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Stress Management with Jim Poole

Stress Management with Jim Poole

What is stress? Stress is the body’s response to any demand. It may be caused by both good and bad experiences. During times of stress, the body releases hormones that prepare us to either “fight” or “flee”. This is known as the fight-or-flight response. While the immediate reaction to stress may be beneficial, prolonged or chronic stress can have serious effects on our physical and mental health. Today, we’re chatting with Jim Poole, a well-known figure in the field of stress management. It’s wonderful to be able to meet two prominent figures in the field of stress management, and our host Barry Shore is a world class figure in this field. We’re discussing a topic that is so critical to our health and wellbeing, and it’s great to be able to have this conversation. I hope this podcast will be of benefit to you, and please share it with your friends if you think they would find it helpful.

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Show Notes

Barry Story Introduction

  • Eight-year-old niece came to me a few weeks ago asking Uncle Barry can we spell Smile as SMIEL, and I thought about it, how come? That means Seeing Miracles in Everyday Life.
  • A million could not get out of bed, why? They died.
  • Create a life you want to live in!
  • Choice not chance determine your destiny.
  • Two words can change your life: THANK YOU!
  • Be kind whenever possible and he says it’s possible every time. Dalai Lama
  • Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds!
  • This show is about YOU!

Physiology of Stress

  • There are two areas of our brain that are important to our daily function.
  • Two brain areas: Old Brain and New Brain
  • Fear, depression, anxiety and all such emotions belong to our old brain.
  • Amygdala: Manages fear, stress, and depression
  • Forehead separates us from primate
  • Stress is formal, it allows us to move and allow us to function
  • Chronic stress is long-term, which lead to every disease to mankind.
  • Barry’s note: We can manage it! We have ability to choose.
  • When we wake up , the cortisol is high.

Central nervous system: Self Preservation

  • When central nervous system is in fear; it activates amygdala
  • Amygdala’s purpose is to save us
  • HOPE: Helping others progress everyday
  • Way to live a beautiful life is to not to complain

Lower Self and Higher Self

  • Seeking pleasure is lower self
  • Soul experiencing life fully is higher self
  • Self-talk: Teaching always love and kindness
  • Expectation is big obstacle in everything you do

NEWCALM: Never ending wonders

  • Law stands for Love and Wisdom
  • Success is in your end – guaranteed
  • My life changed when I met quantum physicist and victim of child abuse

Turn off your stress response with now effort

  • One: You need to find a comfortable place and lie down
  • Two: You apply a bio signal processing disk to your left wrist and put an eye mask on
  • Three: You select one of our neuro acoustic software journeys
  • Four: You listen to music, but underneath music is patented mathematics, physics and algorithms guiding your brain gently into a state called alpha and theta.
  • Barry note: Nobody knows what you’re talking about, but you need to do something to do something. You’ve to allocate some time to this and I’ve done this.

Alpha and Theta States

  • Human brain waves oscillate in a range of 41 hertz
  • This is frequency
  • You see waves in physics
  • These waves is life, life is energy
  • Alpha brain wave: Creativity and being in the zone
  • And theta is we’re slipping deeper and deeper
  • Theta is healing zone

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About Jim Poole

Mr. Poole has successfully launched global products, managed growth strategies, and effectively optimized business operations for large and small organizations alike. Prior to joining Solace Lifesciences, Jim co-founded Focused Evolution, a premier global management strategy-consulting firm. As a Managing Partner, he managed mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and growth strategies for venture capital and private equity firms. Under Jim’s leadership, Focused Evolution grew into a multi-million dollar consulting firm, serving a global client portfolio of 49 companies, across a broad in a range of industries.

Jim serves on the board of directors of several medical device firms around the world. He is a recognized business leader, public speaker, an accomplished author, and has published numerous articles in industry trade journals and lectures all over the world on topics including stress, recovery, performance, leadership, and business strategy.