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The Ambassador of JOY brings YOU the “Mandela of America”. Matthew Charles served DECADES in prison for drug related mistakes in his youth. While in prison he realized that personal responsibility is the pathway to JOY. He became a Christian and served his term in dignity. Upon release Matthew maintained a clean, directed, faith filled life. Due to an administrative error the court ordered him BACK to PRISON to serve another ten plus years The enormity of this unfair miscarriage of justice caused a national outcry. The BEST NEWS was that President Donald Trump had been working on prison reform since his inauguration.This Landmark Order is known as the First Step Act. Matthew is the FIRST person to benefit. With delight and a flair for the grand, the First Lady invited Matthew to attend the State of the Union Address in 2019 and be recognized by the nation. Today Matthew advocates for greater awareness through www.FAMM.org. Not to be missed. and definitely to be shared. Heroes exist.

Featured Guest

Matthew Charles

Guest Matthew CharlesMatthew Charles is the first beneficiary of President Trump’s First Step Act. In 2016, he received early release from prison and turned his life around. However he was sent back to serve a decade more because the court had made an error in releasing him. His case made national headlines and sparked calls for clemency. Finally, on Jan. 3, 2019, he was released again as a result of the passage of the First Step Act. Matthew was acknowledged in President Trump’s remarks at the 2019 State of the Union Address, which he attended as the guest of the first lady, Melania Trump. Matthew was originally sentenced to 35 years in prison. He was released in 2016 after a federal judge ruled that Matthew should benefit from the 2010 Fair Sentencing Act .Fortunately, the First Step Act included a provision to apply the Fair Sentencing Act retroactively, which the government agreed would allow for Matthew’s immediate release. His case has been covered by USA Today, NPR, New York Times, Dana Perino.