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Economic Challenges

The Genius Of Being Non-Human

Join us on an enlightening journey as we explore the world of visionaries, collaboration, and transformative patterns with the remarkable Justin Breen. In this insightful episode, Justin shares his profound philosophy on the power of choices in shaping our destiny and the incredible value of taking action over overthinking.

Delving into the heart of collaboration, Justin identifies his essence as the driving force behind building collaborative global companies. He introduces us to a real-world example of a collaborative global endeavor he’s been a part of. We delve into the Colby A index, a tool for identifying visionaries based on their unique strengths, where Justin sheds light on the key traits that set visionaries apart.

Unpacking the Three Attributes of Visionaries, we explore foresight, an abundance mindset, and a relentless focus on the value of investments. Justin emphasizes the visionary’s approach of inquiring about an investment’s worth, rather than fixating on costs and charges. Discover the importance of surrounding yourself with the right associates to shape your identity and the journey towards a fulfilling life.

Show Notes:

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[10.02] Introduction and Justin’s Philosophy

  • Justin Breen discusses the importance of choices determining destiny.
  • Emphasizes the value of taking action over overthinking.
  • A humorous anecdote about communication with his wife and children.
  • The playful acronym “A.S.K” as “Always Seeking Kindness” and “N.N.” as “Helping Others Live Exuberantly.”
  • Justin’s talent for turning words into meaningful acronyms.

[15.01] Collaborative Work and Visionaries

  • Justin’s essence identified as collaboration and the focus on building collaborative global companies.
  • An example of a collaborative global company Justin is involved with.
  • Introduction to the Colby A index for identifying visionaries based on their unique strengths.
  • Visionaries often have high Quick Start and low Follow Through scores on the Colby assessment.
  • It is important for visionaries to have a supportive team to complement their strengths.

[22.01] The Three Attributes of Visionaries

  • In this segment, we delve into the three fundamental attributes of visionaries: foresight, an abundance mindset, and an unwavering focus on the value of their investments.
  • A true visionary doesn’t concern themselves with costs or charges. Instead, they inquire about what an investment with you entails.
  • If you inquire about charges, you will find that they contradict the concept of abundance.
  • Remember, having a vision is futile unless you take action.
  • Your associations play a pivotal role in shaping your identity.
  • Chase regards life as one continuous, extraordinary journey.
  • Strive to create a life filled with meaningful experiences.
  • Do what you’re passionate about and excel at.

[37.22] Earl Nightingale

  • This section revolves around the wisdom of Earl Nightingale.
  • My father was 61 years old when I was born.
  • Success is the gradual realization of a worthwhile ideal.
  • You become the embodiment of your thoughts.
  • I cherish spending time with my family and connecting with fellow visionaries to serve humanity.
  • Focused energy has the capacity to grow exponentially and transform lives.
  • L.I.F.E stands for Living Inspirationally for Eternity.
  • My mission is to link visionaries in their pursuit of humanitarian service.

[43.00] Transformational Patterns

  • Recognizing patterns is the key to life’s intricate puzzle.
  • Exceptional visionaries identify these patterns and mold their own unique patterns from them.
  • Maintaining the right mindset is remarkably straightforward.
  • The correct mindset attracts the right network and cultivates the right opportunities.
  • Conversely, a misguided mindset attracts unsuitable connections and generates inappropriate opportunities.
  • I continually invest in smaller, more exclusive gatherings.
  • The individuals in these intimate settings wield a considerable impact.
  • Annually, I commit over $100,000 to participate in mastermind groups.
  • Although these rooms may be small, the individuals within them are catalysts for significant change.
  • My role as a connector is to serve visionaries by uniting them in their shared mission.

What’s your most fervent desire?

My most fervent desire is to be good.

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About Justin Breen

Justin Breen is the Founder/CEO of the exclusive connectivity platform BrEpic Network and global PR firm BrEpic Communications. His newest book, Epic Life, features a foreword from Dr. Peter Diamandis and has been the No. 1 overall book for sales on Amazon Kindle. It also recently made the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller lists.