Some great books/essays with insightful learning potential

Over the years I have been on a physical and spiritual journey and have read dozens of wonderful books/essays. I would like to share my recommendations of some of my favorites.

Yes, I recommend all of these to You as possible resources regardless of where you are on life’s path.

Consider making it Your personal Goal to read one great book/essay every month that can inspire Your life for the better in some way.

BONUS: almost all are short. And Long on Impact.

These are in no particular – they are all great in some way. Each has a message that can aid Your life journey.



The Road Less Traveled M. Scott Peck

Psalms (Yes, from the Bible)

Think & Grow Rich N. Hill

As a Man Thinketh J.Allen

Life is Tremendous Jones

Love, Medicine & Miracles B. Siegel, MD

Man’s Search for Meaning V. Frankl

Say YES to Life: in spite of everything V. Frankl

In The Flow of Life Butterworth

Self-Reliance R. W. Emerson

Anatomy of an Illness Norman Cousins

The War of Art S. Pressfield

The Land Between Manion

Proverbs (Yes from the Bible)

The Gift of Years Chittister

Waking Up In Time Russell

Happiness is a Serious Business D. Prager

Prosperity Fillmore

Live Before You Die Kolenda

The Success Principles J. Canfield

Mastery G. Leonard

Science of Smiles K.Rochon

See You at the Top Z. Ziglar

Psycho-Cybernetics Maltz

The Thunder of Silence Goldsmith

The Reason Why Laidlaw

The Way of The Peaceful Warrior Millman

Space, Time & Medicine Dossey

The Four Agreements —Ruiz

The Richest Man in Babylon Clason

When the Worst That Can Happen Already Has Wholey

The Eternal Now Tillich

Fully Human, Fully Alive Powell

Why am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am Powell

Transitions Bridges

Acres of Diamonds R. Conwell

The Prophet Gibran

Everything Happens For a Reason —Kirshenbaum

The Power of Patience Ryan

Broken Open Lesser

Wake-up Calls Allenbaugh

After You Die Santora

What Happy People Know Baker

The Choice Mandino

In the Flow of Life Butterworth

Spirit, Soul and Body Wommack

9 Things You Must Do in Life Matte

A Gentle Thunder Lucado

Not a Fan Idleman

Five Wishes Hendricks

Wishes Fulfilled —W. Dyer

Brain Rules Medina

The Seasons of God Blackaby

Walking Wisely Stanley

Don’t Waste Your Life Piper

Lost Virtues of Happiness Moreland

You Matter to God Prince

When The Enemy Strikes Stanley

If God, Why Evil Geisler

The Power of Humility Kendall

Moving Forward Worthington

Why God, Why —Jensen

The Journey Graham

The Search For Significance McGee

The Hurt and the Healer Millard

In a Pit With a Lion Batterson

Grace Walk McVey

How God Changes Your Brain Newberg

A Grace Disguised Sittser

Enemies of The Heart Stanley

A Grief Observed Lewis

Mind Monsters Gerald

Nasty People Carter

My One Word Ashcraft

Your Divine Fingerprint Craft

The Transparent Self Jourard

Living on The Edge Ingram

And the best – (imho) The Bible

(Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth)

Should You decide to read any of the above – I hope You find the Peace, Contentment, Happiness and Success You are searching for as You travel life’s highways.

“Five years from today you will be the same as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.”

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones