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SOS: Social On Steroids

The Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, invites the innovative, inspiring, indomitable Mario Nawfal to share his journey of HELPING. You will thrill to hear how Mario propelled himself and those who would follow him to Tens of Millions in sales in two years. Since then Mario has launched multiple successful ventures, helped hundreds of enterprising entrepreneurs, and danced the Bachata around the world! Barry and Mario shake it up while entrancing YOU to learn how to be Your Best Self and Dance Your way to Great Health and Wealth. Must Share Episode.

Show Notes:

  • 10:15 – Barry’s Rousing Introduction
  • 12:41 – The power of social media, its inherent responsibility, and how to use it for good
  • 30:36 – Mario breaks down what is ‘growth hacking’
  • 37:01 – Why “How To Win Friends and Influence People” is such an important book
  • 44:02 – Barry’s Interesting wrap-up

Important Links:

About Mario Nawfal

Mario Nawfal is the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate of 15+ companies that operates in more than 40 countries.

Mario started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door which led to Froothie Australia

Through unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical systems, and a team of global contractors, he propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year two, all bootstrapped. Since then Mario launched multiple ventures into the millions, all bootstrapped, including an events business, a FinTech consulting firm, a marketing agency, and multiple ecom businesses all while surviving a massive scam, various black swan events, and all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.