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Real Transformation with Jim Bunch

Real Transformation with Jim Bunch

Jim Bunch had the opportunity to learn from some of the great mentors of all time. One of the toughest questions they answered was how to improve oneself. Jim discusses why willpower doesn’t help you transform your life and what instead can actually help. In order to understand self-transformation, he delves deep into the importance of positive and negative experiences. This show is potentially one of the most transformational ever due to these discussions. We also talk about how powerful the environment can be, and how you create an environment that surrounds you with health, wealth and joy . The conversation on four types of freedom is also very important for transformation. It’s all about understanding what truly makes you happy and free. Most people think that material possessions will bring them freedom, but that’s not always the case. You have to be careful with what you focus on because it can actually enslave you.

Creating an impact business is challenging… doing it with alone is near impossible.  But together, we are stronger than the sum of our parts.  Together, we literally are changing the course of humanity.  Together, we will create a new future we are all proud of.

Show Notes:

[11.02] Celestine Prophecy

  • It was one of those books that had a pivotal shift in my consciousness.
  • I met with a woman at a meditation retreat, and she told me she had a message for me.
  • I was open to it.
  • Part of that relationship what came out was an introduction to the book by James Redfield: “Celestial Prophecy.
  • Which led me towards the pathway of understanding energy.
  • That opened all kinds of growth opportunities for me.

[13.00] Four Freedoms

  • Most people realize we’re born free.
  • And then based on our beliefs and environments etc. we slowly start to donate that freedom to others.
  • We let go of reality.
  • The first is time freedom.
  • The second is location freedom.
  • The third is financial freedom.
  • The fourth one is inner freedom.
  • And the fourth one is the most valuable.
  • When I look at most people’s lives, they’ve set up a set of belief systems and an emotional framework that traps them in the past.
  • Inner freedom is mental, emotional, and spiritual union.
  • I can create that almost immediately by CHOOSING it.

[15.21] Abundance

  • If we are honest and awake, we can recognize that all the abundances are already here and now.
  • Thomas Leonard was my mentor, and I was his private client.
  • I asked Thomas why so many people want to change? Why did they read so many books?
  • They want to transform and want to honestly reach new goals but what ends up happening is they get stuck in their own traps.
  • He answered: “Most people are trying to use willpower to change their life”
  • And now will power be a mental faculty.
  • Instead of using willpower you need to learn how to delegate your success to the environment.
  • The environments are stronger than willpower.
  • If you design your environment more properly you can make happiness, health, and wealth.
  • Everything is an environment.
  • So, Barry is an environment of you, and I am an environment of you.
  • And sometimes the environment adds energy or drains energy.

[33.12] Difficult Space

  • I went through one of the toughest parts of my life.
  • I was dating a girl who had not broken up with her last relationship.
  • In the middle of that night that relationship came down those stairs into the dark bomb shelter with a gun.
  • And said, if that person is naked underneath here, you’re not leaving here.
  • So you grab this person, took her out of the bomb shelter and kidnapped her.
  • We called the police and he ended up going to jail.
  • And I had one of the toughest and most important breakthroughs in my life.

[35.01] Conversations with God

  • I read that book cover to cover.
  • And that moment it hit me that I had been perfectly prepared because of loss of faith in that system.
  • It was upstairs with a light inside.
  • Because the worst part wasn’t being financially broke or the relationships
  • But the worst part was being spiritually broken.
  • And I could see what led next to the next.

[40.02] You’re the one that chooses

  • The choice is yours and it’s constant.
  • What I appreciate now that I didn’t is I chose some of the most difficult challenges to give me contrast.
  • Just like God created the light in the dark.
  • It’s for us to experience all of it.
  • Now I understand the purpose of justified fear.

[44.02] POWER

  • There’s no such thing as a failure.
  • The only way to lose the game of life is to quit.
  • I’ve another business which is The Ultimate Game of Life which is all about happiness, health, and wealth.

Insider Tips:

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