radical Trylacel. Do you remember what LIZ stands for? LIZ is Lovingly Inspiring Zest. I want to tell everybody before she does, that she is a pothead and she encourages everybody to be a pothead. She’s a Radical Sister encouraging everybody to be a pothead, but “What’s a pothead, Barry Shore?” We love acronyms. POTHEAD is Power Of Transformation Helping Everyone Achieve Dreams.

As you have mentioned to me, a number of times, Liz, one of the purposes that you have had is to touch, inspire and uplift people. It’s the men and women, but the focus for the moment is Radical Sisters. Radical sisters enabling them to not only utilize the product but utilize the product in their lives to bring greater benefit, which means financial freedom, entrepreneurship and a recognition that there are limits. Talk to us about female entrepreneurs, skin wellness, and financial, all women together. How is that?

That sounds like passion, purpose, health and wealth to me done radically. That is our radical mission. That’s why we say it’s more than skin deep. It’s a radical movement. Radical Skincare is more than skin deep. When the perfect storm of the pandemic hit, we said, “We’ve changed skin. Great. We’ve given you radical rituals to combine with your morning and night to take you in the direction of your dream. We’ve given you radical access to mentors and opportunities that we’ve had.”

What we were doing is we were taking it through retail, through all of these stores, the Harrods, Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue and giving them the profits. Now we’re saying, “Here the pandemic has hit. People are reinventing their lives. They’re reevaluating who they are, what they want to do, how they want to do it.” I said, “What if we got radical now and took all of our assets, our opportunity, our press, our clinical and everything that we created. What if we gave it and brought it into the hearts and homes of other people, other entrepreneurs, such as ourselves, that wanted to use what we had created as a vehicle to take them to financial freedom, their dreams?” We created a Radical Brand Partner Program where we said, “Instead of giving the profits to the institutions, we’re going to share the benefits and the journey with you.”

Basically, what you did is you got all your assets and you said, “We’re going to enable millions of people, primarily women who have been hit hardest during the pandemic, the lockdowns, and this is not just the United States, it’s worldwide, but let’s be blunt.” At the moment, it’s going to be mostly the United States and enable them to not only utilize the product but utilize it in their lives to touch, inspire and lift themselves both in the mindset and in the pocketbook.

Make people understand that it’s not a pocketbook, it’s the mindset first. That is what will set you free because JOY is a great acronym that stands for Journey Of You. That’s what joy is all about. You’ve answered the HOW and the WHO. HOW stands for Helping Others Win and the WHO is Winners Help Others. You and Rachel are winners in every measure of success in life. Now you’ve taken that and you’re helping others win. Let’s go a little deeper. Let’s go not just skin deep, but heart deep and discuss what it means to enable someone, take one person. Let’s call her Barbara. What is the program? What is Barbara going to do with the program?

I love what you say about joy because what we talk about is radical skincare. When you become part of the radical community, it’s where your inner self meets outer beauty, because how you’re feeling on the inside is felt by the world. Because you’re sitting there right now and you may not know how to get to your dream, we are not only going to give you the vehicle of a product that is the best of the best, but that’s the beginning. What we’re going to give you are the steps to get there. We’re going to give you the mentorship, access to the coaching and a community. We weren’t always winning. As a matter of fact, we failed ourselves into a winning situation. Every day, we look at our small little failures or wherever we are. We’re never starting over.

We’re starting in a different place in space. Wherever you are now and whatever you’re experiencing, know that it’s a click away, an action step away. We call it the three most powerful letters to us are yes. Saying yes to yourself, to life and taking the step to love yourself enough to hook in. Maybe you’re not believing in you right now. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the situation you’re experiencing. Maybe you don’t know how, but borrow our belief in you, someone else’s love for you.

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This is the journey of wrapping people in love. It’s not skincare. It’s love, light and taking them to their passion, purpose, health and wealth, more than they ever dreamed possible. Only then, Barry, will we be winners. Now, we’re not even close to the finish line. To anyone who’s out there reading and thinking, “It’s not working. Whatever I’m doing, I haven’t gotten there.” You never know how close you are to that finish line. It’s that one foot in front of the other. The facts always changed. They don’t matter. What matters is your belief in your dream. I can go through so many examples where people thought I was cuckoo, batty, crazy with what my dream was or what I thought was possible.

That’s the genius of this. You are. Your dreams were and here is the key for everybody that’s reading. People have been with us for the past years and thank God, hundreds of thousands and millions of downloads. They know this, but I’m going to share it because now we have a lot of people around the world to ever hear of this. The ability to use the most important speech you’ll ever hear. What the radio says means nothing. What the internet says means nothing. What your friend says means nothing. What your family says means nothing unless they’re encouraging. Here’s what does matter. This is going to say, “Yeah.”

It stands for Recognizing You Are A Soul Experienced Life Fully. Teaching Always Love and Kindness. When you begin doing that for your own being, because you’re a soul experienced life fully, your inner being begins to transform. You become a pothead, Power Of Transformation. With that and the external use of this radical formula enables you to beam on the outside and people start saying, “What’s going on?”

JOL Liz | Radical Sisters

Radical Sisters: Unless we transformed how people were feeling on the inside, then our journey wasn’t over.

You’ll look better and inside, you’re smiling and feel better. You keep looking better because remember looking better means always looking for the good. That’s what radical is all about and the system created. The ability for people to always look for the good as you’re putting on the cream on your eyes, you need to use your eyes. Always look for the good

Let’s go to Barbara and unpack. Let’s say Barbara is a mother with 2, 3 kids and because of the pandemic, they are home with a lot of people all the time and feeling overwhelmed. Maybe money is tight, even if it’s not by the way. Money is not the defining issue, but if it is, it becomes an issue in the mind. What can Barbara, with your mentorship, your coaching, the creams for herself and her friends, therefore, transforming the whole world with radical formula? Let’s step through Barbara.

That is the perfect example because one of the most inspiring moments that we have had. We have something called a deep dive that we share each month with all our Radical Sisters on a mission that joins us on Zoom. They always have access to Rachel and me. There is a young mother who has three children under the age of three. I can’t even imagine 3 under 3 at home, the pandemic. She needs to generate income. She also needs to stay at home. Her husband is at home as well.

Being with kids all day, and then also not having access to the network she used to have because of lockdown and all of that, she felt isolated and depressed. She felt like she didn’t even remember who she was. She didn’t feel excited or inspired. Someone said, “Come on and join this radical thing, this radical skincare, this movement. Come and join this community.”

She checked in with this one Zoom call we had. She goes, “Okay, fine. I don’t know anything about skincare. I don’t know anything about any of this.” She received it. She started to share her enthusiasm because, on the call, she felt connected. We were teaching about passion and purpose, desire and visualization on the call and giving them tools to keep pushing forward over adversity.

She was so on fire that in the first month, she’s going to become a founding member. A founding member means that she’s going to share in a percentage of all the profits of Radical Skincare while she’s sitting at home sharing what she loves with people she loves. Frankly, she’s stepping into more of who she is. She’s like, “I am able to feel a sense of me. I’m able to take something that I never imagined possible and give it to others. What it’s done is in giving, it’s put my world on fire. It’s lit me up.” People say, “I don’t even know what you’re doing, but whatever you’re doing, I want some of it.”

This is the key. Remember, you had tuned into the show consciously and conscientiously because you care the most in the entire world about you. This show is great, beautiful and wonderful as Liz is. It’s not about Liz. This show is not about Barry. This show is about you because you are going to be happier, healthier, and wealthier by utilizing the pothead that this woman, the Power Of Transformation. It’s all at my website, You want to share with five people. SHARE stands for Spreading Happiness And Rejuvenating Energy. That was what this nice woman was doing.

She’s generating money sufficient to make her feel like she’s she again, discovering who she is. It’s not that the more she makes, the more she’ll be her. It’s that as she shares, she becomes more of who she is. When she is the best her in the world, when you are the best you in the world, you literally create more joy, happiness, peace and love in the world.

You create a surplus and that’s what our world needs. You don’t need trillions of dollars. You need a mindset. You need one person picking up another, inspiring another, and we’re literally holding hands and hearts together. We’ll call it the Radical Sisterhood, but also men are welcome. This is a place of people helping people. Now I’m going to give you an acronym for radical, but I want to mention also when Liz mentioned that this woman joined.

I want everybody to understand how you spell join because you’re going to be joining this movement or some other movement, but join. Join is spelled J-O-Y-N. That’s how you spell join. We moved the I away and we place it with Y, which becomes joy. I joined with joy because radicle stands for Rewarding Awareness, Developing Inspirational, Caring, Aligning Lovingly. This sister in front of you, she be radical.

Not only is she experiencing feeling herself again, some financial freedom that she’s stepping into and blossoming, but what’s so amazing is when she’s sharing it with others, she’s not sharing radical. She’s getting in touch with other people’s dreams and helping them realize their dreams. Imagine you’re sitting there and because you were able, sometimes people it’s easier for them to reach for an anti-aging cream or a solution like that.

It’s easy for them to say, “This is what I want,” but what they need is a whole different thing. When you cannot give them something for the outside, that’s easy for them to digest, but to inspire them inside so that you can be part of their dream, journey and accomplishing their goals. That gift, imagine someone calling and saying, “Remember when I told you that I wanted to go on this vacation. I wanted to get my first home,” or I wanted whatever that is. I did it in it’s because of you. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because we aren’t alone. We’re sisters and misters on a mission, making a radical difference.

She’s into SMM. We can’t have fun. We can’t get onto that. As your father, I’m quoting, as you mentioned to me, “To be a difference, you have to make the difference,” and you do it by sharing, being you, by attracting, not pursuing. You become a HOW and the WHO. HOW means Helping Others Win and the WHO is and that’s what winners do, Winners Help Others. Because Winners Inspire Never Ending Enthusiasm, that’s WINE. That’s the kind of wine we all want to drink.

That is what Liz and Rachel are all about. They’re building the sisterhood. Let’s call this business. I use business in the most wonderful way. If you understand business, you understand the community. Community, the U comes before the I. In business also, the U comes before the I. When you’re providing people with what they want and help discover what they need and feed that, then you are literally an agent of change.

That enables you to live in joy daily. You’ve said the word giving a number of times, Liz because the joy of living can be summed up in one word. That word is giving. The real joy of living is giving. We’re close to our closing session. Speak a little bit more towards the idea of mentorship. You mentioned it, but what is it that you do? Let’s be blunt. Most people can’t even balance a checkbook, let alone think they’re going to be running a business and might go into the 6, 7 figures, who knows? It could be eight figures for some people. How do you mentor people with this process who are not ever touched money before in a real way?

First, it’s knowing where you’re going. It’s like your GPS. If you get in your car and you never set your GPS, you’re on an unknown road to an unknown location, you’re going to go nowhere potentially in circles. If you set a goal, have a vision of where you want to be, make that goal big enough, that it scares and excites you. It causes emotion well up inside of you. We help people set their goals, set them in the present tense as if they’ve already occurred, feel them morning and night as they’ve occurred. Upon visualizing that, we then help them identify potentially beliefs systems or negative self-talk that is getting in their way so that we can sank it for sharing because it isn’t about them. It was never true. It was something long ago. I look at it as a goblin on my shoulder.

Thank you for sharing. It’s an everyday step to learn more, to be more, to do more and to experience more. We have radical cocktails and conversations where we invite people on a monthly basis. You are invited to have wine and grow exactly what wine can do for people. Just like we have the coffee and conversation to rev them up and get them going. You don’t need to know-how. We have an entire back office. You click and play. This is my challenge, click and play. When people become part of our Radical Community, we are listening to you. Our goal is to serve you, getting to your dream. A billion dollars isn’t a billion-dollar number. It’s being able to see millions of dreams come true.

I want everybody to understand something in the past minute or a half or so that Liz has been explaining and expounding on this, never once did she mention skin cream, the product. That is what is maybe the vehicle. That’s your car. That’s not who you are. I want to share with you. You gave me this insight. You mentioned the GPS, which is wonderful. If you don’t set it, you’re going to go nowhere. That’s what you said.

When you set your GPS and you know where you’re going to go, you’re turning nowhere into nowhere. Now I’m here and I want to go there and I have a way to do it because of the Radical Sisters, those potheads helped me get on the road and keep on the road and keep doing things. This is absolutely mind-expanding. As everybody knows, once you expand the consciousness, it doesn’t go back to the same place it was.

It would try to go back someplace, but it doesn’t. That’s why I am so humbled and honored to be sharing wonderful Liz with everybody because this is the information that causes transformation. It stands. People talk about, well, it, you know, that’s the environment about that blood computers. IT stands for Information Transformation because information by itself, that’s just data, numbers.

It’s words. Unless and until the transformation happens, when you get lit up by loving inspirational zesty Liz, that’s where the transformation. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in Dubuque or Albuquerque or a small town in Maine or the heart of busy Los Angeles, it’s your world. You will be happier, healthier and wealthier because of all of this. Wonderful Liz, I’m going to do a couple of things. I’m going to ask you a question that you have only 80 seconds to answer. I think I know the answer, but it doesn’t matter. What is your most fervent desire?

To inspire millions of people to achieve their dreams so that the legacy that I will have lived is through other people’s dreams, knowing they became a reality and that we at least lit that fire similar to like our father did from a wheelchair. He said, “If we can be each other’s teachers and light the fire of another person’s soul to expand and be all of they that they can be.” It allows me as well to be all that I was meant to be here. That’s to love, inspire and give to you. My sister’s dream is the same.

Thank you. I have two more questions. Will you come back again?

I’m back.

May I give you a hug? Are you ready? I got to tell you what HUG stands for, Harmonizing Unlimited Giving. On the count of 3, 1, 2, 3.

I’m a better woman for it. I am the best, most loved hugged pothead on the planet of Radical Sisters on a mission, sending you to love joy and gratitude for spending this time with you. You’re gracious and loving and energy that comes into the room far before we click.

You’re tuned in for one reason only, and that’s the best reason in the world because you care the most about you. Becoming the best you. If you possibly could do that, you create more harmony in the world. You build bridges. You spread more joy, happiness, peace, and love. Remember the three fundamentals of life. Your life has a purpose.

Make your goal big enough that it scares and excites you. Share on X

You lead a purpose-driven life, Liz and Rachel, and all the community, then you make a difference in the world. You go mad. You Make A Difference. When you add number three, uncover the power and the secrets of everyday words and terms, WWW, Whata Wonderful World. SMILE, Seeing Miracles In Life Everyday as my niece says Seeing Miracles In Everyday Life.

Create the world you want to live in Causing Rethinking Enabling All To Excel. Use four-letter words, powerful, purposeful, powerful, pleasant, four-letter words, life, love, girl, gift, free, swim, pray, play, and tell the world to FUNN. Remember right away, people were saying, “Where did you get that?” The Barry Shore, the Joy of Living says he wanted to teach the world to FUNN. It will allow you to engage in conversation.JOL Liz | Radical Sisters

Use the two most important, powerful words in the English language, use them three times a day from now for the rest of your life, it will transform you, your family, your friends, and the entire world. These two words are, thank you, To Harmonize And Network Kindness. KIND stands for Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds, connect to nature daily. Our blessing to you is you go forth, live exuberantly, spread the seeds of joy, happiness, peace and love. Make a difference. Share. Bye. Be well.

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About Liz Edlich

JOL Liz | Radical SistersLiz Edlich is a self-made entrepreneur, published author, and philanthropist who splits her time between Little Exuma, Bahamas, and Malibu, CA. She grew up on a farm in Virginia, the daughter of a world-renowned reconstructive surgeon who dedicated his life to helping others through his biomedical inventions such as Steri-Strips and dissolvable sutures. Inspired by her father’s work, Liz put herself through college while working odd jobs, and volunteering her time in the non-profit sector. After her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and became paralyzed from the neck down, she saw her family come to the brink of financial ruin and was inspired to go into finance to help her family and protect others from a similar fate. With no formal education in business or finance and through sheer determination and perseverance, she became a stockbroker and eventually a partner in an investment firm where she helped raise over $1 Billion dollars, before selling the firm to a bank and going into Venture Capital.

Eventually, this led Liz and her sister Rachel to create One World Live, a consumer marketing company that developed and launched hundreds of products for celebrities and influencers in the Beauty and Wellness industries. In 2009, Liz and Rachel were hit with a perfect storm when Rachel developed severe rosacea after her second child and Liz developed adult acne and signs of aging. Their search for a solution hit a dead end. Refusing to accept the unacceptable, Liz and Rachel, with the help of their father, went back to the lab with the goal of creating the most potent anti-aging skincare possible that could create visible results for Liz and heal and calm Rachel’s chronic rosacea. They developed a proprietary technology, Trylacel, that combined groundbreaking science with the power to deliver potent ingredients without irritation. They never intended to sell their healing youth elixir, but after seeing reactions to their unbelievable results, they knew it had to be shared with the world. Having no experience in international sales or retail they brought together a dream team of chemists and talent from Clarins, Estee Lauder, Dior, and Clinique. In just three years Radical Skincare launched globally into 800 prestige retail stores across 17 countries including Harrods, Barneys NY, Saks 5th Avenue, and Sephora. Radical Skincare, a women-owned global powerhouse, enjoyed numerous awards and became a press darling, receiving accolades from Oprah Magazine, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vanity Fair.

But despite working with the best brand management and retail partners in the world, Liz and Rachel knew they needed more in order to make Radical a movement that would transform not just skin, but people’s lives. They knew that the best path forward wasn’t in retail, but to bring Radical into people’s homes and hearts so they could share their passion and profits with other emerging entrepreneurial women like themselves.

They decided to risk everything, leave the establishment and follow the heartbeat of their mission by buying their company back and continue their journey of fulfilling their legacy of making a Radical difference. Their goal is to merge skincare and self-care, so people can create a life-changing formula using Radical Skincare, Radical Rituals, and their book, Get Radical: Secrets to Living a Life You Love, as a guide that delivers Radical Results – in skincare and in life.