Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY, is excited to bring YOU one of the most positive purposeful and powerful people on the planet: Garrison Redd. He’s the kid from Brooklyn NY (and the most crime riddled part at that!) who as a bright 17 year old was outside his parent’s apartment on a lovely summer evening and was shot in an accident that left him a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair. Prior to this he was a rising high school star in several sports. No what?! Here’s what DID happen. With the encouragement of his parents, several close friends, and his deep introspection Garrison emerged as a determined, purposeful, driven person. Consider these in the past few years alone: TEDX Speaker, Team USA Paralympic powerlifter, model, and advocate for the rights of the disabled. Barry Shore, a recovering quadriplegic and a long distance swimmer, brings out the BEST of Garrison and it’s all for YOU. Imagine YOU in any of these circumstances. What would YOU choose. Tune in to be INSPIRED.

Featured Guest

Garrison Redd

Garrison Redd is from Brooklyn, New York. he’s a TEDx Speaker, Team USA Paralympic powerlifter, and a model. He founded “TheGarrisonReddProject” with the goal of bettering the well-being of disabled individuals. Going into his senior year at High School, he was shot in the back. The bullet burned the nerves surrounding the t12 section of his spine, which left him unable to walk.Most people would’ve felt that their life was coming to an end however, he felt like his life was just beginning. At 17 years old after this catastrophic injury had occurred he became a different man. He knows he was put here to inspire everyone from the youth to the elderly on a journey to achieve. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from York College. He’s currently training for team USA para powerlifting with aspirations of winning a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. He’s a seasoned motivational speaker his TedX Talk is titled “Life is like Lemonade”. His Goal: make this world more inclusive