Barry Shore became a quadriplegic overnight from a rare disease on September 17, 2004 at the age of 55. In the course of physical therapy over several years he gained the ability to swim a backstroke. He swam his first mile on his back in 98 minutes. Within 2 more years he was able to swim the crawl with the aid of flotation devices on his legs, paddles on his hands and a snorkel for breathing. Barry persevered and swims 2 miles per day, 6 days per week for more than 12 years. He records every half mile, full mile, 2 mile swim and has logged over 8,852 miles as of December 2, 2022. At mile 8,000 in January 2020 he realized that his dream of Swimming Around the World (24,902) would be realized when he would turn 105 (!) if he could maintain the 2 miles per day pace.

The Question: How to swim around the world before he is 105.

The Answer: LEVERAGE with a TEAM.

Barry is a sought after Speaker and Advocate for Mental Wellness due to his emergence from Full Body Paralysis and all the issues attendant both physically and mentally.

Barry wants a TEAM that understands Helping People with the Mental Struggles of LIFE is crucial.

He is dedicated to Removing the Stigma of Seeking Help.

Who better to advance the Cause of mental Wellness through the Channel of SWIMMING than the most decorated, famous, admired Swimmer in history:

Michael Phelps.

Michael is a devoted family man, athlete advocate, and admitted seeker of help for Mental Wellness issues.

The Combined Stories of Michael and Barry can attract Millions of People to Support the DREAM of Swimming Around the World.

“Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”


Michael will attract the 10 other Swimmers, 5 TEAMS of 2, who will agree to Swim 42 miles/month for 30 months to accumulate the necessary mileage, beginning with Barry’s 9,000 miles. We will Capture the Imagination of North America and quite possibly the World. All Sports Channels such as ESPN and Magazines/Periodicals such as Sports Illustrated will eagerly follow the Progress. All major Celebrity Hosts of TV, Radio, Podcasts, IG, FB will want to interview Michael and possibly the other Swimmer Celebrities. The Major Hosts will include: OPRAH, Good Morning America, FOX and Friends, The View, and Joe Rogan.

On the WEBSITE there will be a stated GOAL of urging People to Support the MISSION: Raising $20 Million to Support Mental Wellness Awareness via the MPF

How: by contributing 2 cents/mile for their favorite TEAM.

That’s $20/Year for the 1,000 miles of swimming per TEAM.

We will Attract One Million (+) Supporters.

Corporate Sponsors will be Welcomed (!)…at a Higher rate

The Swimming Around the World phenomenon will span 30 Months and Build in Intensity, Awareness, and Success.

It will take coordinated effort of the MPF, Barry Shore, and our PR TEAM.

We will Succeed.

And spawn another Program that will focus on Young Athletes and their pressures. We will start a world wide tsunami of GOODNESS.