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Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life

How often do you feel lost in life? You have negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, and so on, and you don’t know how to deal with them. You come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with such negative emotions is to ignore them or resist them as much as possible. This however, may not be the best way to go. Ignoring or resisting our emotions can lead to feelings of frustration and even guilt. Instead of trying to ignore the emotion altogether, we should try to understand it instead. Our Guest today is Daniel Dzikowski, who is an expert at letting go. He helps people to understand their emotions and how to work with them in order to let go of the negative hold they have on our life. Daniel explains why it’s important to learn how to properly let go, and how we can do that. He also shares some helpful tips on letting go of difficult emotions, as well as his own personal story of overcoming his own struggles. We hope this episode will help you to gain some insight and clarity on your own journey towards letting go.

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Show Notes:

[9.52] Letting Go

  • Letting go is the ability to stay with your emotions consciously and allow them to run their course.
  • Most people when they view letting go, they view it as letting go of something outside of them.
  • If you’re still attached to the thing outside of you then you haven’t let go yet.
  • I help people to get in touch with these feelings.
  • So, they can dissolve, and they’ll no longer be limited by them.

[12.47] How Letting Go Happen

  • We all carry these charges within us, these emotions.
  • When we’re young we’re not allowed to release these charges.
  • You’re told to not get angry and upset, especially if you’re a man.
  • Rather than releasing these feelings, we hold on to them.
  • These feelings always want to rise up at some point and they’re going to come up.
  • In the middle of the night, it was about one o’clock in the morning.
  • I woke up and was in the middle of a nightmare.
  • And an intense fear was coming up.
  • I did anything to distract myself.
  • But this time I decided to sit with this feeling.
  • And watch my body, how it reacts to the fear.
  • The feeling got more intense and at one point my heart was beating.
  • Then I saw these images: what if I die from this?
  • I thought, at that point I was tired of running away from fear because I’d been afraid all my life.
  • I said now I’m going to face it and I did.
  • For the next hour, I let wave after wave of fear come and go.
  • As I sit with them consciously not resisting…
  • These waves would come, and they’d dissolve.
  • And after this hour, I started getting these memories back from when I was nine-year-old.
  • And that all dissolved.

[19.29] SHIFT

  • When we suppress an emotion, we use energy to push it down.
  • When the emotion is suppressed the energy of the emotion isn’t available to us.
  • An emotion constantly wants to spring up like a balloon.
  • So, when we release it the energy of the emotion is given back.
  • And we get two lots of energy back.
  • When I went to work the next day, I had this huge amount of energy.

[26.00] How letting go help become good parent

  • Life brings us situations and people that trigger us.
  • And it’s a gift!
  • And sometimes our children trigger us. Parents trigger us as well.
  • When your children don’t do something that you asked.
  • First question you need to ask yourself is what it triggers? Frustration? Anxiety?
  • So, the very triggered emotion that comes up is the gateway to the solution of the problem.
  • When the emotions arise – now they’re conscious.
  • When they’re felt at completion again, they start to dissolve.
  • Now all of a sudden, your vision about the situation becomes more and more clear.
  • Because the emotion is obscuring your vision.
  • If you’re stuck in the emotion charge, you’re not seeing the truth of the situation.
  • You first must drop the blame.
  • And now all of a sudden, you’ve new perspective.

[36.00] Benefits of letting go

  • We all have challenges. In business you’ve challenges.
  • For example, you’ve a challenge: you don’t know which path you need to go in business.
  • There’s a feeling of confusion or certainty.
  • That feeling of uncertainty and confusion is a block.
  • By allowing these feelings to run their course, it starts to dissolve.
  • And what comes when confusion is released? Clarity.
  • You might come up with the idea that behind the confusion is fear.
  • And you need to dissolve it also.
  • You sit with whatever feelings underneath it and let them run their course.
  • When that happens, the intuition of where to go in your business is given to you!

[40.33] Life wants to Help YOU!

  • Life always wants to help you, even in the most challenging circumstances.
  • There’s always this gift, it defends that every cloud is a silver lining.
  • This is apparent with letting go…

[41.17]. Accepting Responsibility

  • When you first have awareness of feeling in charge.
  • Most people view this responsibility outside.
  • So, something is responsible for that charge.
  • As soon as you do that you’ve lost all your power.
  • Because someone else was responsible for how you feel.
  • Then they must change for you to feel better, right?
  • If you want to take charge of your life, then you’ve to take responsibility.

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About Daniel Dzikowski

Daniel‘s passion for inner growth equals his love of teaching and serving others. He started his first business in 2002 at the age of 26. With this, he embarked on a 20-year journey of self-empowerment by engrossing himself in the realm of self-help and inner work.

He read over 300 books on personal development, spirituality and business. He started meditation and implemented much of what he learned in his business and personal life. He created a unique business model that challenged many common conceptions about how employers treat employees and how a company operates.