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Revolutionizing the SPA Industry: How Massage Envy is Making Self-Care Accessible to All

In this episode of the podcast, host Barry Shore chats with Beth Stiller, the CEO of Massage Envy, a wellness brand that has been in existence for over 20 years. Beth takes us on a journey of how the brand started with a therapist who understood the power of taking care of one’s body through massage but recognized that not everyone could afford it. This led to the creation of a membership model that made massage accessible and affordable to everyone.

With 1.2 million members, Massage Envy has a well-rounded approach to wellness, which includes therapeutic care, total body stretching, and skincare. Beth emphasizes the importance of skin wellness, as it is the largest organ in the body and is often subjected to harsh treatment. Massage Envy offers skincare services using three well-researched brands, Jam Marini skin research, PCA, and Obagi Medical, to help people understand what is unique about their skin and how they can improve it.

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Show Notes:

[9.48] The brief history of Massage Envy & how it started?

  • Our brand is over 20 years old.
  • 21 years ago, there was a therapist who understood the power of taking care of your body.
  • Cumulative impact of massage could help you lead a healthier & happier life.
  • Therapist recognized, not everybody could afford it.
  • They took this amazing combination of membership model and accessibility
  • Massage Envy is sign up for a membership for 12 months
  • And every month you get access to affordable massage
  • COW: Create a real community of wellness
  • To truly focus on your well-being is something that shouldn’t be so rare.

[16.11] Beth Stiller as CEO

  • We’ve got 1.2 million members
  • Those 1.2 million people make the choice every month to invest in their self-care routine
  • You’ve a total body head to toe stretch from a professional who’s been trained
  • Having an expert understand where your limitations are, and they can push a little bit is crucial
  • Other focus on over the last few years is skin care
  • Largest organ is your skin & we put it through ringer
  • We realized we haven’t spent enough time thinking about skin wellness
  • We help people understand what’s unique about their skin and how we can help their skin.
  • We’ve well-rounded approach toward wellness that we’ve got today versus seven years ago

[19.34] Skin Care

  • We’ve built our business on therapeutic care
  • The SPA industry in the U.S is 23 billion right now
  • Where we want to appeal to people are you’re coming for results
  • Everything we do will be results during efficacious
  • We want you to walk out feeling & looking better. Standing Taller.
  • We chose not to do something which is chase the trends that don’t have clinical proof
  • We’re very deliberate about what type of service we offer
  • We have three wonderful skincare brands which have research behind them
  • We use Jam Marini skin research PCA and Obagi Medical for our skin care services

COG: Channel of goodness

[24.23] Challenges Beth has faced in the past couple of years

  • We believe a career in massage therapy can be an incredibly rewarding
  • We spent a lot of time in investing & putting our marketing dollars around how we give back to the industry
  • We have launched scholarship programs that allows therapists who want to go to school
  • And they don’t need to come work for Massage Envy
  • We have given thousands of dollars in scholarships
  • As leader we carry an extra responsibility to the industry
  • The demand for massage has outweighed supply
  • McKenzie did research, they say there are tens of thousands of openings for massage therapists.
  • More and more people are being proactive & thinking about their wellness
  • People are looking for routines and results
  • “If I told you today that I would give you a car but it’s the only car you ever own in your life, what would you do? You’d treat that car as a precious thing. You’d take care of it because it had tests to last you until your very last breathing & that’s what our body is”

MASSAGE: Momentous, Awesome, Soulful Song, Awakening Generous Energy

[34.25] Importance of Regular Self-Care

  • Massage Envy is not a bathrobe, slippers & cucumber water
  • It’s about having a conversation with your therapist about what you need that day
  • Some days it may be about stress relief
  • Taking an hour where you completely unplug & allow yourself a mental break
  • You can also have aches, pains, and problem with mobility
  • It’s not a one-and-done
  • That’s why we believe in a membership model
  • Like anything in your life whether it’s brushing your teeth etc. once is not enough.
  • That’s about taking care of the engine and machine that’s going to carry you through your life.
  • SOW: Sense of Wonder
  • It’s not selfish to spend your time, money, and resources on yourself

[39.57] Beth Stiller as Mom

  • What I don’t do is compartmentalize too much
  • It’s okay for my boys to know when I’ve had a rough day
  • It’s okay for them to know some of things I’m struggling with
  • I want my boys to know that nothing comes easy
  • Sometimes you don’t get the things the way you hoped
  • It’s what you do in that moment that defines you
  • Do you throw your hands up and give up? OR.
  • Do you find another way & get creative?
  • I’m very open to listening to my boys’ ideas as you never know where a good idea is going to come from

[43.01] Responsibility

  • What’s different about this role is we’re 100% franchised
  • Additional responsibility of leading an organization
  • We’ve got 330 incredible franchisees who’re entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • They have invested in this brand
  • That adds another layer of responsibility and stress
  • My kids have learned about leading with empathy
  • HOPE: Helping others progress every day
  • Will you come back again?
  • YES.
  • What’s your most fervent desire?
  • To have a positive impact on everyone I deal with.

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About Beth Stiller

Beth Stiller is the first female leader of Massage Envy, the nation’s No. 1 provider of massage in the U.S. collectively across its franchise network and a national leader in skin care. Beth has more than 20 years of global and domestic experience in retail, branding, merchandising, and management. She is a driver of retail and product innovation with a proven track record of achieving results through motivating teams and influencing positive change. She joined Massage Envy in 2016 as Chief Commercial Officer. In this previous role, she was deeply involved in all facets of commercial and operational strategies and the development and deployment of services, products, and programs to the Massage Envy franchise network.